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Introduction to Windows Collaboration Displays

  1. Introduction to Windows Collaboration Displays Joshua Peterson, CTS-D Channel Sales Director Avocor CHICAGO | March 2019
  2. Session Goals • Introduce the Windows Collaboration Display category • Explore meeting room design considerations • Preview of WorkSpace Intelligence • WCD tour and demonstration • Q&A and hands-on time CHICAGO | March 2019
  3. Windows Collaboration Displays
  4. Windows Collaboration Displays– ProductOverview Channel PartnerOpportunity Call toAction
  5. 29M 31M 40M 180M Addressable Market 50K $1.5K-15K $2-5K $1.5K-25K Budget/room Large Meeting Rooms Huddle & Small Rooms Classrooms Open Layouts & Offices 5% <1% 30% <1% Penetration Windows Collaboration DisplaysMarket Opportunity 26M Total Opportunity by 2020 • Increased in room penetration from 5% to 20% in corporate • 30% of 40 Million classroom 3 Segments of Focus Augmenting the meeting experience • Support room solution with great touch and AV • Bring your own meeting scenario • Display for collaborative space Education • Broad range of Screen size • Affordable experience • “Plug and Play” Digital Signage/TV • Alterative to existing digital signage offering • New digital experience enhance with great AV • Mixed experiences
  6. High-resolution multi-touch ink-enabled displays Integrated stereo speakers, and Skype certified far- field mics and cameras to secure best video conference collaboration Built-in sensors that connect to Azure IOT to provide smart space management solution with Azure Digital Twins Connects to Skype Room Systems, external PCs or personal devices Teamwork Simplified
  7. Teamwork Simplified Connect withEase • Single cable connection • Everything syncs automatically: audio, video, touch, pen, camera & mic • No need to manually turn on display or select input source • Device charged while connected Amplify the power of Microsoft365 to roomscale • Windows 10 and Office 365 at room scale • Huge 4K display enabling multiple users to approach & collaborate together • high-quality touch & inking • Skype / Teams certified audio & video Make your spaces smarter • Sensor endpoint for smart building solutions built on Azure IoT • Spatial intelligence to enable better management of heating, cooling, room-booking systems and more • New value-added service opportunity for channel partners
  8. And enable a portfolio of collaboration spaces devices Integrated PC + Whiteboard app, Win 10 Desktop Integrated PC + Whiteboard app, Digital Signage,
  9. Partnerships with leading device manufacturers • Tested for highest quality audio & video • Supported by Microsoft and our partners • Millions of devices shipping each year • All work with Microsoft Teams • Closer integration with Microsoft Teams • Integrated Teams notifications • Optimized for voice skills in Microsoft Teams • Devices coming in CY19 Touchback, Ink and Microsoft Whiteboard support in 2019 H1
  10. Windows Collaboration Displays– ProductOverview Channel PartnerOpportunity Call toAction
  11. Occupant Employee Engagement Enable employees to do their best work, Ambient Intelligence, More Personal Computing Tenant Apps & Services Interactive Workspace, Place & People Finder, Concierge Services Smart Space Platform Services RTC/Telepresence, Location/TrafficSensing, Interactive Walls, Digital Assistant Security & Accessibility Infrastructure Egress, Signage, Security & Surveillance, Location, Elevators, Parking Building Operation Infrastructure Power (electric), Air (HVAC), Water (plumbing), Data,Sensors Beyond BMS, BAS, BIM, … Productivity needs Engagement needs Basic needs 3Energy 30Leased space 300Employees within the space Annual cost per square foot ($): Facilities
  12. Windows collaboration displays include built-in sensors, such as presence detection, that connect to Azure IoT, so users can find available collaboration spaces and facility managers can utilize the data they collect to make real-time decisions. Employee Experiences Infrastructure Facilities Management
  13. v v Azure IoT Spatial Solution Enablement Installation Devices as a Service Integration Workplace Analytics Windows Collaboration Display Attach high-value accessories Smart Cabling to enable easier installation Spaces Sensors and other devices to enable Smart Building Solutions Deliver high value Modern Services Build you own solution or collaborate with partners to deliver analytics and insights to your customer using the best of Microsoft Azure IoT and AI. Attach to the Value of Microsoft 365 Extend your Modern Workplace device portfolio. Create bundles that include Windows Collaboration Displays as a Service. Opportunity to attach high-value services to Windows Collaboration Displays in addition to the value of the device itself
  14. As an interactive display solution Customer will look for a solution for its meeting room Channel partner will be able to provide Hardware and meeting space and meeting analytics performance based on a white label cloud solution. As an IoT endpoint Customer will look for a solution from an Azure Digital Twins partner and would consider purchasing WCD as part of the sensorization of the space
