Marketing as a strategy


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A simple look at Thought Leadership and Marketing.

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Marketing as a strategy

  1. 1. Marketing as a Strategy Marketing for Existing Clients New Business Pursuit Ravi Ramanuja +44 (0) 786 388 3600
  2. 2. What do Clients look for?The similarities Existing Business between clients and prospects:1. Need to trust you more2. Need to like you New Sales Pursuits moreImages: Photostock and Ambro from
  3. 3. The Marketing Approach to Sales1. The Thought Leadership position 2. Repeat Communication 3. The +1 button
  4. 4. Thought Leadership  Clients look for reassurance that you are the right partner (and they need proof points)  Thought Leadership = Solid Knowledge in existing schema (Banking + Technology) and Relevant Information in New or upcoming areas (Basically Knowledge = Power!)  Lead with ideas – get in the game early (60% of technology buyers are likely to shortlist you if – THEY THINK - youre a thought leader)(Attaining the thought leadership position is a step by step process. There are two angles to it: 1. Overall brand leadership. 2.Specific SM. Brand leadership can be achieved by multiple Subject Matter leadership, which can be achieved by showing that youare at the top of the game in terms of a. technology, b. knowledge, c. skills and experience.) Source: ITSMA – Two ways to connect Leadership with Revenue March 2011 Image Courtesy: Renjith Krishnan
  5. 5. Thought LeadershipWhos the most important Cog in delivering the ThoughtLeadership message? The most important part of the message is the message itself – is it effective? Subject Matter Experts can help drive thought leadership and achieve positioning goals Associate Subject Matter expertise with offerings and products (and keep them updated ASAP!)(use traditional, social media, events, analyst relations tospread your ideas and get the message across)
  6. 6. Repeat Communication, Repeat CommunicationCommunication needs to be repeated to be more effective Repeat the same, effective message in person, via social media, via other people, regular media – every possible channel Segmented messaging will make the message more effective. A CxO will be interested in the effective use of Cloud computing organisation wide, a VP of tech will look for more project level information – how will the cloud help me improve process efficiencies? The Same message that comes from an Analyst, a peer, the media and on the web will be more effective
  7. 7. +1 Or the role of the influencer in B2B Marketing The Like or the +1 button is the most desired in the social media space It simply means I like this, or I found this interesting A real +1 button would be client/ industry guru endorsement of your product/ service 3rd person endorsement is the quickest way to build trust in the B2B space
  8. 8. Thank you