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Avaya cc control manager 6.2 brochure


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Avaya cc control manager 6.2 brochure

  1. 1. Avaya Contact CenterControl Manager(ACCCM)
  2. 2. In today’s dynamic marketplace customers expect rapid, efficient, and highlyeffective interactions when communicating with vendors. Any vendor whofails to meet the needs and expectations of consumers quickly discovers thatunhappy customers are ready, willing, and able to swiftly take their businesselsewhere.Helping your business compete, ACCCM enables you to:• Lower labor costs by reducing administration time per transaction• Improve accuracy with single (rather than multiple) points of data entry• Leverage non-technical personnel to perform administrative tasks• Enhance security through role-based permissionsAvaya Contact Center Interaction Center, Avaya Contact Business BenefitsControl Manager – Center Express, Avaya Intelligent Effectively combining andMaking the Best Better Customer Routing, Avaya Proactive integrating management and Contact, Avaya Call ManagementDesigned to consolidate customer administration of a wide range of System (CMS), Avaya Voice Portal,facing activities across all channels, Contact Center applications, Avaya Avaya Interactive Response, AvayaAvaya’s robust contact center Contact Center Control Manager Workforce Optimization and evensolutions help your business address complements the full suite of Avaya third-party adjunct contact centerthe challenge of providing Contact Center solutions. Focused applications.outstanding customer experiences on functional hierarchy and callconsistently. Enabling you to center business logic (instead of Complementing Avaya Aura®maximize the value of your technology components and IP Communication Manager with ainvestment in our contact center telephony), ACCCM makes it easy to range of functionality andapplications, Avaya Contact Center perform a one-time definition of operationally oriented administrationControl Manager delivers centralized entities and data that enable tiers, ACCCM streamlinesadministration and management of centralized management and management of all Avaya Contactour Avaya Aura® Contact Center application of the contact center Center operations, enablingSuite including (but not limited to) functionality of these entities across organizations to respond in real-timeAvaya Aura® Call Center Elite (with Avaya’s Contact Center offerings. to even the most demandingBusiness Advocate), Avaya customer needs.Communication Manager, Avaya2 |
  3. 3. Circumventing the need to complete Microsoft® Activeadminister contact center software Directory integration with singleon a system-by-system basis, the sign-on functionality and G13following systems and capabilities language localization. Becausecan be set up and managed through ACCCM can be implemented andACCCM’s intuitive and unified operated easily, by non-technicalbrowser-based interface: Avaya® personnel, control can be returned toAura Communication Manager, contact center leaders and line ofComputer Telephony Integration business managers who use and rely(CTI), Integrated Voice Response on the system every day.(IVR), call recording systems, Vector Key Features & BenefitsDirectory Numbers, Policy Routing Avaya Contact Center Control • Centralized management Tables, Vectors, Skills, Service Hours Manager seamlessly integrates with and administration of all contact center applicationsTables, Vector Routing Tables, and supports operational • User-friendly, Web-based, Holiday Tables, Agents, extensions, administration of Avaya’s entire highly personalized thin call flows, IVR working hours, Contact Center Suite, including: client application interfacedynamic prompts and menu content. • Full tenant partitioning with role-based access controls °° Avaya Aura® CommunicationAvaya Contact Center Control • Single deployment of Manager – provides centralized ACCCM supports multiple Manager features a broad array of Avaya Communication administration and a single point of Manager systemscentralized security features management for Avaya Aura® Callincluding the ability to apply role- • Non-technical staff can Center Elite software and Avaya perform administrative tasks based permissions for every object easily, based on ACCCM’s Business Advocate call center enhanced role-based administered. The location-based permission engine components and entitiesarchitecture allows every • Seamless transition for administered object to be assigned °° Avaya Call Management System customers with a mixed (CMS) – a database, administration, environment of Avaya Aura® to a "location" (virtual). Contact CentersAdministrative partitioning can be and reporting application, CMS • Negligible hardware achieved by controlling access to helps businesses identify requirements, a green operational issues, enabling them solution enabling specific locations. Along with virtualization and cloud system transparency, customer to take action immediately networking and processingprivacy and security are maintained • Scalable, accommodating organizations of all sizesand, in addition, Avaya ContactCenter Control Manager supports • Intuitive visual call flow design and vector management • Full Microsoft® Active Directory integration with single sign-on functionality || 3
  4. 4. °° Avaya IQ – foundational to the °° Avaya Aura® Contact Center – evolving Avaya Performance delivering seamless, context- Center solution, Avaya IQ is a sensitive customer care, supports contact center reporting and non-voice multimedia when analytics platform that consolidates connected to an Avaya real-time data from Avaya Communication Manager using customer service solutions and Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite enterprise business resources software for voice °° Avaya Proactive Contact – enables °° Avaya Voice Portal – Web-based previewing, initiation, and tracking voice application design and of outbound contact center management that controls IVR communications system functionality without a single line of code °° Avaya Proactive OutreachAvaya Contact Center Control Manager – offers automated °° Avaya Aura® CustomerManager seamlessly integrates outbound campaign management, Experience Portal – a nextwith and supports operationaladministration of Avaya’s giving organizations the power to generation self service platformentire Contact Center Suite, create and deliver automatedincluding: °° Avaya one-X® Agent – desktop voice, email, or SMS messages that• Avaya Aura® software application