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Mobile device management presentation


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How a enterprise can control the mobile devices from a web based solution

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Mobile device management presentation

  1. 1. Mobile Device Management (MDM) Providing Cruise Control to your devices
  2. 2. Purpose of the Product Mobile Device Management (MDM) for  Security  Monitoring and Managing mobile devices  Enforce the company policies strictly
  3. 3. Overview of the Product  It is designed for enterprises to control their mobile devices loaned to employees  It works by installing device-admin app on all Enterprise Owned Devices( EODs).  Once installed, the admin can • Obtain mobile app data( call records, Text messages, images, etc). • Control the apps installed and we can remotely install, update and uninstall apps. • Lock the phone remotely. • Perform factory reset • Wipe out app specific data
  4. 4. What’s included in the box?  Android application package (apk) which has device admin capabilities.  Server application which provides APIs for analytics and management.  Web application built out of Knockout.js which consumes the REST APIs provided by Server application.
  5. 5. Database (MySQL) Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) REST Web service (Java servlet) Google Cloud Messaging Mobile Devices Admin web console( html/ JavaScript)
  6. 6. Why MDM?  Feature based pricing, so for example if small enterprises want to use only call analytics, they can opt only for call analytics thereby making the product more lucrative to them.  Also available as Software As a Service (SaaS) on Cloud.  Dedicated support team to tend to critical issue
  7. 7. Product Vision  Currently there is only Call analytics, we can have the Internet usage analytics. Similarly we can have app install controls, app update controls and so on.  Can suggest client to have private app store ecosystem. This would be immensely useful, as this would allow the device owners to download the apps from company’s trusted sources.
  8. 8. THANK YOU P.S: Special thanks to Gitanjali for her help in designing Web Interface 