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Summer training-project-report raunak kapoor final

  2. 2. “TO STUDY THE IMPORTANCE OFSOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION” A Report Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements For the Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION In Marketing & Information Technology by Raunak Kapoor Enrolment no.1115070048 Under the Supervision of Mrs. Subodh Chaudhary Department of MBA IILM Academy of Higher Learning Greater Noida To the DEPARTMENT OF MBA MAHAMAYA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (Formerly Uttar Pradesh Technical University) NOIDA October, 2011 IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  3. 3. DECLARATIONI,Raunak kapoor Roll no 11150700048, student of MBA ofIILM Academy of Higher Learning, Greater Noida , hereby declare that theproject report on ―Social Optimization―at Wildnet Technologies Pvt. Ltd, A Google Certified Partner An ISO Certified 9001-2000 Company is an original and authenticated work done by me. The project was of 90 days duration and was completed between 28th May to 29th August 2012.I further declare that it has not been submitted elsewhere by any otherperson in any of the institutes for the award of any degree or diploma.Raunak kapoorMBA-2011-13DateIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  4. 4. CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that Project Report entitled ―SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION‖ whichis submitted by Raunak Kapoor in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the awardof degree‖ MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION‖ of a record of thecandidates own work carried out by them under my supervision. The matterembodied in this thesis is original and has not been submitted for the award of anyother degree. Head of Department: SupervisorMr. Krishana Kumar Saraswat Mrs. Subodh Chaudhary (MBA Department)Date:- 29/09/2012 IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  5. 5. PREFACEThe successful completion of this project was a unique experience for us andwe achieved a better knowledge about Social media marketing in India. Theexperience which we got by doing this project was essential to our future.The information in this project being submitted by us contains detailedanalysis of the research undertaken by us.The research provides an opportunity to us to devote our skills, knowledgeand competencies during our knowledge gathering sessions of marketingmanagement.The research is on the topic ―Social Media Optimization in India‖.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  6. 6. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT―Knowledge is an experience gained in life, it is the choicest possession,which should not be shelved but should be happily shared with others. It isthe supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression andknowledge.‖ The success of any project is the result of hard work &endeavor of not one but many people and this project is no different. I takethis as a prospect to a vow that it was an achievement to have succeeded inour final project, which would not have been possible without the guidanceof -Ms. Shweta Arora-Manager, Marketing Wildnet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Ms. Nonika sharma Asst. Manager, PPC, Wildnet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Mrs. Subodh Chaudhary -Faculty, Mentor, IILM Academy of Higher LearningFinally we are thankful to our entire team who has giventhe full support in collecting the required information and continuous helpduring the project.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  7. 7. AbstractTitle: To Study the Importance of Social Media OptimizationSupervisor: Mrs. Subodh ChaudharyCourse: Master in Business Administration, IILM Academy of Higher LearningGreater NoidaKeywords: Social media, marketing communication, marketing integration, marketingstrategy,Social media optimization.Background and problem discussion: Today companies literally fight for consumersattention. Competition has forced both marketers and companies to seek newunconventional ways to communicate with the market. This has lead to the developmentof the phenomenon known as social media. This form of media describes a selection ofuser generated content created by consumers‘ to educate each other about products,brands, services, personalities and issues. Social media have become a major factor ininfluencing different aspects of consumer behavior including awareness, informationacquisition, opinions, attitudes, purchase behavior, and post-purchase communication andevaluation.Purpose: Our study focuses on describing how and explaining why companies usesocial media in their marketing communication strategy.Methodology: This research study adopted survey and content analysis in order to findthe effectiveness and the impact of communication in branding any product or the serviceamong the target market through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter andOrkut. Our empirical data was collected through a personal interview with our casecompany, and through the company‘s social media applications.Conclusions: Companies should use social media in their marketing communicationsbecause it allows them to inform their customers and create a two-way communication.This communication can help companies to influence consumers and differentiatethemselves. It can also help strengthen the corporate identity, build confidence for thecompany as well as create relationships. Social media is a cost effective way to becomeglobal and create reach. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  10. 10. Chapter-1 Executive SummaryIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  11. 11. Executive summarySocial media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic orattention through social media sites. Indian marketers are moving at a fastspeed to tap the‗new normal‗ opportunity. Social media has gonemainstream. And for businesses it represents an unprecedented marketingopportunity that transcends traditional middlemen and connects companiesdirectly with customers. Customer acquisitions remain to be the prime goalof Indian marketers (59%). According to leading marketers of India, the topthree online investment channels for2011 are Social media, Emailmarketing and Search marketing. 52% of the top marketers said that it isextremely important to integrate email marketing and social media. This iswhy nearly every business on the planet is exploring social media marketinginitiatives The focus of marketers is shifting from ‗sending the message out‗to ‗start engaging with customers‗. In this context, the role of a marketer ischanging from ‗batch and blast‗ processing to creating ‗listening posts‗ and‗dialogue hubs‗ in customer communities. A shift from isolated pure playtraditional platforms to an integrated multi-channel approach is helping themarketers address the challenge of new consumers‗ expectations acrossmany devices and channels. Indian marketers are leveraging the power ofvarious communication channels and technologies- be it Email, SMS orSocial Media in their portfolio. Here we will see the main trend of Socialmedia marketing in India, The scope of it, The future and will undergo aresearch to follow the Customer perception About Social media for Brandmanagement.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  12. 12. Quick summary of our primary findings:Marketers place high value on social media: A significant 90% of marketersindicate that social media is important for their business.• Measurement and integration are top areas marketers want to master: Onethird of all social media marketers want to know how to monitor andmeasure the Return on Investment (ROI) of social media and integrate theirsocial media activities.• Social media marketing takes a lot of time: The majority of marketers(58%) are using social media for 6 hours or more each week, and more thana third (34%) invest 11 or more hours weekly.• A significant 77% of marketers plan on increasing their use of YouTubeand video marketing, making it the top area marketers will invest in for2011. E-marketing forms the baseline for 86% of marketers in India. Promotional communication and newsletters are the primary users of use of e-Marketing channels in 2010 Customer acquisition is the largest driver of e-Marketing for 2011 36% of Indian marketers‗ invested more than 10% of their budgets in e- Marketing 72% of Marketers have plans to increase investments in e-Marketing platform. After Social media, Email marketing and Search marketing are the preferred digital channel for 2011IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  13. 13. Chapter-2 IntroductionIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  14. 14. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  15. 15. INDUSTRY OVERVIEWSocial media marketingSocial media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create contentthat attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their socialnetworks. A corporate message spreads from user to user and presumablyresonates because it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source, asopposed to the brand or company itself. Hence, this form of marketing isdriven by word-of-mouth, meaning it results in earned media rather thanpaid media.Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone withinternet access. Increased communication for organizations fosters brandawareness and often, improved customer service. Additionally, social mediaserves as a relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to implementmarketing campaigns.Social media marketing toolsBesides research tools, various companies provide specialized platforms andtools for social media marketing:Social media measurementSocial network aggregationSocial bookmarkingSocial analyticsAutomationSocial mediaBlog marketingValidationIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  16. 16. The rise of Social networking AD spending- IILM Aademy of Higher Learning