built to meet enable users to immediately Communication Manager the specific needs of contact choose a self service option or to• Avaya Call Management center agents Systems interact with a live agent• Avaya IQ °° Avaya Aura® Workforce °° Avaya Interaction Center – Optimization – analytics-driven• Avaya Proactive Contact provides enterprise-class control of offering that enables organizations• Avaya Proactive Outreach contact-center communications Manager to capture, analyze, and act on across multiple channels: voice, information that can improve• Avaya Interaction Center video, email, Web chat, and IP workforce performance, customer• Avaya Contact Center telephony Express interactions and customer service• Avaya Aura® Contact Center °° Avaya Contact Center Express – processes processes all multi-media channels,• Avaya Voice Portal routing requests to an agent who• Avaya Aura® Customer can reply using the same mode of Experience Portal communication• Avaya one-X® Agent• Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization 4 ||
  5. 5. Leading Edge Solutionand FeaturesThe Avaya Contact Center ControlManager solution is designed tooptimize your Contact Centerperformance and businessprocesses, reduce risk, and enablecompetitive advantages whileenhancing customer service andrelationships across yourorganization. Providing seamlessinteroperability with the AvayaAura® Contact Center Suite ofsolutions, ACCCM can increase agentproductivity, optimize contact center Communication Manager, there is a Virtual Group Management –operations and increase the value of tool available (as part of ACCCM) enables management of virtualyour existing investment. that enables design of Contact groups in parallel with a physical Center scripts from ACCCM and that organizational chart wherein virtualAvaya Visual Call Flow Designer – can migrate Avaya Communication groups have been provisioned asrobust and easy to use, this tool Manager resident vectors into agent groups in CMS. The ability toenables users to manage vectors Contact Center resident service manage virtual groups in this way iswithin an Avaya Communication creation environment flows. useful in Flatten - Consolidate -Manager running Avaya Aura® Call Extend (FCE) environments and,Center Elite software with Expert Organizational Structure based with ACCCM, an unlimited number ofAgent Selection. Through ACCCM’s Administration – provides the ability virtual groups can be managed and aWeb based tool, call flows can be to manage an organizational single agent can be assigned torevised using the drag and drop structure in the contact center with multiple virtual groups.capabilities of the Avaya Visual Call sites, segment, teams, supervisors,Flow Designer. For customers using agents, including assignment of userAvaya Aura® Contact Center as a permissions based on organizationalmultimedia adjunct to Avaya Aura® hierarchy.Call Center Elite software, and whowish to move to fully Contact Centerdriven multimedia with their Avaya | 5
  6. 6. Personalization – allows users to personalize their administrative environment and to create shortcuts for quick, easy navigation. Integratable with the audit log feature, this tool lets individuals who work within teams review changes made by individual team members.Role Based Access Control – infrastructure such as configuringenables control based on role in skills, routing points, holiday tables,accordance with organizational etc.guidelines. Through ACCCM, anunlimited number of roles with Enhanced Audit and Roll-back –different permissions can be defined provides rollback capabilities andso granularly that users can be stores the entire change historyassigned to specific roles within each indefinitely, if desired, with auditapplication to which they are capabilities that enable users toassigned. review changes done directly on the Avaya Aura® CommunicationDeployment Wizard – a Web based Manager.tool that allows a non-technical userto deploy contact centerenvironments without the need tosetup required contact center6 |
  7. 7. Product Specifications Feature Avaya Contact Center Control Competitive Solutions Available Manager for Avaya Contact CentersSupport for Avaya contact center Not Applicableenvironments YesManagement of both None because competitors requireCommunications as a Service (CaaS) different tools to manage serviceand customer-created (in-house) Yes provider and customer-createddeployments within a single platform deploymentsUsage tracking and billing None based on our current review ofcapabilities for contact center Yes industry offeringsenvironmentsVisual Call Flow Designer for contact Yescenters YesUnified Communication Partial support because ACCCM isAdministration and Provisioning predominately focused on UC Yes capabilities that complement Contact Center so we can’t guarantee full UC complianceUnified Communication “end user” Partial support because ACCCM isself-care administration predominately focused on UC Yes capabilities that complement Contact Center so we can’t guarantee full UC complianceContact Center Administration and Partial support because someProvisioning administration and provisioning of Yes solution components is required (such as trunks in Avaya Communication Manager)Contact Center User Self-Care None based on our current review ofAdministration Yes industry offeringsBranding support for customized Variessolution creation Yes3rd party Integration Capabilities Yes Typically not “out-of-the-box”(other than customer-specificengagements)Self-service (IVR) Support None based on our current review of Yes industry offerings | 7
  8. 8. About AvayaAvaya is a global leader in business communications systems. The companyprovides unified communications, contact centers, data solutions, and relatedservices directly and through its channel partners to leading businesses andorganizations around the world. Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya forstate-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency, collaboration,customer service, and competitiveness.For more information, please visit© 2011 Avaya Inc. All Rights Reserved.Avaya and the Avaya Logo are trademarks of Avaya Inc. and are registered in the United States and other countries. All trademarks identified by ®, ™, or SM are registered marks,trademarks, and service marks, respectively, of Avaya Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Avaya may also have trademark rights in other termsused herein. References to Avaya include the Nortel Enterprise business, which was acquired as of December 18, 2009.03/11 • GCC47318 |