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How to Establish Social Proof Using Social Love


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When customers say nice things about you on Twitter, it’s a good thing. Attracting even more customers using that love is a GREAT thing.

Learn how to store social love, reach out for more information, and repurpose love on your website and landing pages. The added social proof will encourage others to take the next step with your brand.

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How to Establish Social Proof Using Social Love

  1. 1. #CCN15Proof   Nathan  T.  Baker   April  11,  2015 How  to  Establish   Social  Proof  Using   Social  Love
  2. 2. Content  Marke1ng  Specialist   @RavenNate   I  write  during  the  day  and  play   board  games  at  night. Nathan  T.  Baker
  3. 3. What  is   Social  Proof?
  4. 4. Social  Proof
 The  concept  that  you’re  more  likely  to  do   something  if  others  are  doing  it,  especially   if  you’re  not  sure  what’s  normal  behavior  in   a  given  situaCon. Tap  into  the  power  of  social  proof.  #CCN15Proof
  5. 5. Why  You     Should  Capture   Social  Love
  6. 6. • Turn  social  love  into  content.   • AEract  prospects  with  your  current  super  fans.   • Extend  the  reach  of  your  advocates. Don’t  ignore  the  benefits  of  capturing  social  love.  #CCN15Proof
  7. 7. • How  to  Capture  Social  Love   • The  Art  of  Reaching  Out   • Ways  to  Repurpose  Social  Love   • How  to  Report  on  Social  Love What  We’re  Covering
  8. 8. Have  a  System  for   Capturing  Love
  9. 9. • Keep  a  folder  of  Bookmarks.   • Tag  love  in  Evernote  or  Pocket.   • Create  a  channel  in  Slack  or  Yammer.   • Use  an  IFTTT  Recipe. Have  a  system  for  capturing  love.  #CCN15Proof
  10. 10. The  Art  of   Reaching  Out
  11. 11. • Keep  it  short  and  sweet.   • Explain  what’s  in  it  for  them.   • Get  permission  for  everything.   • Ask  for  everything  you  need.   • Create  a  template  to  speed  up  your  process. Master  the  art  of  reaching  out.  #CCN15Proof
  12. 12. How  to     Repurpose   Love
  13. 13. • Case  Study   • Online  Review   • Landing  Page   • Email  NewsleEer   • Social  Media   Background Repurpose  love  so  it  has  reach.  #CCN15Proof • Booth  Banner   • Report  for  Prospects   • AdverCsement   • Blog  Post   • LinkedIn   RecommendaCon
  14. 14. An  Inside  Look  at   Team  Raven’s   Social  ReporPng
  15. 15. • GA  Goals   • Social  Traffic   • Engagement   Data  from   TwiEer,   Facebook,   LinkedIn   • Commentary OpPmize  your  social  media  reporPng.  #CCN15Proof
  16. 16. Try  Raven  for  free  at   If  you  decide  to  use  Raven,  your  first  month   will  be  50%  off. Social  Media  ReporPng @RavenNate