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Zero ui future is here


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Zero UI, No UI, Automatic, IoT, Google, Apple, IBM, Microsoft Kinect, iBeacon, Sensor Puck, Nest, Digital Thermostat, USA, India, China

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Zero ui future is here

  1. 1. Zero UI - Future is Here You don’t have to tap or click each time!
  2. 2. What is Zero UI? Can there be UI without screens - Answer is Yes!
  3. 3. Amazon Echo - See it to Believe it
  4. 4. It actually listens to you and act unlike your spouse
  5. 5. Kinect for Retail? - Amazing!
  6. 6. Google’s Project Soli
  7. 7. Zero UI, the end of a screen-based world Try Now! unny/edith
  8. 8. You don’t have to pull the wallet out and payment is done. You don’t have to show the ticket at the gate. Digital Expectations
  9. 9. Zero UI - Where Input Comes from Voice Gesture Neuro Anticipation
  10. 10. Nest , Echo & Glove? Yes, Glove
  11. 11. A Zero UI World The Best Interface Is No Interface
  12. 12. Magic - Immersive Display, Gestures, ML & MI,
  13. 13. That fork know more about food you eat!
  14. 14. What you wear besides cloths?
  15. 15. What you want next? Wish I would know
  16. 16. Wish they could read my eyes and mind!
  17. 17. For More Amazing Zero UI Stuff Visit Letsnurture Now…….