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How Tweetdeck can help in Link Building and in Social Media Marketing


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How Tweetdeck can help in Link Building and in Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. How Tweetdeck Can Help inLink Building & Brand Building Ketan Raval @ketanraval
  2. 2. Looking for Link Diversity?• Want to find better link prospect for your business?• Want to add Social Signals in most prominent way for your Social Media Marketing Campaign?
  3. 3. TweetDeck• We are not part of TweetDeck or marketing it.• We are Social Media Marketing company and we try any thing at any leve to make this world better .• We found TweetDeck has ability to diversify your Link Building process.• Can Also Help on Improving Social Signals• And it’s a Great Tool for Social Media Management
  4. 4. Find Latest Link with TweetDeckUse Tweet Deck Search for your “key terms” Try to add “blog” “forum”“article” “news” kind of stuff to get latest related content.
  5. 5. Add Your Link Prospect in Column
  6. 6. Save , Monitor & Engage
  7. 7. How it can help ?• Now , Whenever anything is shared in Twitter related to your “key term” you will be able to find it on your dashboard and start engaging.• It is very likely that Socially Shared content will have quality, So getting link from these sources will help you to gain authority in your industry.
  8. 8. Tweetdeck for Scheduling Social Signals• Schedule Your Social Updates• Post at that Time when your Audience is more likely to “SEE” it.• Schedule Your Weekend Social Updates & Stop Working Round The Clock 
  9. 9. Tweetdeck for improving Social Media Marketing Efforts• It is always good to stay connecting with right people , right?• But It is not possible to get enough time for it, right?• How about adding them in Tweetdeck columns and see their updates whenever you want?• By this you can stay connected with right people at any time.
  10. 10. TweetDeck is not only for Twitter• It is not only for Twitter• You can configure Facebook Accounts• You can configure your multiple Twitter Accounts• You can improve your social media for Facebook Fan Pages
  11. 11. Any TweetDeck Alternate?There are so many Alternates availableBut if you ask us which are good one and whomwe have tracked from last many years..We believeNetvibes deserve a good place in social mediaHootsuite gives tough competition toTweetdeck.You can find plenty of other on this blog post
  12. 12. Benefits of ‘Managed Social Media’• Effective Time Management• Better Resource Utilization• Authentic & Quality Link Building Work• Helps in Social Engagement for Social Media Marketing• Tweets Improve Ranking we have proof, here is a post which says sharing on twitter can improve search engine rankings.
  13. 13. What You Should Take Care?• Do not Just Schedule Everything, Human Engagement is always required in Social Media.• Do not use Scheduling for Spam Purpose else you are more likely to get ban & there is no evidence that spamming on social media has improved anything on Search Ranking.• Facebook still favors direct sharing instead of sharing coming from other applications..
  14. 14. You can follow us on twitter• LetsNurture• Ketan RavalOr you can read our blogSEO Blog & Implicitly MeWe will post newpresentation for new socialmedia dashboard soon… 