Eliminate Google Analytics Confusion with Raven


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Google Analytics data is invaluable to online marketers. The problem is, it's getting more and more complicated to find essential data. Busy marketers don't have time to figure out where their KPI just got moved, or what it just got renamed. Confusion is a waste of time.

Eliminate confusion. Embrace clarity. Save time.

Learn how Raven makes your Google Analytics experience so much better.

Eliminate Google Analytics Confusion with Raven

  1. 1. Eliminate
 GoogleAnalytics Confusion HERE’S HOW >
  2. 2. Problemswith GoogleAnalytics Yes, we have a solution for each and every one of’em
  3. 3. Soundfamiliar? “I’m lost.”“Where are my numbers?” “Rinse and 
 repeat is
 so tiresome.” “I want
 to promote
 my brand,
 not Google.”
  4. 4. ProblemNo.1 Google Analytics’ navigation is more frustrating than ever
  5. 5. ProblemNo.2 Important campaign metrics are buried in odd places
  6. 6. ProblemNo.3 You can’t brand or schedule reports in Google Analytics
  7. 7. WhyGoogleAnalytics
 IsBetterinRaven You wanted more metrics, better reports and faster access.You got it!
  8. 8. SolutionNo.1 Simpler navigation for busy marketers
  9. 9. SolutionNo.2 Faster access to key marketing metrics
  10. 10. SolutionNo.3 Reports you can brand and schedule
  11. 11. DozensMoreMetrics Raven now includes: •New vs. Returning •Frequency & Recency •Mobile Devices •Geo Language … plus new Content, Social and other KPIs.
  12. 12. NewA-B-Cs Raven reflects Google Analytics’ latest language Acquisition • Sessions • % New 
 Sessions • New Users Behavior • Bounce Rate • Pages/Session • Avg. Session
 Duration Conversions • Goal Conversion 
 Rate • Goal Completions • Goal Value
  13. 13. SimpleDataSummaries At a glance, see change over time for KPIs
  14. 14. MoreLogicalViews Raven puts the “Explorer” menu in a more logical place: right next to the data you want to explore
  15. 15. DrillDownFaster Filter and sort data by your Primary Dimensions
  16. 16. Color-CodedSnapshot Understand overall performance (great for reports, too)
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