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Use of Emulsified Fuels in the Power Genering Sector


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Heavy Fuel Oil plays a major role in the Power Generation Sector. It is used as a direct Fuel in Oil fired Thermal Plants and as a Start-up Fuel and a Supplemental Fuel in Coal Based plants. Emulsified HFO brings all its benefits from increased economy to reduced maintenance when it replaces stock HFO in this sector. It can even be used in Gas Turbines and its clean combustion makes it a cheap viable alternative to either NAtural Gas or Naphta.

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Use of Emulsified Fuels in the Power Genering Sector

  2. 2. R.A.D.E 2015 | Indian Thermal Power Sector • Almost 70% of India’s electricity is generated in Thermal Power Plants. • 85% of India’s Thermal Power Plants run on Coal. • Thermal Power Stations consume 70% of the country’s coal. • Shortage of natural gas, has closed most Gas based plants. • High Fuel Oil and Naphtha prices have also shut many Oil fired plants. • Shutting down these plants has increased electricity shortage.
  3. 3. R.A.D.E 2015 | Problems of Coal Fired Plants • Indian Coal has a high ash content and low calorific value. • Plants using domestic coal use 0.7 kg of coal to generate 1 kWh, compared to USA where only 0.45 kg is used. • They also generate very high levels Fly Ash and Bottom Ash. • Thus overall efficiency levels of these plants are quite low. • Coal transport & handling causes high ground, air & water pollution. • Constantly require supplemental Fuels like Furnace Oil. • Delhi’s Badarpur Thermal Power Station was recently declared the most polluting in the country by environmental body CESE.
  4. 4. R.A.D.E 2015 | Oil Fired Plants • Mostly use Furnace Oil(FO) Heavy Fuel Oil(HFO) or Residual Fuel Oil (RFO). • Most have a Steam Boiler and Steam Turbine to run the Generator. • Some units are powered by a Gas Turbine firing Naphta or F.O. • Small units use Heavy Oil Diesel Engines running on Diesel or F.O. • Many are economically non-viable due to high Fuel Oil prices. • Recent fall in Oil prices has made F.O., viable for Power Generation.
  5. 5. R.A.D.E 2015 | Furnace Oil in Power Sector • As Direct Fuel in Oil Fired Power Plants. • Used as a Start-up Fuel in Coal Fired Plants. • Burned in both Boilers and Gas Turbines. • Also used as supplementary fuel in Coal Fired Power-Plants. • Power Sector consumed over 5.4 million MT or 9.32 % of F. Oil in 2013-14*. • F.O consumption in Power Sector is valued at over Rs.1608 Crores . *DATA FROM GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF PETROLEUM & NATURAL GAS ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS DIVISION NEW DELHI
  6. 6. R.A.D.E 2015 | Problems Of Furnace Oil • Comprise of Residual & Waste Oils from the Petroleum refining process. • Suffer from Incomplete Combustion due to Poor Atomization. • Burner, Strainer Blockages due to Asphaltenes & Sludge. • Black Smoke and Sulfur smell, Pollutants like NOx & SOx in Flue Gas. • No Uniform Guaranteed Quality from Manufacturers. • Very Often Adulterated with Water & Other Impurities. • Vague Metering Practices.
  7. 7. R.A.D.E 2015 | Single Solution: Emulsified Furnace Oil • Improved Fuel Economy by 3-5 % over Normal F.O . • Doesn’t require any Major Equipment changes. • Zero Sludge, Free Water & Impurities: Zero Waste Oil – Total Utilization. • Complete Combustion with Shorter, Bright, Wide Flames. • No Un-burnt Carbon, Smoke and Particulate Matter . • Clean & Economical Alternative to F.O. , Diesel & Naphta.
  8. 8. R.A.D.E 2015 | Furnace Oil vs. Emulsified F.O. Normal F.O. Emulsified F.O. Under Microscope 100x Magnification
  9. 9. R.A.D.E 2015 | Emulsified F.O. : Characteristics • Emulsions are stable blends of immiscible liquids like Oil & Water. • Fuel Emulsions contain suspended micron sized water droplets. • Secondary Atomization allows Complete Combustion of Fuel. • Provides better economy, less smoke and lower pollutant levels. • The Emulsifying process can also reduce the Sulfur in F.O. • Used in Steam Boilers, IC Engines, Gas Turbines or as support Fuel.
  10. 10. R.A.D.E 2015 | Emulsified Furnace Oil: Flame
  11. 11. R.A.D.E 2015 | Benefits: Steam Boilers • Can be used both as a Direct Fuel or Supplemental Fuel to Coal. • Low Carbon and Soot deposits on Tubes: Reduced maintenance. • Enhances Thermal transfer due to release of Super Heated Steam. • Requires Less Excess Air : Reduced Waste Heat generation. • Complete Combustion: Fuel economy. • Cleaner Emissions.