  17. 17. Different Methods of Social Network MarketingSocial network marketing is popularly called as Internet marketing. Todayyou can find many ways for internet marketing. Many people who enter thisonline marketing are less worried because of its guaranteed success. If yousee in Internet totally all types of products has been marketed online withoutmuch effort. Internet attracts many business people to promote their businessonline. Social network marketing is grown to such a height that today manypeople cant earn without it.Some of the most recognized network marketing tools are Face book, MySpace and LinkedIn. Twitter became regular place for people who havenewly entered the field of social network marketing.1. Blogging: When you start Blogging or posting your data about anyproduct, you can see less response from clients. Later it will become bigbusiness via blog. Websites and blogs are most powerful tools for socialnetwork marketing when matched with other networking tools. Blog is anamazing tool which provides many other facilities in addition to justmarketing your business. It also helps you to communicate with other clientsin case if you have any problems.2. Personal website or blog: It is important to have private website if youare a freelancer. Your website will help your clients to know about you andit will make them clear that you are a serious freelance marketer and help tomake huge revenue via online marketing.3. Article selling: It is also best and cheap internet marketing method. It is amode of advertising our trade just by writing articles and attracting endlessnumber of users across world. We usually sell our articles to different articledatabase websites and article directories. Today it provided free business tomany advertisers and publishers and they are really benefited through theirarticles.4. Email sending: Electronic mail sending is the best way to marketing.Collect list of email addresses through portfolio websites and email aboutIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  18. 18. your business to all internet users. Your Email should be attractive in such away that your recipient will be impressed to get back to you.5. Use social networking websites: Social networking websites like Twitter,face book can be used to promote your sales. These provide best platformfor all who are thinking of online marketing.6. Video promotion: Use several video distribution websites for yourmarketing. These websites uploads your service to the whole world. All thatyou need to do is film a video about marketing and send it to videouploading sites like You Tube. It seems it is the easiest way of marketingthan any other modes since many people will be interested in view videosrather than word form of advertisement.7. Press Release or media release: It attracts several public clients andincreases relationship among them.8. Search Engine Optimization: It improves the traffic to your website byproviding quality web content. It uses RSS feeds and many SEO techniques.Social networking websites and blogsSocial networking websites allow individuals to interact with one anotherand build relationships. When products or companies join those sites, peoplecan interact with the product or company. That interaction feels personal tousers because of their previous experiences with social networking siteinteractionSocial networking sites and blogs allow individual followers to ―retweet‖ or―repost‖ comments made by the product being promoted. By repeating themessage, all of the user‗s connections are able to see the message, thereforereaching more people. Social networking sites act as word of mouth.Because the information about the product is being put out there and isgetting repeated, more traffic is brought to the product/company.Through social networking sites, products/companies can haveconversations and interactions with individual followers. This personalIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  19. 19. interaction can instill a feeling of loyalty into followers and potentialcustomers. Also, by choosing whom to follow on these sites, products canreach a very narrow target audience.EngagementIn the context of the social web, engagement means that customers andstakeholders are participants rather than viewers. Social media in businessallows anyone and everyone to express and share an opinion or ideasomewhere along the business‗s path to market. Each participating customerbecomes part of the marketing department, as other customers read theircomments or reviews. The engagement process is then fundamental tosuccessful social media marketing.Example-2008 Presidential ElectionThe 2008 presidential campaign had a huge presence on social networkingsites. Barack Obama, a Democratic candidate for US President, used Twitterand Facebook to differentiate his campaign. His social networking siteprofile pages were constantly being updated and interacting with followers.Kony 2012A short film released on March 5, 2012, by humanitarian group InvisibleChildren, Inc. This 29 minute video aimed at making Joseph Kony, anInternational Criminal Court fugitive, famous worldwide in order to havesupport for his arrest by December 2012; the time when the campaign ends.The video went viral within the first six days after its launch, reaching 100million views on both YouTube and Vimeo.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  20. 20. Charts and Tables-IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  21. 21. Implications on traditional advertisingMinimizing useTraditional advertising techniques include print and television advertising.The Internet had already overtaken television as the largest advertisingmarket. Websites often include banner or pop-up ads. Social networkingsites don‗t always have ads. In exchange, products have entire pages and areable to interact with users. Television commercials often end with aspokesperson asking viewers to check out the product website for moreinformation. Print ads are also starting to include barcodes on them. Thesebarcodes can be scanned by cell phones and computers, sending viewers tothe product website. Advertising is beginning to move viewers from thetraditional outlets to the electronic ones.LeaksInternet and social networking leaks are one of the issues facing traditionaladvertising. Video and print ads are often leaked to the world via the Internetearlier than they are scheduled to premiere. Social networking sites allowthose leaks to go viral, and be seen by many users more quickly. Timedifference is also a problem facing traditional advertisers. When socialevents occur and are broadcast on television, there is often a time delaybetween airings on the east coast and west coast of the United States. Socialnetworking sites have become a hub of comment and interaction concerningthe event. This allows individuals watching the event on the west coast(time-delayed) to know the outcome before it airs.Social media marketing mishapsSocial media marketing provides organizations with a way to connect withtheir customers. However, organizations must protect their information aswell as closely watch comments and concerns on the social media they use.A flash poll done on 1225 IT executives from 33 countries revealed thatsocial media mishaps caused organizations a combined $4.3 million inIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  22. 22. damages in 2010.The top three social media incidents an organization facedduring the previous year included employees sharing too much informationin public forums, loss or exposure of confidential information, and increasedexposure to litigationAn example of a social media mishap includes designer Kenneth ColesTwitter mishap in 2011. When Kenneth Cole tweeted, "Millions are inuproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is nowavailable online at [Kenneth Coles website]".This reference to the 2011Egyptian Revolution drew objection from the public.General Social Networking Statistics• 62% of adults worldwide now use social media• Social networking is most popular online activity, with 22% of timeonline spent on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest• 65% of the world‗s top companies have an active Twitter profile• 90% of marketers use social media channels for business, with 93% ofthese rating social tools as ―important‖• 43% of marketers have noticed an improvement in sales due to socialcampaigns• 72% of marketers who have worked in social media for three or moreyears said that they saw a boost in turnover due to social channels (thelonger you‗re working in it the better you get)• 91% of experienced social marketers see improved website traffic dueto social media campaigns and 79% are generating more quality leads.• The average time spent by marketers on social media is 1-5hrs perweek for those just getting started and 6+ hours per week for those with 3+years of experienceIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  23. 23. • The most popular social networking tool for marketing is Facebook -being used by 92%, followed by Twitter (84%), LinkedIn (71%) and blogs(68%)• LinkedIn is 4X better for B2B lead generation than Facebook andTwitter• Only 10% of marketers are actively monitoring social media ROI• Only 22% of businesses have a dedicated social media manager• 23% of Fortune 500 companies have a public-facing corporate blog• 58% of Fortune 500 companies have an active corporate Facebookaccount, 62% have an active corporate Twitter account• 47% of customers are somewhat likely to purchase from a brand thatthey follow or likeINDIAN MARKET  India‗s Internet economy is expected to reach Rs. 10.8 trillion by 2016, as the country‗s growth rate in this segment is far ahead of many of the developing nations, reported by BCG.  