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Responsive custom menu setup in Magento framework


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This presentation explains how to setup responsive custom menu in Magento framework.

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Responsive custom menu setup in Magento framework

  1. 1. Responsive Custom Menu setup in Magento Framework |
  2. 2. Responsive Custom Menu 1)Responsive layout. Menu goes to one column drop down when screen resolution goes below 800px. 2) Switching between full mode and single column mode is based on js. For small screens a submenu area appears when you click a menu item. 3) Touchscreen support 4) Apply a static block at the bottom of each drop down. 5) Display all subcategories at once. 6) Customize number of columns in the drop down.
  3. 3. 1) You might see an example on one of our premium templates 2) You can set the width of the each static block. Display empty categories: Yes/No. 3) Feature "Split categories left to right into columns" it allows to change the direction of columns filling with subcategories in the categories popup. 4) Right-to-Left format support. 5) Top offset is now defined automatically if it is set to zero. 6) Tested in desktop browsers: IE 7, 8, 9, 10; Opera; Mozilla FF; Chrome; Safari 7) Tested in mobile browsers: MS Windows Phone 7.5; Safari; Opera Mobile 12.10 (Android 2.3.6); Android 4.0.3 browser, Android 2.3.6 browser
  4. 4. Extension URL menu.html
  5. 5. Extension Backend Please open Backend->System->Configuration- >WebAndPeople->Custom Menu section and set "Display empty categories" field to "No" value.
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