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iOS9 Search - Revolution in Search and App Discovery


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iOS9 search - Revolution in Search and App Discovery, App Store Optimization,Make your app visible in search, Make your app discoverable, Reach to the top of the app charts, Make your App available now, Make sure your App Reaches to the right audience, Help you generate more money by encouraging more App downloads,

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iOS9 Search - Revolution in Search and App Discovery

  1. 1. iOS 9 Search Next Big Thing
  2. 2. IOS 9 Search – How and Why it's A Big Deal Search in iOS 9 gives people great ways to access information inside of your app, even when it isn’t installed. When you make your content searchable, users can access activities and content deep within your app through Spotlight and Safari search results, Handoff, Siri Suggestions, and Reminders. Making your content searchable helps you enhance the user experience of your app and improve its discoverability. .
  3. 3. Letsnurture Can Help you conquer iOS Search With Search in iOS 9 users worldwide would be able to access information within the app even without installing it. All you need to do is make your content searchable and with the help of Siri suggestions, Spotlight, Safari search results, Handoff and Reminders user would be able to access content and actions deep within your App. Major challenges today are to improve discoverability of your App and provide users with great user experience these both can be taken care of by iOS 9 Search Features and LetNurture's Expertise of providing cutting edge solutions.
  4. 4. You can't search everything with iOS 9 Search Apple is very sensitive when it comes to Privacy so are we. With the help of two different types of indexes Apple with iOS 9 search provides amazing search experience and at the same time without compromising on privacy of data. IOS 9 offers following indexes 1. A Private on-device index (user specific search results never shared with anyone even Apple) 2. Apple's server-side index (Only publicly available data gets stored on Server)
  5. 5. We have mastered the Art of Indexing Content the Right Data You need to come out with answers of following before we can device right strategy for you. 1. Is your App and Website offers same content or different ? 2. Are app users generating data using your App? 3. Do you offer useful content via app that app users wants to access frequently. ? Current crop of Apps can be widely divided into following : News & Magazine, Social Networks, Booking Tickets, Travel & Education besides Games
  6. 6. How to make content available to the right Index IOS 9 offers multiple APIs that would make your content available in the right index. 1. NSUserActivity Class now has all that is required to index items based on user interaction like navigating within the app and generating or browsing content. 2. If you want to add app content to the device index and add deep links to your app, look no further as Core Spotlight framework is here for you. 3. If you have website also that has content that needs to be searchable web markup is your weapon.
  7. 7. How Letsnurture would help you offer the greatest experience to your users 1. Universal Links IOS 9 wants you to replace custom URL with universal links(standard HTTP or HTTPs) 2. Smart App Banners LN would help you create the Smart App Banners that would let user open your apps or open a link to download your app directly from your website in Safari. 3. Handoff Handoff in iOS 9 would help user browse your website on their Mac and then jump to your app from iPhone or iPad.
  8. 8. Letsnurture would help you improve your Ranking in Search Results 1. Preparing content that grabs attention right away. 2. Help you identify the items to be indexed(only the stuff people likely to search for) 3. Maintain content in such a way that indexes are up to date 4. Always help you create rich and engaging content 5. Availability of search result in the App right next to where its getting tagged.
  9. 9. NSUserActivity in iOS 9 Does the Magic 1.Every user action like creating or viewing content, viewing result list or visiting a navigation point in your app is getting indexed. 2.You can mark items that are available for public searching 3.It provides you indexable metadata about the item that would provide useful information in search results.
  10. 10. Searchable item can display metadata using properties
  11. 11. Smarter Siri Suggestions
  12. 12. Title of the document does matter
  13. 13. Let us create App Extension for you  Today  Share  Action  Photo Editing  Finder Sync  Document Provider  Custom Keyboard Core Spotlight defines an app extension you can implement to index items when your app isn’t running.
  14. 14. Only schemas we would want from you AggregateRating AudioObject InteractionCount ImageObject Offers Organization PriceRange Recipe SearchAction VideoObject
  15. 15. Let Letsnurture combine power of all Search-Related APIs for you Index what really matters to user Make sure you index areas of the app user uses the most Using Core Spotlight APIs Content that matters to users(pictures, content user has generated) Messages, Content that comes to device Using Web Markup Content that is there in both App and your website. And you would be on the top of the ladder.
  16. 16. Let us show you the way how to improve search results 1. By making Titles super specific 2. Will Write a perfectly structured description for you 3. Suggest Content type that matches with the type of item 4. We will add thumbnail image and make it attractive 5. We will provide your user with what matters to them the most 6. Your User must be able to take action like calling or getting directions right from the search result 7. Will Think about your international audience too.
  17. 17. For all your ASO Queries Contact: