Blog installation in magento


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Step by step information for blog installation in Magento frame work. Using this presentation every

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Blog installation in magento

  1. 1. Introduction to Blog Installation in Magento |
  2. 2. Blog The Blog extension from aheadWorks is reckoned among the best buzz and word of mouth marketing tips. It not only provides your regular customers with up-to- date information but brings additional visitors to your site, builds relevant SEO- friendly text links, and serves as assistance in building sales strategy. The Blog extension gives you a noteworthy opportunity to communicate with your regular customers and casual visitors. With Blog you can create an interactive two-way communication platform to provide official information on your store news, upcoming products, promotions, and get customers’ feedback. Blogging has proved to be called one of the best effective marketing tactics. If your customers feel that they are listened to and their needs are responded to, they are more likely to come back to your store again and again. Want to learn more about your customers' choices, views, and preferences? Just let people leave comments and listen what they say! Being a part of the blog community, your customers will openly exchange their thoughts and express their opinions. A blog, with its readers and their comments, forms a real "live" environment where people feel free to communicate. |
  3. 3. Extension URL : Extension Key : community-edition-by-aheadworks.html | |
  4. 4. Installation process → Copy the "Extension Key" of the Magento Commerce website Login to your Magento backend → Go to "System" - > "Magento Connect" - > "Magento Connect Manager" → Login to your "Magento Connect Manager" → Select the tab "Extensions" → Copy the key of the Magento Commerce website into the field "Paste extension key to install" and click on "Install" → Under some circumstances you need to select "Proceed" to confirm the installation. → In the black installation console will the message "Package ... installed successfully" be shown. The module is now correctly installed |
  5. 5. Features :  Blog RSS integrated with native RSS feed  Multistore RSS  Ability to switch on/off blog for different stores  Latest posts widget  Switchable categories ID in blog post URL  Switchable categories menu  Native Magento WYSIWYG editor  Last Magento version compatibility  Excerpt field  Tags added  Tags cloud block added  If user is logged in comment fields are pre-filled  Ability to show blog menu only on blog page  Settings menu shortcut  Add post menu shortcut  .htm rewrite added to post link  Ability to duplicate posts  Comments per page option  Toolbar functionality for blog posts and comments
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