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Temperature monitoring system


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Manage your home temprature

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Temperature monitoring system

  1. 1. Temperature Monitoring System
  2. 2. ● Provide platform/code to support various sensors and boards to transmit raw data to the cloud ● Send the data from the cloud to the web application( user specific dashboard ) ● Complete the eco-system by controlling the device directly from the dashboard ● Generate analytics from the cloud data Goal
  3. 3. Demo Site:
  4. 4. Pusher Azure Temperature Sensor Fan 1 2 3 6 7 5 4 8 Process Flow Send the data to cloud Send the data to Pusher Send data to dashboard Send fan state to cloud Send fan state to Pusher Send fan state to Raspberry PI
  5. 5. Revenue Model
  6. 6. Being technology leaders in the IT field We can provide the technical solutions to the companies. ● Outsourcing Service o Develop the complete solutions where the customers are looking for the home automation/ Healthcare solutions. ● Website Service o We will provide the platform where the user will come and create the product using the service set up we provide.
  7. 7. Cont. Here we can follow ● Freemium model o We can set the limitations in the free model  Maintaining the historic data for 1 week.  Maximum of 2 sensors will be supported.  Limiting the data push to server/client.  or we can provide the complete solution for a trial period
  8. 8. Cont. ● for the premium services o We can follow the subscription model with different plans.
  9. 9. Future Enhancements
  10. 10. ● Provide a control on dashboard to control speed of fan ● Integrate different sensors. e.g. Light sensor, humidity sensor, motion sensor, security camera, voice commands ● Include the set up files for other devices like aurdino/galileo board. ● Create code files with user custom rule/triggers Home Automation
  11. 11. Healthcare domain ● Integrate the FDA approved sensors. ● Collect the vitals of the patients and store in the cloud. ● Provide a dashboard to display the historic and real time patient’s vitals.
  12. 12. Current Competition
  13. 13. Thank You