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Test automation process


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Software Test Automation process with help of QTP

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Test automation process

  1. 1. Test Automation Process1. Planning2. Generating the Tests3. Enhancing the Tests4. Debugging the Tests5. Running the tests6. Analyzing the Test Results7. Reporting the Defects
  2. 2. Test Automation ProcessPlanning1. Analyzing the AUT2. Implementation of Framework3. Selection of Test Cases for Automation4. Identification of Tool5. Collecting Test Data6. Tool setting configuration TestCase ID Test Action Automated Execute TC_001 Login to App Yes Y TC_002 Search Flights Yes Y TC_003 Booking Ticket Yes Y TC_004 Cancel Ticket Yes Y TC_005 Reports No N
  3. 3. Test Automation ProcessGenerating the Tests• OR Repository - Object Recognizaton• By Recording• Hand Coding AKA Descriptive Programming Automation Code (Used QTP tool as a reference)Launch ApplicationSystemUtil.Run "C:Program FilesHPQuickTest Professionalsamplesflightappflight4a.exe“,"","C:Program FilesHPQuickTest Professionalsamplesflightapp","open"Enter UserNameDialog("Login").WinEdit("Agent Name:").Set "mercury"Enter PasswordDialog("Login").WinEdit("Password:").Set "mercury"Click okDialog("Login").WinButton("OK").ClickExit ApplicationWindow("Flight Reservation").Close
  4. 4. Test Automation ProcessEnhancing the Tests• Inserting check points• Inserting output values• Synchronization• Parameterization• Regular Expressions• Recovery Scenario (Exception Handling)• Inserting flow control statements• Inserting transaction points• Adding User Defined Functions
  5. 5. Test Automation ProcessDebugging the Tests• Watching variables• Step by step execution• Passing values to variablesRunning the tests• Normal Execution• Batch Execution• Scheduled ExecutionAnalyzing the Test Results• Defining your own ResultsReporting the Defects• Report Manually, Report via Test Management tools (for ex: Quality Center, TFS, etc.,)