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At on in


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Published in: Education
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At on in

  1. 1. AT ON IN EF Pre-Intermediate 2B
  2. 2. AT • PLACE School, University, home, work The airport, the station, a bus stop, a party, the door • TIME Times: six o’clock, half past two, 7.45 Festival periods: Christmas, Easter Night, the weekend
  3. 3. ON • PLACE Transport: a bike, a bus, a train a plane, a ship, a car A surface: The floor, a table, a shelf, the balcony, the roof, the wall • TIME Dates; 1st March Days: Tuesday, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day
  4. 4. IN • PLACE Countries and cities: France, Paris Rooms: the kitchen Buildings: a shop, a museum Closed spaces: a park, a garden The car • TIME Months: February, June… Seasons: (the) winter Years: 2011 Times of day The morning, the evening, the afternoon (not night)