According to BCG, the India Internet economy contributed to 3.2 trillion rupees to the overall economy in 2010, 4.1% of the country‗s GDP, & could triple in 4 years‗ time.  More than 39 million Internet users who form 86% of the total Internet audience, visited social networking sites in July 2011  The total Indian social networking audience grew 43 percent in the past year, more than tripling the rate of growth of the total Internet audience in India  India now ranks as the seventh largest market worldwide for social networking India is adding Internet users at the rate of almost 5-7 million a month, and at the current pace it will surpass the US, which has about 245 million users, in less than two years.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  24. 24. • Active user base per month in India is close to 30 Million marks which is still a pretty large market but not as big as portrayed by some consultants. • India has close to 10 million online shoppers and is growing at an estimated 30% • India e-tailing market in 2011 was about $600 Mn and expected to touch $9 Bn by 2016 and $70 Bn by 2020 - esti the country the third-largest Internet market in the world after China and the United States. • There are more Internet users in towns with a population of less than 5 lakh than in the top eight metros put together. • ―About 2 billion people worldwide access the Internet and 25% of them are from China. India contributes about 6% to the worlds Net population and the US 12.5%. • The survey found that more than 75% of Internet usage is among school- and college-going students and those who have recently graduated • Mumbai has the highest number of Internet users (6.2 million) followed by Delhi/NCR (5 million), Kolkata (2.4 million) and Chennai (2.2 million).  The percentage of companies using social media in top 5 markets is:  China: 82%  USA: 71%  India: 70%  Brazil: 68%  Canada: 51% eMarketer estimates advertisers will spend $3.63 billion in the US and over $4 billion more in the rest of the world on social networking sites this year. And that‗s just paid ad spending.When the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) surveyed US marketers this year, 90% said they were using social networks for their efforts—about even with last year, at 89%. While this percentage has risen dramatically since 2007, when just 20% of marketers used social media, growth has plateaued— and shifted to other new digital media platforms instead.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  25. 25. Is Social media marketing effective?-IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  26. 26. How Social Networking Can Change Your BusinessIf you are a new or growing business owner, you may be at a standstillwhen it comes to your clientele. You can advertise in newspapers and on localbillboards, but the majority of your customers are going to be online. This is whysocial networking is becoming a major hot spot for new and budding businessowners. You can get your company known quickly without all of the fuss andinvestment that comes with advertising. But there are a few things you should knowabout social networking before you simply begin creating your own Facebook page. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  27. 27. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  28. 28. As a business owner, social networking can be the perfect tool for you to bring in newcustomers. Let‘s say that you are a restaurant owner who just opened their business.You may find that no one is coming into the restaurant because no one in the local areaknows about it. You can create a page for your company on Facebook and Twitter.Look for and add people who are living in the area or who travel there often. Be sure tolink up with other restaurants in the area to spread the word that you‘re a new businessthat just opened.Many companies have done quite well with social networking. You may already knowof some small businesses in your town that are now booming simply because they havetheir own popular blog online. Other companies are doing well because of giving awayfree samples of their product. People love freebies, so you should consider offeringsomething to your customers in the beginning of your business venture. The idea is toget your name out there and to attract as many people as possible. Create a blog ortweet on your Twitter timeline every day. Just like Oracle‘s Charles Phillips, who is anexample of a CEO who has actively embraced social media, this keeps everything freshand new when it comes to your business. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  29. 29. When you are social networking online, you are going to be dealing with people over theInternet. Some of your more dissatisfied customers may find it easier to come forward andexpress their dislike for your company using your Twitter or Facebook. When dealingwith negative feedback, you should always conduct yourself in a professional manner. Do notinsult a person if they insult your business. While it may seem okay at the time, other peoplewill read your unprofessional backlashes and this will reflect negatively upon you. It is bestto always be professional, no matter who you are dealing with on the Internet.Whether you‘ve decided to run a blog or you just enjoy tweeting on Twitter, it is so importantfor you to get your business known online so that you can grow your clientele. You will beamazed at how many people come into your new restaurant, boutique, or cafe when youbegin spreading the word online. The most important thing is to stay professional and toconduct yourself positively online when dealing with customers. While there is no reason tobe uptight and robotic, you should make sure that you are as professional as possible. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  30. 30. Supplement Social Media with MarketingSocial media marketing is a proven strategy that many businesses and brands relyon to drive sales and raise awareness for their products and services, and to betterserve their customers. Since it is still relatively new in the grand scheme of businessmarketing, and since there is such a low barrier to entry, it does lend itself to beingseen as the ―be all end all‖ of online marketing.In reality, no business or brand should rely solely on social media marketing to growor promote their business. It doesn‘t matter if you have a home-based business, area service provider, or have a physical location – successful internet marketing comesfrom a variety of different strategies, such as the following IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  31. 31. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  32. 32. SEO – Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a strategy that involves optimizingyour website to become attractive to search engines, which places your site higherin search results for specific keywords. Common strategies include researchingkeywords to see the amount of times they are searched on google, adding thesehigh-traffic keywords to your site description and meta tags, and includingvariations of the keyword for additional traffic. Another powerful SEO strategy iscalled backlinking, where you seek to get links to your site placed on other popularsites and directories.It is important to note that the SEO world is constantly changing to keep up withupdates and modifications to search engines, such as Google‘s recent Penguinupdate. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  33. 33. Email list building – When a visitor comes to your site, there is a very stronglikelihood that they will not be back, despite how good your content is. A greatstrategy to directly reach people interested in your products and services is to offer an―ethical bribe‖ such as a free report, white paper, or consultation in exchange forthem signing up for your email list. Going forward, you can send targeted emails,special offers, or even an automated series of emails that repeats for each newsignup.There are dozens of low-cost email service providers designed to help marketerscreate, build, and market to a list, and have full support and tutorials to help getstarted. Some recommended providers are Aweber, Mailchimp, and ConstantContact. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  34. 34. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  35. 35. Partnerships – One of the most powerful business strategies you can adopt is tostop viewing other people in your market as competition, and see them aspotential partners. The benefits of this are astronomical – you can get exposure toa new audience, collaborate on a project, or even find someone who wants to buyyou out! All it takes is a good attitude, and a willingness to play a part in a biggerpicture, and you can reach out to anyone and get a response. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  36. 36. The Social Media Effect-IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  37. 37. Multimedia – While closely related to traditional social media, a multimedia strategy is apowerful way to connect with customers beyond status updates and friend requests. Withpodcasting networks such as BlogTalkRadio, you can create and host your own radio show,and position yourself as an expert on nearly any topic. Combine this with working withpartners who are also in your niche, and you‘ll see how effective it can be when you have afellow expert who is looking to reach similar goals! IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  38. 