Top 10 Longest Ships in the World in 2012


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Check out the top ten longest ships in the world in the year 2012.

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Top 10 Longest Ships in the World in 2012

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  2. 2. eBook Store 1. E-Class Container ShipsUnder the ownership and operation of the shipping conglomerate Moller-Maersk, the E-Class container vessels are still the largest ships in the world in 2012 with each shipmeasuring almost 400 metres lengthwise and almost 60 metres width wise.Emma Maersk is the largest ship of the E-Class series. Maersk Line’s Triple-E Series, whenlaunched in 2013, will become the largest ship in the world, taking the first position.
  3. 3. eBook Store 2. Marco PoloWith a capacitance of around 10,000 TEUs, the newly Marco Polo container ship is listedsecond in the list of largest ships of 2012. The ship measures 396 meters in length and 54meters wide.The vessel is operated by the French shipping conglomerate CMA CGM and was built atthe South Korean shipbuilding company Daewoo.
  4. 4. eBook Store 3. FSO Asia and AfricaAlso known as TI Asia and TI Africa, these ULCCs are listed third in the list of biggest shipsfor the year. These ships measure around 380 metres lengthwise with a GRT of over2, 30,000 tonnes and a DWT of over 4, 40,000 tonnes. They originally belong to the TI classsuper tankers.
  5. 5. eBook Store 4.TI Europe and OceaniaThese two long ships, originally christened as Hellespont Fairfax and Hellespont Tararespectively, were built almost a decade ago. These two vessels measure over 1,200 feetlengthwise with a beam of over 220 feet and a displacement of almost 68,000 long tonnes.They also belong to TI class tankers and measure around 380 meters in length.
  6. 6. eBook Store 5.ValemaxNamed for the conglomerate that operates these ore carrying vessels, the Valemax bigships are in actuality a fleet of 35 vessels. At present though, the entirety of the fleet isnot in operation, it is expected that the shipping cumulate would be putting the totalityof the fleet into operation by the next year.Technically categorised as Chinamax vessels, the Valemax fleet measure about 360metres lengthwise with a beam of over 60 metres and operational speeds touching upto 15 knots.
  7. 7. eBook Store 6.Allure of the SeasBuilt in the year 2010, the Allure of the Seas is the sister vessel to the Oasis of theSeas. The sixth vessel in this list of largest ships 2012, the Allure of the Seas has alength of 362 m.
  8. 8. eBook Store 7. Oasis of the SeasThe Oasis of the Seas is a highly renowned cruise vessel, owned and operated by theRoyal Caribbean cruise cumulate. It is also the seventh vessel to feature in thiscompilation of longest ships with dimensions of over 360 metres lengthwise, with a beamof almost 50 metres and a height of over 70 metres. With a draught of over nine metres, the Oasis of the Seas is capable of touching cruising speeds over 22 knots.
  9. 9. eBook Store 8. Queen Mary 2The vessel is the chief ship of one of the biggest cruise tour empires, the Carnivalconglomerate in the year 2003. Queen Mary 2 is eighth in the biggest ships 2012compilation with a lengthwise measurement of 345 metres, beam of about 41 metresand speeds touching up to 30 knots.
  10. 10. eBook Store 9. Berge StahlThe Berge Stahl measures almost 343 metres lengthwise with a beam of almost 64metres and ranks ninth amongst the longest ships for 2012. The bulk cargo carrier shipis operated by the Norwegian corporation Bergesen and was built at the SouthKorean shipbuilding company Hyundai.
  11. 11. eBook Store 10. USS EnterpriseThe tenth and the only naval ship to feature in the compiling of largest ships of2012, the USS Enterprise is an aircraft carrier ship. The ship measures over 342meters length wise with a beam of almost 133 feet and speeds ranging over 33knots.
  12. 12. eBook Store Image Credits emma-maersk, cmacgm-marcopolo, gcaptain, maritime-connector, seashipnews, twistedsifter, marinelog, cloudfront, photoship, dailymail For more Interesting Articles Visit