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Visual Studio 2010

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  • The business analyst starts by adding user stories. CLICK Once the user stories has been entered the developer creates tasks for implementing each user storyCLICK Meanwhile the tester authors tests against those user stories CLICK Now the developer writes code that implements a task and checks it into TFSCLICK The checking are materialized to a buildCLICK The tester examines the build, notes the delivered changes and deploys the build to test environment (not shown)CLICK The tester begins testing the build by choosing a test and running it using Microsoft Test Manager CLICK The tester identifies a bug and files it with one click – the bug is automatically associated with the test and the user storyCLICK The cycle can continue as the developer fixes the bug, associates a check-in, and then creates a build which the tester then pulls into test (and so on) CLICK
  • Vs11 overview

    1. 1. Ryan.Riehle@InCycleSoftware.comJason.Keicher@Microsoft.com
    2. 2.  Visual Studio 11 Overview
    3. 3. • Tighter loop between the Business Stakeholders and Development Team• Graphical design tools built in PowerPoint• Embed other content including context slides• Capture screen shots and create lightweight animations• Store common elements within a shape library• Create master templates to simplify multiple similar views• Get feedback to others • mail the document • print the document • version control the document • leverage collaborative editing tools • leverage web viewing tools
    4. 4. • Accessed from the Team Project Web Access• Shows a single view of the current backlog of work• Dynamically re- ordered and group• Enable Product Owner to quickly prioritize work and outline dependencies and relationships
    5. 5. • Allows the developer to easily context switch • Packages all the open work • Save entire environment settings • Fix urgent bugs • Recall task, work is instantly restored in context and error- free. • Resume where the developer left off
    6. 6. • Shared knowledge across team• Code reviews can be set as a quality gate• Source changes highlighted and comments about the changes.
    7. 7. • Multiple views• Old code line in Red• New code line in Yellow• Supports in-line comments
    8. 8. • Detect code blocks with common structure and approach• Search is semantic, not just literal• Detects both ‘copy and paste’ errors• Detects code fragments with a common logical structure• Review common code and decide how to proceed
    9. 9. • Support for rich text and images• Embedded in the view• Improves fidelity of feedback• Standard fields are pre populated.
    10. 10. Easily file new bugsScope selected #of actions
    11. 11. Easily view previous sessionsCreate new exploration sessions
    12. 12. • Run tests in the background• Never pause and wait for test results• Support for multiple unit testing frameworks• Integrated deeply into the IDE• Support MS Test, xunit, and nunit• Target both .NET and native C++ code• Combined with Test Impact Analysis • most important tests are always• Run first, so failures appear in seconds.
    13. 13. • Series of PowerShell commands• Historical Debugger• Full collection options• View requests and exceptions• Shows all events and calls
    14. 14. • Capture application issues in production• Actionable workflow between development and operations• Operations leveraging System Center to pass data to the development team• Integrated Intellitrace infrastructure used for historical debugging• Fully integrated with TFS work items
    15. 15. • Storyboarding • Storyboarding using PowerPoint • Management Priorities• Backlog Management• Sprint Planning & Execution • Capacity, Sprint Burn down• Personalized Productivity • Context switching, My Work, Unit Testing Explorer, Code Clone & Review • Team Navigator• Feedback Client • Continuous Stakeholder Feedback• Intellitrace in Production• SCOM & TFS Integration • Intellitrace in Production, SCOM<->TFS Connector
    16. 16. The Visual Studio Family