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Dr. Deshmukh, The Versatile Personality


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Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh is the founder president of Shri Shivaji Education Society Amravati. He has made the education revolution in Vidarbha. He was the great educationalist, politician, agriculturalist and social reformer of India.

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Dr. Deshmukh, The Versatile Personality

  1. 1. . Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh as an Educationalists Presented By R AVI DHANDE Assitt. Professor Shri Shivaji College Akot . Dist. Akola (MS) India
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Dr. Deshmukh as a simple man . Dr. Deshmukh as a Politician . Dr. Deshmukh as a Social Reformer . Dr. Deshmukh as an Educationalist . Dr. Deshmukh as an Agriculturalist .
  3. 3. VIEWS & KNOWN FACTS “ Life to the Agriculture & Education to the Society are the developmentory requirements.” * Root cause of all ills of the Community is its illiteracy. * Farmers, Workers and the illiterates are the victims of Educated and Politicians. * Violence is the cause of illiteracy.
  4. 4. WHY THE EDUCATION ? Education is the first bet of Social Revolution. Education only changes the mentality of the Ignorance and Poor. To eradicate deep rooted evils of Poverty & illiteracy in the Society. To remove Inequality.
  5. 5. 1932 ESTABLISHMENT OF SHRI SHIVAJI EDUCATION SOCIETY : THE DREAM Spontaneous outcome of educational vision from the heart. Education in quantitative and qualitative approach. Establishments; The Society was confined itself to high schools & middle schools up to 1946.
  6. 6. BEGINNING WITH PRESTIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS Shri Shivaji College of Arts ( 1946 ) Shri Shivaji College of Commerce ( 1947 ) Shri Shivaji College of Law ( 1947 ) National College, today's Dhanwate College of Art, Commerce & Science ( 1950 ). Shri Shivaji College of Science ( 1958 ) Shri Shivaji College of Agriculture ( 1959 )
  7. 7. Contributions Initiation of strict educational movements at primary level. Hostel facility “ Shraddhanand ” at Amravati. Introduced agriculture related subjects in the study. Secured the necessary fund for introducing compulsory education among children. Secured the fee concession in education to the children of farmers firstly. Pioneer in the establishment of the Agricultural Universities in India. Establishment of the Shri Shivaji Education Society was the educational Innovation and Bharat Krushak Samaj was the organizational Innovation .
  8. 8. The Samaj started “ Shivaji College ” at Matiyala near to Delhi in 1961, as the memorial of Worlds Agriculture Fair. Establishment of Loka Vidyapith ( Jan 1950 ) - Establishment of Rural Institute( 1956 ) -Gramsevaka Training Center ( 1954 ) -Gramsevika Training Center. -Janata College at Amravati. -Home Economics Training Center.
  9. 9. SHRI SHIVAJI EDUCATION SOCIETY, TODAY Recipients of ; Dalit Mitra Puraskar ( 1998 ) Gadge Baba Award ( 1998 ) Best Institutional Award in State by State Govt. of Maharashtra ( 2002 )
  10. 10. SHRI SHIVAJI EDUCATION SOCIETY, A HUGE TREE 269 Branches of Institutions in different regions of Vidarbha. Art, Commerce, Education, Law, Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Horticulture & Biotechnology including Junior Colleges, Secondary and Middle Schools and Ashram schools
  11. 11. Dr. P. Deshmukh Memorial Hospital and Research Institute Amravati; Dr. P. Deshmukh Law College Amravati.
  12. 12. Dr. P. Deshmukh Memorial Hospital and Research Institute Amravati; Shri Shivaji College of Biotechnology, Amravati Specifications:- Plant Biotech, Animal Biotech, Food Biotech, Biochem and Molecular Biology
  13. 13. Shri Shivaji College of Physical Education, Amravati. Shri Shivaji Art and Commerce College, Amravati.
  14. 14. Old and New Building of Shri Shivaji Agriculture College, Amravati
  15. 15. Shri Shivaji Art, Commerce and Science College, Akola Shri Shivaji Science College, Amravati.
  16. 16. Dhanwate National Art and Commerce College Nagpur And Science College Nagpur
  17. 17. . The Powerful Willing, Working Ability and Educational Vision made Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh alias Bhausaheb Deshmukh as the great Educationalist.
  18. 18. References JAGATIK KRISHAK KRANTICHA VIDHATA, LOKNETA DR. PANJABRAO DESHMUKHVIR …… .Veer Uttamrao Mohite DR. P.S.DESHMUKHS SELECTED SPEECHES … ..Londhe, S. Rao, Goley, R. Meghe, S. Kale, N.R.Deshmukh, A.T.Chore.
  19. 19. Thanking You