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  1. 1. CSUF EOP<br />Raven Sims<br />
  2. 2. Overview<br /><ul><li>Organization Chart
  3. 3. Community Context of Agency
  4. 4. Population at risk in need of Agency
  5. 5. Agency Mission
  6. 6. Agency Practice
  7. 7. Significant Of agency to Human rights, Social Justice, and Social Work</li></li></ul><li>f<br />
  8. 8. Community Context of Agency<br /><ul><li>The Agency is located within the California State University Fresno (CSUF) campus
  9. 9. EOP students get faster results and assistance for their needs’ or questions when the agency is walking distance from their classes
  10. 10. It serve as a resource for EOP students in need of guidance withschool, family, health, finance, and peers</li></li></ul><li>Population at Risks in need of Agency<br /><ul><li>Low-income first-time freshmen
  11. 11. First-time freshmen are new to the college system and need support, guidance, and knowledge of resources to academically success through the transitioning from high school to college
  12. 12. Transferring Students
  13. 13. Transfer students are in need of the agency to reestablish resources and assistance in transitioning to a new college with a different setting</li></li></ul><li>Agency Mission<br /><ul><li>The Education Opportunity Program (EOP) serves as a primary vehicle for the CSUF in increasing access, academic excellence, while maintaining California's historical underserved students, which are low-income, first-generation students. EOP work in the spirit and are abided by the legislative objective that originally established the program in 1969 to continue the improvement that is inherent into the program.
  14. 14. EOP Five Core Concept
  15. 15. Entering Unit Mission
  16. 16. Continuing Unit Mission</li></li></ul><li>Agency Mission Continue<br /><ul><li>Five Core Elements</li></ul>ProvideAccess opportunities for low income students to achieve academic success<br />ProvideAdvocacy and education to address the needs of EOP Students<br />Provide Transitional experience to empower students to manage and navigate the college setting.<br />Provide Support Service to assist students success<br />ProvideEOP grants to eligible students that will also receive priority for financial aid resources<br />
  17. 17. Agency Mission Continue<br /><ul><li>Entering Unit Mission
  18. 18. Provide array of comprehensive service designed to empower students to reach their educational and personal goals and facilitate the transition from high school to the university.
  19. 19. Continuing Unit Mission
  20. 20. Assist the academic and personal development of EOP students, which will result in the attainment of essential life skills and the achievement of personal and academic goals.</li></li></ul><li>Agency Practice<br /><ul><li>Counseling and Advising
  21. 21. Arrange appointment with mentee
  22. 22. Respect individuals abilities and rights to make own choices
  23. 23. Listen and accept different point of views
  24. 24. Appreciates mentee struggles without feeling pity
  25. 25. Look for solutions and opportunity as well as barriers
  26. 26. Student Developmental Plan
  27. 27. Focus on five areas to enhance students success</li></li></ul><li>
  28. 28. Significant of Agency to Human Rights, Social Justice and Social Work Values<br /><ul><li>Human Rights
  29. 29. Dignity and worth of the person
  30. 30. EOP are respectful and caring towards individual differences
  31. 31. Importance of human relationships
  32. 32. EOP understands relationships among people as a vehicle for change
  33. 33. Social Justice
  34. 34. EOP help EOP students on issues of poverty, unemployment and discrimination
  35. 35. Work with vulnerable and oppress group
  36. 36. Promote cultural and ethnic diversity
  37. 37. Ensure access and needed information, services, and resources
  38. 38. Equality of Opportunity</li></li></ul><li>Significant of Agency to Human Rights, Social Justice and Social Work Values Continue<br /><ul><li>Social Work Values
  39. 39. Service
  40. 40. EOP goal is to help students in need and to address social problems
  41. 41. EOP used their knowledge, values and skills to assist students
  42. 42. Integrity
  43. 43. EOP promote a trustworthy manner in being honest and responsible when working with individual looking for help
  44. 44. Competence</li></ul>Working with EOP students increase professional knowledge and skill that can be used in practice<br />EOP get practice by working with students on an social ecological level<br />