  15. Windows Collaboration Displays– ProductOverview Channel PartnerOpportunity Call toAction
  16. Teamwork Simplified • Connect with our two launch partners, Avocor and Sharp to understand their offerings • Understand the SRS + WCD Value prop and opportunity with your distributor partner • Get familiar with the opportunities around Azure Digital Twins
  17. Designing Rooms with WCD CHICAGO | March 2019
  18. Key Concepts • WCDs do integrate various AV technologies including display, camera, microphones and speakers • Room size should be carefully considered – huddle/small rooms are optimal with integrated on-wall AV • Majority of rooms means huge volume opportunity • WCDs DO NOT include compute • Investigate the intended user experience CHICAGO | March 2019
  19. Room Size Considerations • As rooms get larger, more pressure is placed on… CHICAGO | March 2019 Display Size Camera FOV vs. PTZ Local Participant Mic Coverage Far End Participant Audibility
  20. Compute Considerations • Let the user experience drive the compute CHICAGO | March 2019 Network Power USB-C Bring Your Own Meeting
  21. Compute Considerations • Let the user experience drive the compute CHICAGO | March 2019 Network Power Skype Room Systems (SRS) / Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) USB 3.0 DisplayPort Power
  22. Compute Considerations • Let the user experience drive the compute CHICAGO | March 2019 Network Power Zoom Rooms USB 3.0 DisplayPort Power
  23. Compute Considerations • Let the user experience drive the compute CHICAGO | March 2019 Network Power USB 3.0 QuickLaunch DisplayPort Power
  24. WorkSpace Intelligence Preview CHICAGO | March 2019
  25. What is WorkSpace Intelligence? • Turnkey solution that leverages WCD Smart Spaces IoT capabilities to provide real-time analysis of the conditions in your meeting space • Preconfigured, yet customizable browser-based dashboard provides you insight into the information that matters most to you • Utilization of your meeting spaces and collaboration technology demonstrates a tangible return on investment • No software to install, Internet (cloud) provisioned service CHICAGO | March 2019
  26. Enterprise-Ready • High-availability network • Enterprise-grade flexibility • Ease of deployment • Data privacy and retention • Additional intelligence welcome CHICAGO | March 2019
  27. Dashboard View CHICAGO | March 2019
  28. Drill down for details CHICAGO | March 2019
  29. CHICAGO | March 2019 Avocor WCD Tour and Demo
  30. A global manufacturer of interactive displays for the collaboration display market The world’s fastest growing display solution company & recognized for Best-in-class solutions Singularly focused on collaboration display technology, we produce solutions that are more flexible, affordable and that are compatible with all UC hardware and software solutions. Leading edge technology – first to market with InGlass touch and optical bonding Specified by brand and model at a global level with distribution in over 35 countries Hugely successful in enterprise space & winning in education Strategic partnerships with leading brands in the industry providing the best technology value
  31. Simple install – power & ethernet Monitor wakes on presence Single-cable connection Smart switching Natural writing experience Integrated camera, mic and speakers Room approach simplified
  32. Windows collaboration display by Avocor Azure Digital Twins sensors Premium conference camera with far-field microphone array Control buttons with dedicated windows key 65” 4K display With multitouch and pen sensing Single-cable Type-C PC interface for display, touch, AV, power and ethernet Smart switching makes multiple-user collaboration fast and simple. Fine-tipped stylus with eraser In partnership with Microsoft
  33. WCD Type C explanation Standard on most new compute devices Combines 4 cables into 1 DisplayPort, USB, Power, Ethernet Supports 4K@60hz, Audio, USB HID, Ethernet, USB Power Delivery Driverless Not all cables are created equal…
  35. Guest 3 HDMI USB-A 3.0 HID Hub IR In Audio Out 3.5mm Guest 1 Type C RS-232 Control Ethernet In Ethernet Out (IPC) Guest 4 HDMI Guest 2 DisplayPort USB-A Service Only USB-B 3.1 Touch Input Audio Out SPDIF Bottom Top Infrastructure integration
  36. Video/USB Ethernet Power VESA adapter plate to attach third- party bracket and compute devices Integrated cable tie backs on back panel Onboard supplied AC power source Onboard supplied ethernet connection Onboard Type C for single cable Simple compute integration
  37. IoT Sensor Data People presence (motion) Ambient light Temperature Device health and usage Partner services, using: Azure IoT hub Azure time series insights Azure cognitive services Windows collaboration display – in partnership with Microsoft
  38. Session Summary • New interactive display category championed by Microsoft and targeted at massive market opportunity • Simplifies broadly popular meeting room designs • WorkSpace Intelligence provides ongoing value and insights for technology managers • Solutions are shipping – talk to us on the E4 show floor CHICAGO | March 2019
  39. Questions & Wrap Up Demo Time, Come On Up! CHICAGO | March 2019