38. COMPANY OVERVIEW About the Company Wildnet Technologies Pvt. Ltd is an established ISO Certified 9001:2008 Companyand Google Certified Partner which started out in Noida, India with a small staff in2005. At present, they have regular clientele in US, UK, Canada, Australia and India.Their five year old entity is today a robust team of 275 plus employees.Encouraged by trend, more and more of contemporary businesses are turning to webfor wider markets and diversification. They assist businesses gain an online identityand realize their online business objectives expediently and surely for the best marketprice.Committed to actualizing the optimum potential of Internet resources for the benefitof our clients, they provide comprehensive web-based services, including InternetMarketing, Web Designing, Web Development and Dedicated Link Building.Though their professional and experienced team boasts of knowledge of all the latesttechnologies and tools, we generally use .NET and PHP languages for webapplications development and only PHP for the development of e-commerce sites. Inaddition, their intuitive and professional project management approach extends thecompetitive cost advantage, whilst eliminating unnecessary efforts and cost. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  39. 39. Key Offerings of Wildnet TechnologiesWildnet Technologies, a leading SEO Company offers dedicated search engineoptimization (SEO) and design services to helpyou score over your competition. They have a team of highly qualified and skilledsearch engine specialists who are certifiedin Google Adwords and ISO standards providing a wide range of services in order togenerate higher visitor traffic to a website.This ensures that a website gets higher rankings on the search engine pages. Theyoffer:• Blog Marketing• Article Writing & Submission• Press Release Writing and Submission• Forum Marketing• Classified Ad Posting• Social Bookmarking• Optimizing RSS feeds• Using Widgets like YouTube Videos or Flickr Slideshows IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  40. 40. About Wildnet Technologies• Wildnet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2005 and since then we have gained consistent revenue growth every year. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified, Google Adwords Qualified Professional company with an employee base of 300 people. We are quality-oriented people and believe in building long term business relationships.• Wildnet Technologies is B2B and B2C SEO Google Adword and ISO Certified Company in India that providing outsourcing SEO and Web development Services for UK, USA, Canada and Australia with affordable budget and promise to 100% Guaranteed Web Promotion for your desirable geographical Area.• Our company is B2B and B2C Certified Company in India that providing outsourcing SEO and Web development Services for UK, USA, Canada and Australia with affordable budget and promise to 100% Guaranteed Web Promotion for your desirable geographical Area.. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  41. 41. Services at Wildnet Technologies• Ethical SEO Services• SMO Services• PPC Services• Content Writing Services• Link Building Services• Variant Web designing Services• Quality Web Development Services IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  42. 42. Ethical SEO Services• With just shy of 7 years combined experience in search engine optimization, Wildnet Technologies are worth our weight in gold. We have some of the best SEO consultants within the industry that have been head hunted due to their raw talent and natural ability to get websites on to the first page of the major search engines using ethical SEO techniques and also makes you free headed from unethical insecurity. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  43. 43. SMO Services• Wildnet offers affordable SMO packages which will provide the best marketing tool as used in today‘s scenario, check it out before choosing any other package Our packages makes you determined not to do the IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  44. 44. Content Writing Services• Wildnet Technologies, an ISO certified company, brings you incomparable content for your website and marketing needs. Our professional writers will take on all your resume writing, website content writing, SEO article writing, blog writing and press release writing assignments and wow you with the results. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  45. 45. PPC Services• Hire PPC Services according to you need and within your budget at wildnet Technologies Our packages provide you the free for the most effective and business increasing Campaigns just try it once. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  46. 46. Thematic Link Building• Wildnet Technologies offer a Natural Link Popularity building services that is in compliance with search engine guideline. Building link popularity is the most difficult and time consuming process of search engine optimization but it is essential for keyword ranking. We are in link popularity business since 2005 and have 6 year expertise of links development and management services. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  47. 47. Web Designing Services• Wildnet Technologies defines Quality is a word that a lot of people like to use when describing their web design services. But what is quality, how do you know if a design is quality or not. Well, I think that there‘s quite a few ways to spot quality within web designs. Once you can see just what goes into making a quality web design, you can use the techniques to perfect your own style. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  48. 48. Quality Web Development Services• Our talented team of website designers, using the latest in website development technology, will provide you with incredible services at very competitive prices. Our Website Developers have successfully designed cost effective websites for individuals and businesses worldwide. From high end ecommerce website development, Joomla website design to the simplest logo design needs, we can help you realize your goal. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  49. 49. TimelineAs an industry specialist for UK markets, Wildnet Technologies is an ISO Certified9001:2008 Company and Google Adwords Certified Partner aims at bringing itsclients, the best solutions that combine cutting edge technology and years ofexperience in the field. Our dedication to our clients success is what sets us apartfrom the others in our field. With over 1200 satisfied customers all over the globe,Wildnet Technologies continues to provide our clients with solutions that arerelevant and result oriented.Our servicesSEO ServicesPPC ServicesSMO ServicesWeb DesigningWeb DevelopmentInternet MarketingLink Building ServicesE-Commerce SolutionOnline ReputationThe entire gamut of services IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  50. 50. If you need to optimize your website for better business, you will find that we offerevery kind of online marketing service that there is. Our team of in house experts can provide you with anything from optimizationmethods, to content management to website design and development. In short, if you are a start-up business, just come to us with your concept and wewill do the rest; right from designing your website to making it effective. If you are an existing online business, we can provide you withspecific solutions or we can revamp your site - the choice is yours. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  51. 51. About the Founder & CEO Mr. Nitin Agarwal is the Founder and CEO of Wildnet Technologies . NitinAgarwal has been contributing to online industry since 14 years. His current role asCEO and Co-Founder at Wildnet Technologies Pvt. him and his venture agreat success in Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing domains.Under his leadership Wildnet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has recently been awarded asbest SEO company in Delhi by Time Research. It‘s our honor that he has shared fewinsights on their company‘s Success and Search Engine Optimization. Departments of the Company - Administration - IT - Finance - Marketing - HR IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  52. 52. Organization VisionWe use ethical methods to raise your website‘s search engine visibility within the shortest possible timeframes.Our employees are committedto going that extra mile for you. We work hard to ensure that your businessReceives the best quality leads and conversions from prospects visiting your site. Organization Culture The Company Believes in an open system where one has ampleopportunities to grow along with organization We believe in working as a group rather than an Individual towards theattainment of the goals Wildnet Technologies -Achievements• Awarded as the best SEO Company in Delhi by Time Research• Wildnet Technologies Pvt Ltd is an ISO and Google AdWords Certified Partner.• Wildnet Technologies is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We are also Google Adwords qualified professionals. We aim to forge a long-term business relationship with you, serving your requirements and partnering you on a mutual growth path.• A continuous effort towards success• An attitude to remain groundedIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  53. 53. Strategies developed and executed during the Project- TechnicalWildnet Technologies is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We are also Google Adwordsqualified professionals. We aim to forge a long-term business relationship with youserving your requirements and partnering you on a mutual growth path.We specialise in creating and emphasizing web presence of your business so it reapsmaximum benefits in terms of rankings, reputation and return on investments. We dothis by providing result oriented web promotion services such as search engineoptimization( SEO), social media optimization (SMO), pay per click (PPC), link building,web designing, web development and mobile application development.In a nutshell, we specialise in following areas:Outsourcing web promotion services at reasonable ratesProviding complete web promotion services, from creating your website to increasing itsrankings over all major search enginesAllocation of dedicated resources to clients for various SEO services Promotional- • YouTube-channel-By Maintainig and posting comments • Social media marketing {Facebook,Twitter,Google+,Linkedin,Quora,Yahoo etc} • App commercial • Kaya clinic • Recruiters interview. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  54. 54. Instantly Connect your Brand with the Masses through Email MarketingIn order to create profitable relationships with your clients, you need to create meaningfulcorporate relationships.Professional email marketing is one of the most effective means of establishingmeaningful corporate relationships with your clients, prospects, employees and businesspartners. E-mail marketing is also one of the most cost effective means of increasing yourbrand popularity and connecting it with the masses. It takes your business messageworldwide within shortest span of time to increase overall revenues of your business aswell as to achieve your organizational goals.Key Features of our Email Marketing Campaigns:Select demographic of your choice for E-mail campaignsSending your campaigns to your targeted clients and re-targeting your clientsTracking of email opens and click through ratesClients have full control to manage sales and inquiries of prospectsSocial media integrationAutomated E-mail campaigns and robust analytic & reportingDetailed delivery and bounce reports IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  55. 55. Indian Online Market-ASIA INTERNET USE, POPULATION DATA ANDFACEBOOK STATISTICS Internet Penetration Users Facebook Population Internet UsersASIA Users, (% % 31-Mar- ( 2011 Est.) 31-Dec-2011 (Year 2000) Population)Asia 2012Afganistan 29,835,392 1,000 1,256,470 4.2 % 0.1 % 257,440Bangladesh 158,570,535 100,000 5,501,609 3.5 % 0.5 % 2,520,680Bhutan 708,427 500 98,728 13.9 % 0.0 % 65,660 50.5China * 1,336,718,015 22,500,000 513,100,000 38.4 % 447,460 % 11.9India 1,189,172,906 5,000,000 121,000,000 10.2 % 45,048,100 % IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  56. 56. Indonesia 245,613,043 2,000,000 55,000,000 22.4 % 5.4 % 43,523,740 10.0Japan 126,475,664 47,080,000 101,228,736 80.0 % 7,684,120 %Korea, 48,754,657 19,040,000 40,329,660 82.7 % 4.0 % 6,376,160SouthMalaysia 28,728,607 3,700,000 17,723,000 61.7 % 1.7 % 12,365,780Nepal 29,391,883 50,000 2,031,245 6.9 % 0.2 % 1,396,800Pakistan 187,342,721 133,900 29,128,970 15.5 % 2.9 % 6,412,960Sri Lanka 21,283,913 121,500 2,503,194 11.8 % 0.2 % 1,235,080TOTAL 100.0 3,879,740,877 114,304,000 1,016,799,076 26.2 % 195,034,380ASIA %NOTES: (1) The Asian Internet Statistics were updated for December 31, 2011, theFacebook subscriber data was updated for March 31, 2012. (2) CLICK on each countryname to see detailed data for individual countries and regions.(3) The demographic(population) numbers are based on data contained in Census Bureau. (4) The usage numberscome from various sources, mainly from data published by Nielsen Online , ITU , and other IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  57. 57. Chapter-3 SWOT AnalysisIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  58. 58. SWOT Analysis: Social MediaStrengths:Large market reach or penetration and it‗s Very useful if you are setting up adigital engagement strategy (to new people, young people).Social mediabuilds a conversation and converse with others and build close networkingbonds which share quick information exchange.It Lets you follow andconnect with people/groups that interest you - but are not necessarily yourfriends(as with Facebook). Authors, celebrities, co-workers, colleges,organizations etc.The campaigns are generally Cost-effective in the sensemost of the platforms are free. They just demand time,there is a Humanfactor: Your―brand‖ becomes more HUMAN.Media exposure can beanother strength of this.While Twitter is in a strong market position inmicro-messaging. Facebook is the only real competitor here - and theyattract users for different reasons.It helps to Build strong, long termrelationships through online social networking, at a faster pace than justrelying on traditional face-to-face networking and Gets tons of publicity.Theindustry Has developers creating hundreds of applications around its API. Itis totally RSS-enabled.Weaknesses:Tough to train or convince management team/group members on socialmedia principles as A lot of ―Why Bother‖ from most mainstream (i.e.Facebook users) people are there.The industry has low retention rate. Only40%.Lacks tools or resources to track and monitor social media campaignresults.There is concern about information leakage, liability, security, andmanagement also.Effort vs results: Even if it is more measurable than other channels, it isdifficult (especially for small business operations) to balance the effort puton social media against the results obtainedIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  59. 59. IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  60. 60. Consistency: Engaging with your audience at a direct level means moreefforts in terms of keeping a consistent message/ corporate imageMaking up for mistakes: The time-frame to correct errors that affect youraudience is less. Because you are heavily exposed, your company has to takeaction more promptly than if you weren‗t (especially if people are havingconversations about your brand, you will have to engage and clarify)Blocked at many work sites: management sees it drops productivity; hurtsbottom lineOpportunities:Creating/joining online presence on sites where the company currentlydoesn‗t exist, Great opportunity for individuals and organizations to connectand exchange information. It opens a New target or niche markets that areuntapped: students, the public.Partnerships with other groups, organizations, schools, government, etcPenetration into a new geographical market quicklyRecruitment of interested new members, students, public support and allowsyou to build short and long term relationships with prospects. It humanizesthe ‗brand‗ and makes the recruitment process more personal.Can gain deep insights into real-time trends, news, and all of us; ―be thepulse of the internet‖ as said by Founder Biz StoneIntegration into real-time games, media, and apps. We‗ve barely scratchedthe surface so far on what‗s possible. Twitter as real time infrastructure.It may become the dominant way for businesses to communicate with theircustomers as quick delivery, branding opportunities, and enhancedmarketing opportunities are there.Being present where stuff happens: People research forinfo/products/services online and value more the opinion of other individualsthan whatever a company may say about their own offer. If your company ispresent in an interactive environment like social media, the opportunities forIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  61. 61. engagement, conversion and most importantly clarification of doubtsregarding your brand, are countless.Developing a following/ audience those auto-nurtures itself: Your efforts inSocial media, together with the effort of your following may mean that youraudience becomes your best sales peopleTalent coming your way effortless: Because of the possibilities of exposurethat Social Media allows for, interacting here may mean that future talent (inthe shape of employees, partners or, you-name-it) will come your waythrough the power of connecting online!Reach out to certain groups that traditional media didn‗t allow you to:Because Social media is for everyone, sooner or later you‗ll come acrosspeople you never thought of as your client. This opens the doors to buildingnew relationships but also to valuable feedback that can help you developyour products or services more intelligentlyThreats:Competitor is going after the same space or same audience with similarcampaign and the question also arises whether the current campaignsustainable, can it continue? There can be threat of Attitudes on privacy:while lately it seems everyone is willing to share the most intimate as well asmundane details of their life - there could easily be a backlash against thistrend. We‗ve all heard of a few embarrassing stories about over-sharingonline, and a few high-profile examples might make people rethink theirhabits. Micro-messaging may just be a fad. There‗s nothing inherentlyawesome about 140 characters. It got too much publicity in a short time.May get burned out and getting dangerously spammy/porn spammy.Themarket doesn‗t have solid revenue model (future advertisements?)Other social networking sites (MySpace, Tagged, Friend feed,,others) may grow and steal market share and Acquisition by a bigger player(Google) may disappoint early adopters and loyal users.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  62. 62. Chapter-4 Data AnalysisIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  63. 63. Analysis of social networking sites: A study on effective communication strategy in developing brand communicationInternet is the emerging information technology with the credibility ofimmediacy and fastness, thus, it brings globalization in every aspects ofcommunication. Communication through internet is more specified, witheffective interactive strategy among its users. In recent days, internetadvertising has taken new forms which have more advantages over thetraditional mediums like print media, television and radio. Marketingcommunication is becoming precise, personal, interesting, interactive andsocial. Different strategies of communication are followed in various socialnetworking sites like Face book, Twitter and Orkut. They not only createimpact over the audience but also make them interact with the marketingstatistics created. People get attached to brand communication in socialnetworking sites than usual banner and pop up ads. These networking sitesbring more interactive communication with advertising. Social networkingsites will become the primary arena for highly targeted marketing andadvertising. Therefore, it is necessary to study the effectiveness of brandcommunication strategy followed in social networking sites which aremainly accessed by Indian users. This research attempts to find theeffectiveness of brand communication strategy in promoting and advertisingtheir brand in social networking sites. The effectiveness is determined withthe help of survey from people who use these sites, and the content of threesocial networking sites is analyzed. INTRODUCTIONIn its current form, internet is primarily a source of communication,information and entertainment, but increasingly, it also acts as a vehicle forcommercial transactions. Since the explosion of the web as a businessmedium, one of its primary uses has been for marketing. Soon, the webcould become a critical distribution channel for the majority of successfulenterprises. One among them is marketing and spreading brandcommunication through Social networking sites (Thompson, 2002).IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  64. 64. Social networking websites are online communities of people who shareinterests and activities or who are interested in exploring the interests andactivities of others. They typically provide a variety of ways for users tointeract, through chat, messaging, email, video, voice chat, file-sharing,blogging and discussion groups. AsWorld Wide Web grew in popularity, social networking moved to web-based applications. In 2002, social networking era really started. In 2006,anyone with an email address could sign up in social networking sites(Zarrella, 2010).Now advertisers target more over to these media due to high rush in varsityof audiences. So they hire this as the ideal platform to communicate theirbrand and create an effective brand identity through highly effective andinteractive communication strategy. Most of theadvertisers present their ads in interactive form so that people tend more tocheck them and gain a little knowledge about the product. There are variousforms of brand communication available in social networking sites. Theeffective way of brand communication present in these networking siteswould be the main aim of the study.Social mediaSocial media advertising is a paid form of brand, service or businesspromotion and requires a proper and planned communicative message andbudget. Advertising is customer centric in nature. Customers play animportant role in any major or minor communication because they are theone who are going to decide the fate of the advertising communication.Some benefits of social network advertising include:1. Popularizing your brand, idea or service to the target group.2. Informing target audience about your brand or service‗s presence in themarket.3. Encouraging healthy competition in the market.4. Providing social benefits for the brand.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  65. 65. 5. Making the audience to interact and keep them intact with the brand.Advertising in internet provides a major contribution to brand competition inthe market. Advertising here not only provides information about a productor service but also promotes innovation. Besides it also facilitates consumersatisfaction. Big and small companies, individuals of all walks of life, majorand minor events, concepts, etc., nowadays lay their base on social networkadvertising to get recognized in the market (Zarrella, 2010).With over 200 million active users, Face book, Twitter and Orkut havebecome a personal, product and corporate branding hub in India. Everybrand that exists on social networking sites has the same core features andbenefits, such as the ability to create a page, share resources, add multimediaand much more (Eric, 2008). The effective brand communication strategiesare analyzed to find the impact among the users.Social networking sitesA social networking site creates network communication among the usercommunity. Though social networking site serves for communicationpurposes among special interest groups, the marketing strategy has alsoentered this medium for its reach. People get exposed to various kinds ofbrand communication through this media. They tend to interact with thebrand and also get awareness about the brand and its service in an interestingway (Nicole, 2007). Hence, there is a need to study the effective way ofcommunication in branding the product in social networking sites andanalyze its reach among the people and their perceptions in this research.In recent trend of marketing in social networking sites, various brandcommunications are widely used to attract targeted leads. So, this studywould help to know the effectiveness of communication and strategy donethrough social networking sites which make the target audience toparticipate in this kind of advertising. This is mainly studied on networkingsites which are popular among Indian users were Face book, Twitter andOrkut. This study would help the advertisers to understand the effectivecommunication strategy to communicate their brand among the users.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  66. 66. Objectives of the study1. To analyze the effective communication strategy through socialnetworking sites.2. To study the effectiveness of brand communication through socialnetworking sites from its users and communicators.3. To find the impact of interaction through these communication amongIndian users (with reference to Face book, Twitter and Orkut).LITERATURE REVIEWScott (2009) states the reasons for brand promoters preferring online web formarketing is that the tools, techniques and content are constantly evolving.The buyers reward creativity by responding to the online efforts like:―If you are open to trying out new things, you can be first in your industry touse something new to communicate to your buyers‖.Marketing in some social networking websites are still the most popular intheir niche. Shih (2009) says that there are hundreds of millions of activeusers across sites like Face book, Hi5, Orkut and MySpace. 2.6 billion minare spent on Face book each day. These websites are enabling brands toengage the right people in the right conversation at right time. Marketing thebrands through social media is becoming precise, personal, interesting,interactive and social.Weber (2009) says promoting a community is just like as promoting a newbrand product or service to the consumers. Social media is used tocommunicate people in the promotional aspect and inclined to involve the236 J. Media Commun. Stud.people. Traditional advertising and direct marketing in social media is tosend people to the digital community to be informed, entertained and heard.Users find appealing, a value high enough to encourage them to participate.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  67. 67. Borges (2009) finds that todays buyers want to be engaged differently thanin years past and many traditional marketing tactics simply do not workanymore. Social media marketing is a revolutionary way to build solidrelationships with buyers. Low cost, brand building, staffing advantages,loyalty and level playing field are key benefits of social networking sites as asuccessful marketing media.Zarrella (2010) says the roots of online social networking can be traced tothe 1980s bulletin board systems (BBS). These systems allowed the users tocreate personal profiles, helps to share information by sending privatemessages, public messages and post events at low speed connectivity. Afteremanation of social networking technology in the internet world, it grewhigher and popular among the internet user.Lacy and Hernandez (2009) says Twitter gives the ability to share nearly140- characters thoughts in a split second, where user can easily share linksto press releases and stories about their business, service or product. Makingtweets interesting and diverse, there is a more possibility of increasing thefollowers, by consider with news sharing and stories about the industry thatthey serve.The rules of marketing had to change and the web has proved a catalyst inbringing the changes forward and amplifying their scale. The suddenemergence of the Web 2.0 marketing techniques demand additionalapproaches, while most marketers are still wrestling with the firstgeneration, savvy brands are exploring the landscape that social media andsocial networks create for marketers. These techniques are allowing muchdeeper drivers in social change to be unleashed, with a profound impact onplanning customer connections. The new generation of relationshipmarketing responds to the additional challenges of digital media literacy andin the right hands can trigger a rebuild of the entire marketing mix throughdifferent strategies. Relationship marketing for the Face book generationdemands both thinking and acting differently (Chaffey 2003).Stroud (2007) says that the ability of social networking sites to generatethese huge volumes of web traffic is proof of their huge popularity. Google,IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  68. 