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How did you use media technologies in the


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How did you use media technologies in the

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction,research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. ResearchFor the research process the main technology used by myself was Slideshare as this enables you to convey PowerPoint presentations. Using this was useful because having use PowerPoint and SlideShare previously I had no difficulty with using it. One disadvantage to using SlideShare was it would sometime not convey images I had used due to an issue with QuickTime. This was quite problematic as images where a major aspect in the way I conveyed my research. However there where advantages to using SlideShare it was an easy way to convey examples of work I had research into. For example how simple it is to edit images and screenshots into power point. Also another benefit was how easy it was to embed to Blogger once finished. Using this application was grate because it allowed be to use an application I was really familiar with ( PowerPoint) and upload it to blogger using SlideShare.Link to a presentation I used for the research process
  3. 3. Planning For planning stage the application I found very helpful was Prezi this was because it was an more advanced way of convey your planning process. Its very similar to PowerPoint except it offers allot more features such as zooming and making a frame on a particular area. One disadvantage of using Prezi was how complicated it was to link frames in the right order. However an advantage of using Prezi was the tools it offered and how simple it was to upload to blogger. Using Prezi was good because it allowed me to convey my work in creative way for example have background image. I used it to convey an range of planning work but in particular the link below conveys how i used it for convey my storyboard Allowing the more freedom in the order of the presentation. In compression to using this last year I feel my knowledge has grown and I was able to benefit form the range of tools it offered. However I still havent grasped the use of all of them.Link to prezi used to covey my storyboard
  4. 4. ConstructionFor construction process Photoshop CS3 was used a number of times. I found using Photoshop CS3 difficult at times because it had a range of complicated tools that you have to be taught how to use. However an advantage of using Photoshop was the range of editing tools it allows you to use to edit a piece of work such as selecting a certain area and deleting the background. Also editing layer options allowing you to the edit the opacity range of other things. Using Photoshop was very helpful as it allowed me to edit layers individually with out effect other layers. Comparing my skills in using Photoshop compared to last year is my knowledge in tools and the amount of tools I know how to sue this could be improved threw using Photoshop in more of experimental way to discover what all the individual tools do.
  5. 5. EvaluationThe use of blogger was useful because word document cannot be conveyed on blogger so suing it’s blogging tool was the next best thing. One disadvantage was the import of images and placing them in the right place. Was very difficult due them automatically being moved or joint together meaning you cant move one image without moving the other. However advantages to using blogger was it allowed you to convey written text. Also allows to embed videos, prezi’s, slideshows and many more things. Comparing to last year I think the amount I have used blogger has dramatically change for example the number of blog post that have been upload. I blog much more frequently then I did last year.