  12. 12. R.A.D.E 2015 | Benefits: Gas Turbines • Less Ash fouling of Combustor and Vanes: Reduced Downtime. • More Pressure due to Steam from Emulsion Flame: Improved Efficiency • Complete Combustion: Fuel economy. • Peak Temperature Reduction: Longer Service Life. • Cleaner Emissions. • Recommended by leading manufacturers. • Cheap, easily available Alternative Fuel to Naphta and Natural Gas.
  13. 13. R.A.D.E 2015 | Benefits: IC (Generator) Engines • Can be used in most H.F.O. Generator engines without any changes. • Low Carbon and Soot deposits on Pistons: Reduced maintenance. • No Wastage of Fuel in Filters and Centrifuges. • Complete Combustion: Fuel economy. • Peak Temperature Reduction: Longer Engine Life. • Very Clean Emissions.
  14. 14. R.A.D.E 2015 | Ecological Benefits: All Segments • Emulsified F.O. combustion uses almost 20% less Oxygen. • Emulsified F.O. requires less “excess-air” for Combustion. • Emulsified F.O. generates 20-30% less waste-heat. • Emulsified F.O. Combustion released up to 30% less NOx . • Particulate Matter(PM) reduction by 30-50%. • Drastic reduction of CO, CO2 & even Sox(with special additives). • Reduces pollution even when fired along with Pulverized Coal.
  15. 15. R.A.D.E 2015 | Endorsed by Manufactures • Siemens Turbines (Gas Turbines) - Germany. • Wartsila Power (IC-Generators)- Finland. • MAN Diesel & Turbo (IC-Generators) - Germany. • Ansaldo Energia (Gas Turbines) – Italy. • Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (Gas Turbines) – USA.
  16. 16. R.A.D.E 2015 | Accepted Worldwide • F.O.-Water Emulsion Fuels are widely used in Ships, Generators & Turbines. • Santa Rita in Philippines was the 1st power plant with two 250MW Siemens V-series Gas Turbine to run on Fuel emulsion. • ORIMULSION, an emulsified Fuel produced by PDVSA of Venezuela was used in Power Stations of UK, Denmark, Canada, USA & China. • Planta Arizona, 150 MW Power Plant in Guatemala, cumulative running hours with ORIMULSION for 150,000 hr in a Wartsila Generator. • Vlore, Power Plant of KESH Albania Power Corporation, Albania uses Ansaldo Energia AE64.3A+ gas turbine firing HFO Emulsion.
  17. 17. R.A.D.E 2015 | Kobe University(Japan) - Case Study
  18. 18. R.A.D.E 2015 | Enel S.p.a (Italy) - Case Study Company Enel S.p.a. Plant Type Thermal Power Station Turbine Manufacturer Ansaldo Energia Model AE94.2 Rating 180 MW Fuel Emulsified HFO Emulsion Ratio 30% Water Economy 9.7% NOx - 28% PM -56% Smoke - 64% * Source: Enel S.P.a, Italy
  19. 19. R.A.D.E 2015 | EPA (USA)-Case Study 1(Thermal Output) According to the study of NRMRL (National Risk Management Research Laboratory) on behalf of EPA (Environment Protection Agency, USA),Emulsified Class 6 Heavy Oil (Furnace Oil),containing 10% water released 16,604 BTU/LB while normal Oil released only 10,390 BTU/LB.* * Source: EPA-600/R-02-093
  20. 20. R.A.D.E 2015 | EPA (USA)- Case Study 2(Emissions) * Source: U.S. EPA AP-42 Section 1.3
  21. 21. R.A.D.E 2015 | Siemens AG(Germany) – Case Study Tests on Siemens SGT5-4000F Gas Turbine using F.O. Emulsion with 15% Water showed that Peak Temperatures reduced NOx to less than of 42 ppm.* * Source: SGT5-4000F Gas Turbine & Combined Cycle Power Plant Evolution reflecting the changing Market Requirements- Eberhard Deuker, Siemens AG, Energy Sector, Germany
  22. 22. R.A.D.E 2015 | Fuel Emulsions in the Global Press
  23. 23. R.A.D.E 2015 | About Us • RADE Initiative is a India based Energy Efficiency Technology Developer. • Pioneer in introducing Fuel Emulsification concepts & Technology in India. • Invited by UNDP-GEF on numerous occasions to speak in their Seminars. • Since 2013 have partnered with Creatnet Technology for Fuel Emulsions. • Creatnet Technology is India’s only active F.O. Emulsion manufacturer. • We have been operating our Proof-Of-Concept Plant for one year in NCR. • We have an In-House testing Laboratory and Firing Facility. • Featured by publications like Fortune, Money Control, Manufacturing Today. • Bharat Petroleum Website has also highlighted our work in Creatnet Technology.
  24. 24. R.A.D.E 2015 | Synopsis • Emulsified F.O. is used globally and accepted as Clean Fuels. • Its has cleaner emissions than normal stock fuel. • Provides better economy due to complete combustion. • It can being used in Gensets, Boilers and Gas Turbines of Power Stations. • Switching over to Emulsified Fuels doesn't’t require equipment changes. • Adoption of Emulsified F.O. in Power Plants can save Crores of Rupees. • Even as a supplemental fuel to Coal, Emulsified F.O. decreases pollution.
  25. 25. R.A.D.E 2015 | Contact Us For Queries from Other Countries: R.A.DE INITIATIVE Please leave a message in Contact Page: For Queries In India: CREATNET TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD 215, SouthEx Plaza – 1, Masjid Moth, South Ext – II, New Delhi -110049 Please leave a message in Contact Page: