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Election buzz by riding in Ontario


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Data capturing what citizens are talking about in the run up to provincial elections in Ontario.

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Election buzz by riding in Ontario

  1. 1. Riding Issues/buzzin the 3rd weekof April 2018 Issues/buzzin the 1st weekof May 2018 Ajax—Pickering  Schedule 14 of the budget  ‘Back room deals’ allegedly done by Kathleen Wynne  Need to protect Casino Ajax to keep jobs and taxes  Help to remove algae at the waterfront  Need to protect headwaters of Caruthers Creek  Discussion around the transit policy. Some questions on whether budgets are enough for implementation of the transit policy Barrie - Discussions around nominations – buzz about process issues around the 11 candidates - Integrity Commissions’ report on Patrick Brown – buzz for and against the findings. - DFO funding for Autism, - Raising ODSP, streamlining passport Funding - Kathleen Wynne’s ad and response (mostly negative) - Carbon Tax – buzz in support of removing the same - Dan Janssen’s comments on Doug Ford (“Change for the worse”) - Illegal immigrants - Demand for all day GO for Barrie - Need for more trains between Barrie and Toronto to rid people of congestion on 400 - Positive response for getting rid of rent control - Need to hasten Booming Barrie service
  2. 2. - Positive buzz around the proposed concrete barriers along Highway 401 Brampton Centre - Positive buzz around Harjit Jaswal’s nomination win Brampton—East - Buzz around Doug Ford’s campaign supporting Simmer Sandhu Brant - Discussion around the proposed reforms in education – scrapping of “discovery math”. People have questions on this. Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound - Hydro One’s high charges - Carbon tax - Kathleen Wynne’s “smearing video” as an ad – “The Real Doug Ford” – some negative buzz in there. - NDP’s dental care plan – support for that - Perception around “Zero income tax” will leave lowest paid workers worse off - Appreciation for how Doug Ford has dealt with the “mess” around nominations, increased membership - Buzz around the proposed Transit plan - Economic viability of delivering on subway promise. - Citizens want Doug Ford to clean up the mess of Kathleen Wynne (healthcare, Hydro salaries) - Voices on lack of concern for climate change - Negative buzz around truncated scrum Q&A session by Doug Ford - Negative buzz around permanent closure of a public library “in the name of efficiency” - Support from Hydro Employees
  3. 3. - Sex education – buzz in support and opposition to the fact that this would be diluted. Mostly a positive buzz. - Negative perception about the PC Party tolerating racism - Accountability for Regional Autism service Burlington - Concerns about high Hydro bills - Negative buzz around Two-Tier Health Care discussion by Dr. Merrilee Fullerton Cambridge - Demand for a Cambridge GO Train - Issue around unfair practices by the Toyota dealership - Positive buzz around Liberals’ move to give the autoplant $200 million to make them stay in the riding. Carleton—Mississippi Mills - Negative perception about PC Party’s healthcare policies - Negative buzz around Dr. Merrilee Fullerton - Positive buzz around educational reforms w.r.t. Carleton University. - Perception that Liberals are making students communist!
  4. 4. Chatham-Kent—Essex - Positive buzz around the proposed concrete barriers along Highway 401 Dufferin—Caledon - Demand for interventions related to the GTA West Corridor Durham - Support to fight Carbon tax - Buzz around the proposed commission of enquiry into Government spending - Protest against appointment of Tory candidates - Negative perception around PC Party’s healthcare plan - Sex education changes – buzz for and against Etobicoke North - Negative buzz around alleged racist remarks by Liberal MPP candidate Shafiq Qaadri (“there are just too many white people in the Ontario Government”) Glengarry—Prescott— Russell - Perception that Doug Ford’s administration would cut healthcare budgets if voted to power - Issues around Doug Ford’s supporter’s narrative which paints the North York tragedy as immigration led - Rent control – people want a tab - Negative perception around Horwath’s campaign solely focussed on women, disregarding men - Doug Ford using paid actors as supporters - Negative perceptions around healthcare - Negative perception around attitude towards minorities (ex. Muslims)
  5. 5. on ‘out of control’ rents Guelph - Negative buzz around the nomination process - Issue of injured workers – low priority for all. - Hydro payouts Haldimand—Norfolk - Buzz around Toby’s candidature (positive) - Healthcare budget cut worries - Doug Ford should explain what is budget cuts are – the detail Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes— Brock - Questions around corporate tax rate cuts (given it is already the lowest amongst other provinces) - Debate whether the proposed tax reforms are good for minimum wage earners - Positive buzz around reforms from Uni of Waterloo, Laurier Univ - No bus service for heart and cancer patients to Peterborough Kenora—Rainy River - Negative buzz around Doug Ford’s inability to answer a question around how bill becomes a law - Negative buzz around a video showing Doug Ford bribing voters in the past - Negative buzz around alleged “paid actors” in Doug Ford’s campaign Kitchener—Waterloo - Issue around high security costs for Kathleen Wynne’s rally at the - Positive buzz around free speech and accountability in
  6. 6. University of Waterloo education (Univ of Waterloo) Lanark—Frontenac—Lennox and Addington - Dial back of burdensome police- oversight rules - Concerns on climate change - Negative buzz around Doug Ford’s inability to answer a question around how bill becomes a law London West - Nomination process related buzz – painted as undemocratic - Nomination issue continues – buzz against Andrew Lawton. Considered to be racist and homophobic Milton - Negative buzzaround the nomination process - Buzz supporting the Milton GO Line. - Concerns that the 401 expansion plans are too slow. Currently rush hour only - Positive buzz around the proposed changes to the GTA Transit - Negative perception that the PCParty does not care much about health - Massive parking problems in Milton Mississauga - Centre - Opposition claims of PC Party being racist and homophobic - Nomination issues - Buzz continues around the overturning of Tanya Granic Allen, both positive and negative (mostly negative).
  7. 7. Mississauga - Lakeshore - Buzz around Rudy Cuzzetto’s nomination Nepean—Carleton - Elimination of tax for minimum wage workers - Buzz against Liberal’s attempt to pit communities against each other. Newmarket—Aurora - Positive buzz around Christine Elliott - Buzz around issues related to Immigration & refugees because of the incident involving Alek Minassian - Good positive buzz aroundDoug Ford’s rally Niagara Falls - Resentment around postponement of Doug Ford’s rally. Some support for the same as well. - Positive buzz ins support of the proposed transit between Toronto and Niagara Falls Northumberland—Quinte West - Hydro borrowing scheme and how that would increase bills to skyrocket Oakville - Buzz around cancellation of the gas plant - High positive buzz for the PC Party around the responsibility, accountability, trust slogan - High positive buzz for the PC Party. Negative buzz for Kathleen Wynne Oshawa - Discussions around the Schedule 14 of the budget - Demand for a Subway GOTrain Negative buzz for Doug Ford
  8. 8. - Buzz for Bob Chapman Ottawa West—Nepean - Positive reception to the pitch of accountability in education Oxford - Buzz against abolishing supervised injection sites Parry Sound—Muskoka - Lot of negative buzz around Doug Ford – his past, corporate tax rate cut issue, perception around budget cuts for healthcare, education etc. - Negative buzz around Doug Ford related to his response to the question on law making, appointing Andrew Lawton, issues from his past.. Pickering—Scarborough East - Residents are concerned about the continued operation of the nuclear power station - Positive buzz around the PC Party campaign Renfrew—Nipissing— Pembroke - Negative buzz around Hydro One and its executives - Buzz around Mike Harris Jr. nomination - Very positive buzz around this riding – around the rally by Doug Ford Richmond Hill - Discussion on Immigration and refugee policy St. Catharines - Debate around Safe injection vs. drug rehab. Sault Ste. Marie - Buzz around Doug Ford’s rally and its subsequent cancellation
  9. 9. Sudbury - High gas prices - Patients being treated in Hallways’ – financial indiscipline by Kathleen Wynne as the reason - Positive buzz around getting rid of rent control - Positive buzz around accountability - Very positive buzz around Sudbury Thornhill - Positive buzz around building the Yonge Subway extension Timmins—James Bay - Positive buzz around Doug Ford’s campaign - Perception that Northern Ontario regions are being ignored in the campaign Toronto Centre - Negative buzz around “hired actors” to pose as supporters of Meredith Cartwright Whitby—Oshawa - Schedule 14 of the budget - Demand for a Subway GOTrain - Buzz for Bob Chapman - Negative buzz for Doug Ford - Willowdale - Ontario Hydro One’s executive pays - Positive buzz around Doug Ford’s campaign