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proof of delivery of registered/ad documents


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This is the response I got to a complaint filed with the postal authorities on non receipt of the proof of delivery. Please note that this is also NO proof of delivery!

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proof of delivery of registered/ad documents

  1. 1. -T- I i ( A c^ FN ( : 6o o ft' Y) rt' +- .y (' J 3 t t. ,l 6 .:5p flfl1l.!rsrli ' . eTrtrqilfiFdeTrrr W DEPARTMENT OF POSTS, INDIA Eftrd:refrer6F 6T q,rqidq, qrdrrcFlg rirfr ,cnil+mrg- 678001 Office of the Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Palakkad Division, Palakkad 678001. Phone No . : 049t-2544740, 2545850, 2548400 Fax-0491-2546315. e-Mail : ssppkd@g To r ri^..:--r-^ regd Veteran Major{. Ravi nCran, 2/18,'Aathira",Sivapuri, ' Kaplathy, Palakkad-678003. No. CCC/PG/678000-09986-87 dated at Palakkad the 24.03.2017 Sub: Complaint regarding non receipt of Acknowledgement card Ref:Your eMail dated t6.02.2017. Sir, Enquiry made into the complaint revealed that under mentioned registered articles have been delivered to the respective addressees on the dates mentioned against each. As requested in the eMail uhder reference Copy of delivery slips are forwarded herewith for confirmation.Regarding the non receipt/delay in delivery of acknowledgement card ,it is hereby informed that acknowledgment cards are returned to sender as ordinary article and no records are kept any v.rhei'e regarding the movement of such article and hence the point of delay could not be located . Incovenience caused in this regard is deeply regretted. Assuring our best service always. Enclosures As above. Sl No Article No Addressee Dateof delivery 1 RL966B63584IN dated 07.10.2016 Public Information Officer,Kerala State Information Commission,Trivandrum- 695001 13.10.2016 2 R1753219287IN dated 3r.01.2017 Sri J.S.Kehar,CJl,Supreme Court Of India, New Delihi 06.02.2017 Yours faithfully,
  2. 2. f,jtrl,q. i i H J 1. I J i). ftQfi P -t( !) ./ Ri-: . irli rrir:;. r"I $:i.6r_; ,t t . = [ri" Fil P;::i.L! 5jH t:'"r::, :: i1, i+ .:: * jL!, flr ":i F] ' ,. : q +. I l $::l-,. nr .pi{ ,ilis' s{q E i-l f'.} $t! : Iii Ei ,r/ iit; l-rt'J.t, I llr.rI: Ii',,i Fi $;i lfs lis jiT 5,3i I*i Fji T E* fi-lt E:-1,ti: EiI 1i1,1, Fl i 4. S"1l I ii,r '!'l5 6*; ll r', 1 I; fi",,I +il IIU #i-i +:i'1fi-i .f :t,r ,, ' , fl*fiir& fi,$i$,.8#i I I il {tt, ir i.-. fr,i -r}h* A:;;.,31T.-: ---'-. t*7a -t'----*' -Ne r ti*br H, +;-- - New Deiiri-l Im; li'l.rt
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