Coal Syngas


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Coal Based – SYNTHETIC NATURAL GAS Industry for Upgradation and Value-Addition of North-East India Coal

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Coal Syngas

  1. 1. © R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |
  2. 2.  Coal Mining Started in Assam in 1870. N.E. Region’s Coal reserve is 0.94 BT i.e., only 0.37% share of India’s total reserve. Coal can be found in the States of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya & Nagaland. Are mostly sub-bituminous, semi anthracite Coal with high calorific value between 6500-7500 Except for Coking units there are no Coal - Value Addition based Industries in N.E.India. Coal is extensively used as Fuel by Cement Plants, Tea Gardens, Steel Rolling Mills. © R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |
  3. 3.  Diverse qualities per location & strata. Most Coals contain very high Sulphur. Usually the Coals are high in Caking index. Most are unsuitable for Metallurgical applications. Poor Mining Practices generates high volume of Coal Dust, Fines & Slurry. Inconsistent quality and sizes provides poor burning efficiency to consumers. Most Consumers are located far from the mining areas. © R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |
  4. 4.  Gasification is a process that convert solid feedstock like coal or biomass into a combustible gas. Coal Gas is also called as Syngas or Synthetic Gas. Syngas can be burned cleanly with little pollution. Basic Syngas consists of Hydrogen, Carbon-monoxide and Nitrogen with trace element of other gases. Modern Gasification Systems produce a Syngas at par with natural gas called “Synthetic Natural Gas” or SNG. There are 178 operating gasification plants and 902 Gasification companies worldwide. © R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |
  5. 5. © R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |
  6. 6.  Syngas is more efficient and environmentally much cleaner than direct combustion of the original fuel. It can be compressed, piped and transported to the end user. Syngas may be burned directly in Burners, Furnaces, Boilers, Turbines, IC engines. It is also used to produce Methanol, Hydrogen and Ammonia or even converted into liquid Fuels. The two main waste products, Coal Tar & Ash are raw-materials for the Chemical and Cement Industry. Pricing of Coal-SNG is dependent on Coal which is lower and more stable than the fluctuating Natural Gas prices. Even low-grade grade Coal like Lignite can be Gasified. © R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |
  7. 7.  LOW BTU GAS 150-300 BTU/ft3: Basic Syngas produced by air fed Gasifier which contains 35-50% nitrogen, but suffices as normal industrial heating fuel. MEDIUM BTU GAS 300-550 BTU/ft3: Higher grade Syngas produced by Oxygen fed Gasifier which requires a dedicated oxygen Plant. It adds Nitrogen and other gases to the saleable product portfolio. HIGH BTU SNG 1000-1400 BTU/ft3 : Gas at par or higher than natural gas. Requires gas de-sulphurising unit and a catalytic unit, called a “Shift-reactor” to upgrade the Gas. © R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |
  8. 8. • Have complete utilization of coal.• Undertake product value-addition on site.• Receive higher prices than Coal.• Produce multiple products like SNG for Consumers, Fly Ash for Cement Plants, Sulphur for Chemical plants etc.• Reduce Transportation movement & loading costs.• Reduce Pollution.• Coal Gas is a direct competitor to Natural Gas hence it has an established market and consumer base. © R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |
  9. 9. • Have complete utilization of Fuel.• Consistent fuel quality and energy density.• No waste products like Ash and Unburned Coal.• Less manpower needed.• Less maintenance, cleaning and downtime.• Economy almost at par with raw coal burning.• Reduce Transportation movement & un-loading costs.• Reduced Atmosperic, ground and Water Pollution. © R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |
  10. 10.  Coal Syngas is most widely used worldwide on industrial scales to generate electricity. Worldwide gasification capacity is projected to grow 70 percent by 2015, with 80 percent of the growth occurring in Asia. China has 80 Coal-SNG units under planning & construction. In 2013 Ukraine in setting up 5 SNG plants at the cost of 35 billion USD. In India Coal Gasification has only been adopted by several Industries like Steel, Ceramics etc., for captive Consumption. IGCC or “Integrated Gasifier Combined Cycle,” ,is the latest and cleanest system of Generating Electricity from Coal. GE, Siemens, Lurgi, British Gas Ltd provide Coal Gasification Technology. © R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |
  11. 11.  Synthetic Natural Gas – Industrial & Domestic Fuel. Electricity – via Gas based Generator, Turbines or IGCC . Fly Ash - Raw material for Cement Plants. Ammonium sulfate - Fertilizer. Anhydrous ammonia - Fertilizer. Dephenolized cresylic acid – Raw material for Pesticides. Phenol – Industrial chemical. Sulphur – Raw Material for medical and Chemical Industry. Methanol Hydrogen © R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |
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  15. 15. Techno-Commercial Feasibility Study.Preparation of Complete Project Report.Government Liaison.Machinery selection.Vendor selection.Negotiate with Overseas Technology Providers and Investors.Complete Technical Assistance for setting up the unit tillcommissioning.Assistance in preparing Press rereleases and Publicity material.Market Development. © R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |
  16. 16. We Specialize in: •Fuel Handling & Planning. •Fuel Emulsification. •Diesel Saving. •Coal & Biomass Gas. •Other Energy Related Services.© R.A.D.E INITIATIVE 2013 |