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Rti letter from ksic in violation of act-051007
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Rti letter from ksic in violation of act-051007


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The information commissions have been in the forefront in subverting the RTI Act that they have been constituted to enforce! The Kerala SIC held a sitting in Palakkad on 19 Feb 2007. All the 4 information commissioners and their paraphernalia was here. But only 5 appellants/ complainants had been issued notice for the hearing and the hearings were held behind closed doors. Since a couple of my own 2nd appeals had been pending with the commission for months I filed an application, on 5/3/2007, under the RTI Act for some related info, including the details of appeals/complaints from Palakkad pending with the Commission and the cost of conducting the hearing in just 5 cases by 4 ICs! The consequence? Not only did I not get any specific information requested for but this letter from the Commission was sent to the PIO of RDO, Palakkad in blatant violation of Sec 5 of the RTI Act!

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