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7 p's presentation


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7 p's presentation

  1. 1. Presented By:-Nikita Raut7 P’s of Marketing Presented To, Mansi Ma’am
  2. 2. EDUCATION SECTOR(Coaching Classes)
  3. 3. Introduction Develop Your Marketing Strategy. Focus on 7 Ps of Marketing Mix. Products, markets, customers and needs change rapidly. You must continually revisit these seven Ps .
  4. 4. Product PhysicalEvidence Price 7 PsPeople Place Process Promotion
  5. 5. Product Ask critical questions such as:- "Is your current product or service, or mix of products and services, appropriate and suitable for?” "Are these the right products or services for our customers today?" Compared to your competitors, is your product or service superior in some significant way to anything else available?
  6. 6. Price The second P in the formula is price. Formula is to lower your price and raise your price. you can combine products and services together with special offers and special promotions. Free additional items that cost you very little to produce but make your prices appear far more attractive to your customers.
  7. 7. Promotion The third habit in marketing and sales is to think in terms of promotion all the time. Promotion includes all the ways you tell your customers about your products or services and how you then market and sell to them. Large and small companies in every industry continually experiment with different ways of advertising, promoting, and selling their products and services.
  8. 8. Place The fourth P in the marketing mix is the place where your product or service is actually sold. You can sell your product in many different places.
  9. 9. Physical Evidence Corporate Office Branches About Franchise
  10. 10. Process Introductory Sessions Coaching and providing notes Ppt Sessions Regular Test Series One on One doubt sessions Brush Up Sessions
  11. 11. ExampleMAHESH TUTORIALS
  12. 12. THANK YOU