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Comm201 electronicpresentation ravaioli


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Clemson University Comm 201 Electronic presentation by Elizabeth Ravaioli

Published in: Education, Technology
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Comm201 electronicpresentation ravaioli

  1. 1. Check Facebook? Twitter? Email Instagram? Pintrest? The news?
  2. 2. I DO! DO YOU?
  3. 3. If yes, then you are engaging in mass media
  4. 4. YAY!
  5. 5. Huh? It is a theory that tries to understand mass media It focuses on the reader…YOU! …
  6. 6. What do YOU do with the media? How do YOU use the media? Why?
  7. 7. Mass communication theorists, researchers and practitioners use this theory
  8. 8. Media surrounds us. So we need to understand everything about it. It is apart of our daily lives
  9. 9. Too many definitions on audience gratifications and fulfillments. Question the quality & reliability of data collected Too big of a scope – very broad
  10. 10. “What people do with media rather than what the media does to people” is…