68. Yahoo and News International have bought themselves a presence in thesocial networking arena. The detailed rationale for these acquisitions differsbut all have a common theme of wanting access to the enormous audiences.Ricadela (2007) says, Coca-Cola has been running promotions on MySpacefor the past two years for brandsincluding Cherry Coke and Fanta and has promoted Diet Coke and otherdrinks on Googles YouTube.Smith (2010) says that Face book is becoming one of the great internetcommunications of people time now days. Whereas many companies havetried to emulate Face book‗s success or challenge it in one geography oranother, Face book has proven that the core asset on which all of its servicesare built - the social graph - is much more defensible and powerful thanmany others once anticipated.Visitors to social networking sites are significantly more likely than averageto visit leisure-oriented retail site categories, such as music, jewelry/luxurygoods/ accessories, consumer electronics and apparel. Heavy socialnetworking visitors are defined as the top 20% of visitors based on timespent on social networking sites. People typically enjoy sharing theirexperiences with these products, whether it is to talk about their new iPhoneor the pair of designer jeans they just bought. Social networking sites offerthe venue for those conversations to occur. Social media advertising is idealfor promoting brand recognition, although click-through rates are not sostrong. Still, there is no doubt that advertising via social media sites is aneffective way to increase your overall revenue stream (Brinlee, 2007).RESEARCH METHODOLOGYTo analyze and find the effectiveness of communication strategy indeveloping brand, communication through social networking sites was donewith the survey method and content analysis in the research.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  69. 69. Methods of data collectionThe survey method helped to identify the reach of the brand among its targetaudience, ways of impact, usage of these social networking sites and accessto these form of communication. And the content analysis is another methodused to analyze the communication strategy of different social networkingsites with certain parameters among top three Indian social networking siteswhich are tabulated with results.Research designThis research study adopted survey and content analysis in order to find theeffectiveness and the impact of communication in branding any product orthe service among the target market through social networking sites likeFace book, Twitter and Orkut.SurveySurvey was conducted randomly among Face book, Twitter and Orkut usercommunity, by sending questionnaire through online to collect theindividual opinion from the respondents.SamplingNon probability sampling technique is used to collect the opinionfrom the online respondents. The total population is social networking usercommunity, but to collect the effective data the sampling is constrained tothe target population like young adults, graduates within the age of 16 yearsto 30 years. The sampling size is 50.Content analysisIn content analysis, the following three popular social networking sites wereselected to find the effective brand communication among its users (Facebook, Twitter and Orkut).IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  70. 70. Parameters and units of analysis1. Target group: category of audience visiting these sites.2. Types of advertisements: what are the types of brand communicationfollowed by them?3. Ads placement: how do these sites place their ad in their pages?4. Communication strategy: kinds of brand promotion used by them.5. Visual appealing factors: regarding the appearance of these sites.6. User Interaction: kinds of participation with the brand.7. Accessibility: how legibly they present themselves.8. User interest: the forms of expectations from users in these sites.9. Customization: the factors that the users could create by themselves.RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONUsage of internet by the userIt has been found that 12% of audience use internet once a week, 19% of therespondents use 2 to 3 days a week. 30% of the respondents use 1 or 2 h aday and the remaining 39% of users are accessing internet more than 3 h aday. It is understood that the new media and its technology is an emergingtrend in communication which attracts almost all the people, if they haveknowledge of computers. So this digital media has more snatchers towardsits communication and internet is becoming part of necessarycommunication among the students and professionals, etc (Table 1).Awareness of social networking sitesFrom this result, it is observed that nearly 98% of the internet users areaware of social networking sites and only 2% of them are clueless. Althoughthe concept of computer-based communities dates back to the early days ofcomputer networks, only some years after the advent of the internet onlinesocial networks have met public and commercial in a successive manner. AtIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  71. 71. the most basic level, an online social network is an internet communitywhere individuals interact, often through profiles that represent their selvesto others (Donath and Boyd, 2004). Social networks have grown rapidly, andsome like face book, orkut, have achieved the mass market and penetrated ina few months since their inception, such applications have infringed theirusers in different strategy to interact with more people (Table 2).Number of profiles in social networking sitesThe study found that all the respondents that is, 100% of respondents haveprofiles on Face book. And also, 88% respondents of the same group haveprofiles on Orkut, 62% respondents have connected to twitter and 37% ofusers have account on other social networking sites. The users can createmany accounts in different social networking site. Face book is useful forcommunication, self-promotion, to know about friends‗ community and tofind the missed out school and college mates. The peers use the Face book,Orkut and Twitter for the same reasons to share the information andcommunication. Due to this reasons, Face book, Orkut and Twitter weremore popular among the internet users of youth population comparativelywith other social networking sites (Table 3).Ads in different social networking sitesFrom the earlier mentioned, it is found that 45% of the users find Face bookas a well communicated social networking sites, which promotes morebrands andadvertisements, gives information about product and service which is usefulfor the young user community in an interactive way to learn more about theparticular brands, 12% user suggests Twiiter, please follow one pattern allhere small words has effective communication of advertisements. 28% ofusers find Orkut as the second option in communicating brandadvertisements (Table 4).Exposure of different kinds of adsFrom the data, it is found that 32% of respondents have come across webbanner ads in these social networking sites like Face book, Twitter andIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  72. 72. Orkut; whereas 8% cut across pop up ads and flash ads in various websitesand 31% of users found video ads in YouTube and in other sites. Google,Yahoo and News International have bought themselves a presence in thesocial networking arena with different communication strategy to haveinnovative appearance in content and display (Stroud, 2007). The detailedrationale for these acquisitions differs, but all have a common theme ofessential access to the enormous audiences of these sites (Table 5).Communication creates trust on adsFrom the survey data, it is understood that 38% of user agreed and satisfiedwith ads appearing in social networking sites, whereas 11% of the userdisagreed and unsatisfied with certain communication of information. Only51% of the respondents found it neutral. The web has proved a catalyst inbringing the changes forward and amplifying their scale in creatingtrustworthiness (Table 6).Accessibility of adsOnly 8% of the total samples say that they have never accessed or showninterest to the ads displayed in social networking sites, while browsinginternet for other communication purposes. And 36% of the respondents useto access often and were interested to listen to the advertisements of variousbrands, 35% user says they listen to the brand communication and also linkto the brand sites to gather more information and 21% of the user accessaccording to the way of communication it appears, because sometimes thebrand promotion could be in the form of display ads, interactive feedbackforms or as interactive games, accessing of advertisements informationdiffers sometimes according to the format of brand communication . Todayscustomers want to be engaged differently than in years past and manytraditional marketing tactics simply do not work anymore. Social mediamarketing is a revolutionary way to build solid relationships with customerslong before first contact with fun, attractive messages and interactionsBrand communication that attracts the usersIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  73. 73. Games, quiz and updates of latest information are the kind of interactivecommunication messages that attracts 28% of users. 26% of users areattracted to fan pages and posts. 