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seo case study how we achieved top rankings in 3 weeks


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seo case study how we achieved top rankings in 3 weeks

  1. 1. How we achieved Top SearchEngine Rankings in 3 Weeks Ketan Raval
  2. 2. SEO Case Study • Country : Singapore • Keywords: 1. eon shenton, 2. eon shenton new launch, 3. eon, 4. shenton new condo Objectives of SEO: 1.) Top Rankings for keywords 2.) Quick Rankings 3.) Optimize site for local rankingsTwitter @ketanraval
  3. 3. Why Quick Results were required? • Website is a real estate project website, so client wanted a quick turnaround. He explained us that buzz about any particular launch stays for only short period after that focus shift to new recently launched project. • As we know Singapore is small region so completion on real estate is very high, if you miss the time you miss the business. So SEO For Real Estate website of Singapore was wonderful experience for us.Twitter @ketanraval
  4. 4. First Week SEO Activities We found that Website required all on page optimization. • Implemented Proper Site Structure • Sitemap • Keyword placement • Rich Snippet implemented • Image Tag Optimized • Page Title Updated • Meta Keyword & Description Placement done.Twitter @ketanraval
  5. 5. Positions on After First Week Keywords Initial Rankings Ranking on 14-May- 2012 Eon Not in 100 Not in 100 Eon Shenton Not in 100 79 Shenton New Condo Not in 100 Not in 100 Shenton New Not in 100 Not in 100 LaunchTwitter @ketanraval
  6. 6. Second Week SEO Activities So On Page Optimization was almost done for website. Now it was a time for creating some quality links and brand. What we did in Off Page Optimization? • Slideshow for Properties • Local Directory Listing • Quality Guest Blog from Singapore • Social Bookmarks • Social Media PushTwitter @ketanraval
  7. 7. Positions on After Second Week Keywords Before work 14-May-2012 21-May-2012 Eon Not in 100 Not in 100 Not in 100 Eon Shenton Not in 100 79 22 Shenton New Not in 100 Not in 100 4 Condo Shenton New Not in 100 Not in 100 25 LaunchTwitter @ketanraval
  8. 8. Third Week SEO Activities We continue our off Page Activities included some Articles & Press Release. Also started active social media push. In On Page we tweaked some page titles, readjust keywords and some content.Twitter @ketanraval
  9. 9. Positions on After third week Week Keywords Before 14 May 2012 21 May 2012 28 May 2012 work Eon Not in 100 Not in 100 Not in 100 60 Eon Not in 100 79 22 9 Shenton Shenton Not in 100 Not in 100 4 1 New Condo Shenton Not in 100 Not in 100 25 1 New LaunchTwitter @ketanraval
  10. 10. What we conclude…. • Sometime we often ignore simple things and wait for results. • This website could have taken a lot longer if we had ignore on page activities. • Just normal on page optimization helped us to get Search Engineranking in 3 weeks.Twitter @ketanraval
  11. 11. Contact us if you want more details…. We are here • Facebook LetsNurture • Twitter LetsNurture • Foursquare LetsNurture • Google Plus LetsNurture • Pinterest LetsNurture • • • • India +91-79-40095953, • UK +44-20-81238778 • info@letsnurture.comTwitter @ketanraval