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What is for you as an SEO Agency in 52 changes made by google in April


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Implicitly My Views on 52 Changes Made by Google during Search Quality Movement :) .. If you don't even want to go through slide show here are main points which can help you in SEO

1) Fresh Content
2) Local Content
3) Authorutive Link Building
4) Equal focus on All Pages
5) Brand Building
6) Authorship Building

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What is for you as an SEO Agency in 52 changes made by google in April

  1. 1. Important things from 52Search quality Change Made By Google in April By Ketan Raval S
  2. 2. What happened in April?S 52 More changes implemented for Searhch Quality in April, here is a link for that : Latest Search Quality UpdateS That clearly means Google is in “rinsing and cleansing” mode now for Search Results @ketanraval ,
  3. 3. Country Identification For WebpagesS Codename "sudoku“S After-Effect Fact: Detailed Local Results , Local Searches.S Websites with relevant local Content/ Local Influence are more likely to surge ahead against normal website @ketanraval ,
  4. 4. More Domain DiversityS Codename "Horde“S After-Effect Fact: Now it is less likely to have multiple Resuls from same Domain , instead of that search engine will prefer to Show More Results from other relevant Domains. @ketanraval ,
  5. 5. Local Local LocalS More local sites from organizations (codename "ImpOrgMap2“)S Improvements to local navigational searches (codename "onebar-l“) @ketanraval ,
  6. 6. Text From The Beginning of the page in snippetsS Codename "solar”S After-Effect Fact: it is now more likely that Google will show content from begining of the page as a Snippet in Search Results (if that content is relevant to searched terms).S So it is important to put important KeyWords at begining of the page. @ketanraval , info@affordable-seo-
  7. 7. Language Relevant ResultsS Codename "Raquel”Aftter-Effect Fact : Multilingual Results Rinsed & CleansedEx. For example, is a Dutch page, but many usersare actually searching in Portuguese and are looking for theBrazilian email service, @ketanraval , info@affordable-seo-
  8. 8. Freshness is the keyS Improvement in a “freshness signal”.S Smoother ranking changes for fresh resultsS “No freshness boost for low-quality content.”S After-Effect Fact : Fresh Content is important now and Fresh Content from Low Quality websites will not have big effect on ranking of website. @ketanraval ,
  9. 9. More comprehensivepredictions for local queries.S Codename "Autocomplete”S After-Effect Fact : Comprehensive autocomplete for long tail USA search queries.S Which means SEO Agencies should consider to build Quality Listings for Small Business with Proper Local Address & PostCode, during link building process @ketanraval ,
  10. 10. Fewer autocomplete predictions leading to low-quality resultsS Codename "Queens5”S After-Effect: fact : Manuplated long tail keywords are not going to give any benefits in SEO now @ketanraval , info@affordable-seo-
  11. 11. Improvement on Site Wide not only on Home PageS Sitelinks data refresh.S "Sub-sitelinks" in expanded sitelinksS Better ranking of expanded sitelinks.S Less snippet duplication in expanded sitelinksS After Effect Fact: Google is digging deep in all webpage links now and SEO Strategy should weight all pages to rank better on Google @ketanraval ,
  12. 12. Authoritative ResultsS Keyword stuffing classifier improvement.S More authoritative resultsAfter-Effect Fact: Clear Indication is that google wants brandbuilding. Having Proper Branding & less keyword orientedStrategy will drive more results & traffic to your webiste. @ketanraval ,
  13. 13. Recent Changes From GoogleS Updates to rich snippetsS Another step to reward high-quality sitesS Search quality highlights: 52 changes for April @ketanraval ,
  14. 14. SummaryS Fresh ContentS Local ContentS Authority Link BuildingS Equal focus on All PagesS Brand BuildingS Authorship Building @ketanraval ,
  15. 15.  Lets Do ItS So.. It is better late then never ….“Start working for people instead of search results”  @ketanraval , info@affordable-seo-