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Scaling the Network - Rise of the Thing


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Scaling the Network - Rise of the Thing

Published in: Technology
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Scaling the Network - Rise of the Thing

  2. 2. Agenda 1. The “Things” 2. Where do they fit in? 3. What should we prepare for 4. Adapting the Network Model WE ARE COMING
  3. 3. The Things and M2M Varying Applications – Consumer Electronics – Automotive – Energy – Logistics – Healthcare – Advertising – Retail – Retail The list goes on……….. ADVERTISE HERE
  4. 4. Adding “Things” to the Existing Profiles Increasing Attached High number of connected devices IoT – Higher overall numbers at lower throughput – Some applications exceed traditional consumer usage – Significant overlap between usage Points, but at much lower volumes Areas of significant commonality Smartphone Fixed M2M MBB Increasing Throughput
  5. 5. A Varied Ecosystem already exists – Varied profiles already exist – Consolidation of these profiles create the overall demand – Future services should have less unpredictability as functions are more specific – However device numbers increase significantly as specialised functionality increases
  6. 6. Comparative Traffic Profiles – The less specific the segment the more variability in profile – Specific devices will have predictable behaviour – We understand these behaviours
  7. 7. Where will the Impact be? Knowing the expected behaviour allows us to predict based upon current behaviour where impact areas will be. Given the common discussed use cases, areas of focus are: – Registration and Authentication – Signalling and Control plane – Policy Control and Security – Data Storage and monitoring
  8. 8. Registration and Identification Additional Register Demands: – Significant uplift in number of provisioned devices – Increases queries to HSS/HLR and load on signalling too – Registers will scale but cost is key IP Addressing and Identity – IPv6 is key to support growth – IP Addresses are becoming a commodity – What about identity? REGISTERS
  9. 9. Signalling and Control Plane Use Case Dependant Drives Mobility: • Highly Mobile Use Cases e.g. Cars, Freight • Increases handover signalling Area Updates Impact Area MME/SGSN Spot the iOS update Number of attached Devices : • Increased Edge and Core resource • Simultaneous Usage will cause peaks • e.g. software updates RAN Processing Low Power Devices/Infrequent sessions: • Increases session set-up/teardown. • LTE bearers or PDP Contexts • Increases RAN signalling • Simultaneous Usage PGW/GGSN Telemetry - Peaking Firewalls and Policy
  10. 10. Security and Increased Flows Multiple Flows to many points Security and Policy Control is significantly impacted: − − Increased sessions = Increased processing Processing larger number of smaller flows is more intensive ADVERTISE HERE ADVERTISE HERE Large Number of Flows Common points in network will need to be protected from spikes in simultaneous traffic or attack Policy control if implemented will increase significantly Common Control points such as in MNO networks allow this to be managed centrally ADVERTISE HERE
  11. 11. Big Data goes Huge? Information will flow between more places than ever before. We need Intelligence to: • Predict Device Behaviour to accurately dimension network and forecast growth • Support Network optimisation and dimensioning But what About Adding Value?  Can we use this information to enhance or provide value add services?  Privacy questions must be answered Are we ready to store this? Do we know how effectively to use/process the information? Do you have the organisation structure? BIG DATA HUGE DATA
  12. 12. Adapting your Network Model • Challenge License Model • Unlink number of devices from licence • Flexible, should not be linked to customer type or a specific metric • Embrace NFV • Commodity hardware with Network as software to allow flex of resource • Prevents micromanagement of network elements and scaling elements individually • Flexibility Support Effective QoS • • Traffic peaks will occur, how crucial are the services you support, who takes priority? Security and Policy Control • Consider what level of security for various applications • Don’t assume it can just be “Open” Understand your Customers
  13. 13. Summary 1. Devices will exhibit behaviour we already see in higher volume 2. Challenge licencing and embrace Flexibility 3. Know your Customers – “Thing” is not enough
  14. 14. THANK YOU
  16. 16. The Smartphone as the Hub? For the consumer more information will be available to manage their lives Smartphones and tablets are established as platforms to control and consolidate More “Things” will drive increased flows Will add to the increase of policy control and the flow of information
  17. 17. Possible Security/Policy Modes of Operation Network Supported Security Internet Model Walled Garden Application/Device Led Security Application Walled Garden Walled Garden Internet Model Application Walled Garden Application Transport Security & Policy 3GPP Core Access • • Communication possible within walled garden Network enforces security rules and policy • • • Any device can • communicate with any other Any device can • communicate with any service Security rules/policies more important Network helps secure access to applications Communication between device only possible via servers e.g. whatsapp, imessage, RCSe • • • • Everything within • walled garden is trusted • Does not prevent from attacks of • devices of same type Application or device holds security Core prevents comms outside walled garden Open comms • between devices Requires device led security rules • Application requires security • Devices can only work with one Application Rule based upon hard device configuration Core prevents comms outside walled garden
  18. 18. Predicting Capacity Demand Capacity Demands can be predicted if the following is known: • Quantity We know quantities will be high. How high depends upon your target market and Use Cases • Volume Mixed volumes but primarily low volume • Behaviour Use case dependant School Finishing time
  19. 19. 3GPP Based IoT Services 34.7m Registered vehicles With Roaming Haulage with Roaming across borders 63.7m UK Population Ease of International Roaming 26.3m households Hubs to aggregate localised solutions 63.7m Population Personal Area network Cats 19% of households Dogs 25% of households YES!