20% of users are pulled their intereststowards flash ads, 14% of users listened to video ads and remaining 12% ofusers are interested to traditional banner ads. Most of the social networkingwebsites are enabling brands to engage the right people in the rightconversation at right time (Shih, 2009). Nowadays communication onbranding in social networking sites is more personal, contentious, fascinatingand influencing among the user community (Table 8).Impact of communicationAccording to the respondents, 67% of user agreed that the communicationstrategy used in brand communication creates impact on certain brandseffectively and also which could helps them to recall the same often andinteractively. 24% of users said that it partially creates impact and traffic ofcommunication, which result to confusion in users mind. The remainingrespondents almost 9%, says that it does not create much impact on ads butstill effective for other communication purpose like sharing and chattinginformation (Table 9).Content analysisThe three social networking sites Face book, Twitter andOrkut were chosen to analyze the units of parameters and the presentationsof data are shown in Table 10.Results of the analysisAs seen earlier, the various brand communication factors involve in thesekinds of social media advertising and day by day competition among thebrands increase. So, to survive brands, the communicators come up withmore and more innovative, interactive and interesting kinds of brandcommunication messages which make the users to access them and developcloseness with the different brand communication strategy with attractivename and its service.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  74. 74. 1. The finding of the study states that the audiences respond more tointeractive marketing than the traditional ads followed in internetadvertising.2. Almost everyone is communicated through social networking sites.3. Nearly 70% of the audience has impact through ads in social networkingsites and half of them access these ads e.g. games, quiz, events, etc.4. Users remember the brand by the way they advertise. They respond to anynew form of advertising which interest them.5. Social networking sites will become the primary arena for highly targetedmarketing and advertising. Social networking sites present an unmatchedopportunity to build brand.6. Users of Face book and Orkut are of same age group and category. Intwitter, people do not show much interest because it‗s just like a micro-blogging site.7. Interaction is more in the display banners adver-tisements in Face bookand Orkut. All the networking240 J. Media Commun. Stud.Table 10. Layout of content analysis with parameters.S/NParameters for content analysisFacebookTwitterOrkuta.Target GroupNearly 54% lie in the age group 16 - 30. Graduates and students of all ageIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  75. 75. 16% stay updated with news, 22% for stay in touch with friends and toupdate status. Graduates > 16 yrs53% < 25 years, 32% between 25 - 34 years. Graduates, students of all agesb.Types of Advertisements comm.Poll engagement ads, Video engagement ads, Banded gift engagement ads,Event and hybrid engagement ads, Fan pagesNo advertisements but regular brand follow ups and updates.Banner ads, Ad optimization using ad trackersc.Ad placementsGenerally placed right hand side corner and in wall postsNA (Not applicable)Right hand side top , above the profile page e.g.: Docomod.Communication strategyBrand promotion, To sell, users to interact, brand identity, sharing, fan andfollow ups. Managing online reputation.Regular feeds from brands and retain the brand identity with usersUsing ad tracker, particular groups are selected and ads are hosted, themesand fan pages are one among the form.e.User interactionThrough fan pages, posts, events and gamesIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  76. 76. To retweet and reply. Share messages among brand followersThrough fan pages and click adsf.Visual appealing factorsNo themes, but visually appealing with cool colors like blue and whiteCan customize the page and can ad own contents. Usually the designs arestandardThemes available. Usually colorfulg.AccessibilityClean and clear. Ads and content gets loaded fast. Friendly user interfaceEasy loading and no time outSame as facebook, but contents get loaded slower than other two.h.User interestExpect brand to be communicated thro games, fan pages and eventsRegular updates from following brandsUsually banner ads and optimization ads. So no expectationsh.CustomizationPeople can create their own ad and upload, sell products thro market placeoptionNA (Not applicable)IILM Academy of Higher Learning
  77. 77. Can create own fan pages and send posts to users and can also create theirown ads.sites have their own space in their web pages for promoting ads.8. Communication strategy and user interaction are unique among each site.Face book promote and allows user interaction, Twitter regularly feed postsregarding the brand and Orkut promote through click ads and promotionalbrand pages.9. Face book follows a default backdrop and text whereas twitter and Orkutcan be customized.10. Accessibility is more in Face book than others. Twitter show importanceonly for text.11. Users expect brand communication than brandmarketing in these sites.12. People can create their own ads in Orkut and Face book.ConclusionCommunication about the product or service provides a major contributionto brand competition in the market. It not only provides information about aproduct or service but also promotes creative innovation. Besidesadvertising, it also facilitates consumer satisfaction. The hidden fact is thatno brand can progress without effective communication strategy to attracttheir custo-mers or users. Big and small variety of brands nowadays laidtheir base on social network communication to get recognized in the targetmarket.Social networking sites users of Face book, Twitter and Orkut have becomea personal, product and corporate branding hub in India nowadays in digitalera. Every brandthat exists on social networking sites has the same core features and benefits,such as the ability to create a page, share resources, add multimedia andmuch more. Social networking sites are filled with potential users who areIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  78. 78. mainly young adults. They spend more time in these networking sites due toheavy commercial contents, entertainment and social gathering. So, productor service communicators throng their ads in these areas with more and moreinteractive and with fascinating factors so that their brand identity isdeveloped among the right choice of focused audience. Advertisers andbrands uses social networking sites as the major resource for their promotionand developing brand identity among the focused market.SUGGESTIONSCommunication should be more preferred than advertising: people do notprefer buying products through social networking sites. So, if the brand iscommunicated well and remembered by the audience, then it is a greatestsuccess to the company for their promotion through social media.Promotional way of advertising is best: the usual banner ads and pop-up adsmake the users to ignore them. So advertising must be interactive,promotional and in innovative form to hold the audience. It should target theindividuals than the mass. If an ad is hosted for a group then that would beno advantage in delivering specified information. Adding more multimediaelements to have more interactive factors in fan pages and group would benefit thebrand user.IILM Academy of Higher Learning
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  81. 81. QUESTIONNAIREDear Sir/MadamName:……………………………………………………………….………………Contact No: ……………………………………………………..City: …………………………………………………………State:………………………………………………..I am a student of IILM Academy of Higher Learning, GreaterNoida and presently doing a project on ―Analysis of Social Networking Site:A study on effective communication strategy in developing brandcommunication―. I request you to kindly fill the questionnaire below and Iassure you that the data generated will be kept confidential.PART-A1. Age2. Educational Qualification3. Marital Status4. OccupationIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  82. 82. Survey ResultsPART-B4. How often do you use internet?• Once a week• 1 or 2 hrs a day• 2 to 3 days a week• More than 3 hrs5. Are you aware of social networking sites?• Yes• No6. How often do you log in those networking site?• Daily• 2 to 3 times a day• Once a week• More than 3 times a day7. How many SNS profile do you have? Mention the number here and tickthe options…(Avg2-3)………• Orkut• Face book• Twitter• Others8. In which SNS do you find ads communicated well?• Facebook• OrkutIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  83. 83. 9. What kinds of ads have you come across in these sites?• Web banner Kinds of Ads• Pop ups Web banner Popups• Flash ads Flash ads• Video ads Video ads Others• Others10. Do you agree ads appearing in SNS? Ads Appearance• Strongly Agree Strongly Agree• Agree Agree• Neutral Neurtal• Disagree Disagree• Strongly Disagree Strongly Disagree11. Have you ever accessed these ads coming on your way?• Often• Sometimes Ads access Often• Never• Depending on ads Sometimes Never Depending on adsIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  84. 84. 12. What kinds of Brand communication attract you in SNS?• Interactive Flash ads Attraction to Brand communication• Banner ads Interactive Flash Ads• Games, quiz, updates Banner ads• Video ads Games,Quiz,etc Video Ads13. Did these kinds of ads made an impact over you?• Strongly Agree• Agree• Neutral• Disagree• Strongly Disagree 6 5 4 Strongly agree 3 Agree Neutral Disagree 2 Strongly disagree 1 0 Interactive Flash Banner Ads Games,Quiz,etc Video ads adsIILM Academy of Higher Learning
  85. 85. IILM Academy of Higher Learning