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Bathu Dun Corporate Overview Feb 2012


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Corporate Offerings of BathuDun - A Consulting, Assessments, Training and Coaching company in Bids, Proposals & Tenders

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Bathu Dun Corporate Overview Feb 2012

  1. 1. BathuDun Bids, Proposals & Tenders Consulting, Learning & Assessments Your Growth Partner Bids & Proposals (Presales & Solutioning) Excellence Program - BEP February 2012 BathuDun Means “Greater Impact “in GreekBathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 1
  2. 2. Cost on growing business affecting your bottom-line? Are your teams geared to Win more business? …we can reduce your Business Development Cycle time …we can help build Tiger Teams for you Impediments in New and Existing Business flow? Finding responding to Proposals tough? … we can help chart Bid & Win Strategies …. our Consulting offerings help equip your teams Compliance to contracts bleeds 83% …high risk? Sales-Presales coordination can’t get this close? …. we help device appropriate Contracts & SLAs …. we help in tour Business Pursuit Team StrategyBids, Proposals & Tenders - BathuDun Your Growth PartnerConsulting, Learning & Assessments BathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 2
  3. 3. Elevator PitchBathuDun Consulting Propagate Win Strategies to Business Development professionals Reduces Sales & Presales challenges faced on daily basis Equips the business development team to Win more & Sustain existing business Vertically focussed on Bids & Proposals (or Presales) Is a Consulting, Training, Certification & Assessment company Has Researched & analyzed global RFPs Consortium of Industry & Academia Is comprised of senior leaders from multinationals A Lateral thinking “Business Development Partner”BathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 3
  4. 4. Business Development Challenges We Address Long Deal Pursuit cycle time (Business Development or RFP closure time) Worrying win ratio and sustenance ratio Low Synergy between Sales & Presales teams Relationships with new and existing customers Ineffective Deal Pursuit Style (Business Development style) Unable to craft convincing Win Strategy & Bid Strategy for every RFP Unable to create mutually beneficial Contracts & SLAsBathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 4
  5. 5. Typical Business Development Cycle and how BathuDun can intervene Typical Sales Cycle Contract Award Response Activities Pricing Contract fine tuning Intermediary/Influencer Review Internal Stakeholder review Proposal Submission Invitation for Evaluation Solutioning Contract negotiation Scope ratification, Go/No-go Intimation of selection BAFO Acceptance Continued negotiations, Business Value Demonstration Solicitation receipt Client orals & Proposal defense Opportunity Identification Client Visits, floor walks Time High involvement of Bid response team Low involvement of Bid Repeat involvement of Bid (Sales + Presales) response team response team BathuDun, with its Consulting, Training and Coaching offerings can intervene at any or all the 3 phases of Sales CycleBathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 5
  6. 6. Our Consulting & Trainings Caters To Entire Business Development CycleBathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 6
  7. 7. Our Consulting OfferingsConsulting Training Certification Assessments For IT & BPO companies Apex level Bid Board strategy formulation & execution Identify, design and implement organization wide Bid process Organization Bid& Proposals change management Assess, formulate and execute Relationship Strategy Formulation of new contracts & review existing Customized Bid Management trainings and certifications Contracts Formulation and Review For Start up & Emerging Enterprises Apex level Bid Board strategy formulation & execution Identify, design and implement organization wide Bid Process Frontend end to end Bid Response activities Formulate & execute Relationship Strategy Formulation of new contracts Sales & Go To Market Strategy Customized Bid Management trainings and certifications BathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 7
  8. 8. Our Training OfferingsConsulting Training Certification Assessments Bid Leadership Program (BLP) Bid Management Program (BMP) Women Leadership in Bid Management (WLB) Solutioning Excellence Program (SEP) Sales for Presales (SFP) Presales for Sales (PFP) Customer Relationship Effectiveness (CRE) Leadership Development Program for Bid Managers (LDP) Awareness to large Contracts (ALC) Art of Bid Negotiations (ABN) Boot camp for entry level on Presales/Bid management (BCP) Accelerated Sales Acquaintance program for lateral hires (ASA) Training Packages can be custom made from individual Training Labs BathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 8
  9. 9. Our Certification OfferingsConsulting Training Certification Assessments BathuDun can work with your organization in creating a virtual Bid Management Institute, offering your empolyees the following certifications: Bid Leader Certification Bid Strategist Certification Bid Manager Certification Solution Architect Certification Certification can be custom made from our individual Training Labs BathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 9
  10. 10. Our Coaching OfferingsConsulting Training Certification Assessments Enterprise Decision Management Systems (EDMS) is a CXO Dashboard for Bids & Proposals It is a Proposal Effectiveness Assessment Tool, a software suite to measure the effectiveness of various deal winning strategies while responding to RFPs It numerically analyses the various stages of a Bid/RFP or a deal and arrives at precision level effectiveness to indicate the direction of your proposal effort At an aggregation, EDMS can compute the sum total of all the Bid/RFP or deals indicating the total commercial value (TCV) of effective and in-effective deals Can give your organization the trajectory of effectiveness over time Implemented as a Bayesian learning system BathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 10
  11. 11. Our Typical Engagement Plan Understand Clients Business Development Challenges Plan for Long Term & Short Term Strategies prioritising the challenges Assess Business Development Styles at Team, BU, Organization level Design & Deliver the Consulting, Coaching and Training labs Arrive at an Continuous Improvement Plan to sustain the momentum Closure – Reports & Individual Development PlanBathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 11
  12. 12. List of Offerings Audience Duration ILT Real Play Classroom Template Case StudiesLab Session (hours) AssessmentDeal Pursuit Style (Session + Real Play) DPT 3Overview to Presales & Lifecycle of RFP process DPT, D&A 4Global Deal Process BL, BM, S 4Develop Win strategy BL, BS, BM, S, D&A 3Develop Bid strategy BL, BS, BM, S, D&A 3Capture Planning BL, BS, BM, S, D&A 4Mapping Evaluation Criteria BL, BS, BM, S, D&A 3Customer Needs Analysis DPS 3Common Errors To Avoid While Solutioning DPT 4Crafting Winning Executive Summary DPT 4Proposal Response Evaluation Process DPT 4Client Orals & Proposal Defence BL, BS, BM, S, D&A 6Demystifying Contracts BL, BS, BM, S, F, D&A 4Art of Negotiating Contracts BL, BS, BM, S, F, D&D 4Storyboarding Technique of Respond to Large RFPs BL, BS, BM, S, D&A 5Competition Assessment & Positioning appropriately BL, BS, BM, S, D&A 3Deciding Bid or No-bid BL, BS, BM, S, D&A 3Ensuring the Effectiveness of an Organization Strategy BL, BS, BM, S, D&A 4Define and Devise an Organization Strategy BL, BS, BM, S, D&A 4 BathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 12
  13. 13. Voice of Our CustomersBathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected 13
  14. 14. THANK YOU It is BathuDun’s desire to partner with clients in influencing “winning new business” and “sustaining existing business” Our logo, our motto: Multi-colors - We are “lateral thinkers” in your business development effort Grey square canvas - We help you outgrow your revenues and your expectations from us Growing Steps - We help you grow continuously BathuDun Consulting, +91 988-637-7889BathuDun Confidential, Copyright protected www. 14