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(PROJEKTURA) bizapps 3.0 things to think about


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5 interesting trends and business models that you need to think about when developing your next gen applications. at least, you should thing about mobile first strategy, multichannel device usage strategy, shared and big data thing,

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(PROJEKTURA) bizapps 3.0 things to think about

  1. 1. (un)expectedchangesat thinkingaboutBIZ APPS 3.0Ratko Mutavdžić, PROJEKTURA
  2. 2. HOW HARD IS TO DEFINE NEW MODEL?70 years ago that was really easy...
  4. 4. source: IDC, Gartner, different analysis 2012THE TIME OF MOBILE DEVICESFromTOP 10 strategictechnologytrends for 2013:1. MOBILEdevicesbattles2. MOBILEapplicationsand HTML53. PersonalCloud4. Internetof Things5. Hybrid ITMobile consumptionrate isthe only growing rate (vs.Internet browsing vs. TVwatching)
  5. 5. LOCALIZED LOW COSTmarket size for mobile applications increased dramaticallyin lastfew yearsnow, we have smartphonesthat are low costsuitable for standardized products and serviceswithminimum spec and lower customerexpectations thatcan be locally produced and globallybranded• THERE ISNO LOCALIZED LOW COST ON APPLICATION SEGMENT• mobile in socialdevelopmentwillbecome integral partof development• mobile payment will be widespread• will be used for healthcare delivery, esp. low income countries• elections, environment,
  7. 7. SIMULTANEOUS SMARTPHONE AND...It requires certainlevel ofsynchronization, whichdrives...FromTOP 10 strategictechnologytrends for 2013:1. MOBILEdevicesbattles2. MOBILEapplicationsand HTML53. PersonalCloud4. Internetof Things5. Hybrid ITStrong impacton ITinfrastructure
  8. 8. so, i’am buying... and who is selling?
  10. 10. Where is BigData coming from... today• twitter 12+ TB of tweet data every day• facebook 25+ TB of logs data every day• google XX+ TB of search logs every day• people 2+ bilion people on the web today• RFID 30 billion RFID tags today• smart meters 76 million smart meters today• GPS devices 100+ millions GPS devices per year• trade 5 mililon trade events per second• phone cams 4,6 billion cams today• cameras100+ thousands video feeds from surveillanceTwo types of Big Data• Data in Movements (Streams)• Data at Rest (Oceans)New era of computingNewQuestionsVOLUME: SIZESOCIALANALYTICS: What’sthesocialsentimentof my product?VELOCITY: SPEEDLIVE DATA FEED: Howdo Ioptimizemy servicesbased onpatternsofweather,traffic,etc.?VARIETY: STRUCTUREADVANCEDANALYTICS: Howdo Ibetterpredictfutureoutcomes?... so thatis notourordinaryenterpriseenvironment?Well...NUMBERS
  11. 11. YOUR DATA IS OUR DATAintegrating finance world with 2.0 applications and some math modelsone-off applicationscouldmerge into platformsthen, platforms are generating new value added services thatare coming from one-offworld into a constant-on experience for a consumer• looking at applicant’s connectionon facebookand twitter• key to getthe loan: highly trusted individuals in your
  14. 14. LOW BUDGET INNOVATIONinnovation is something that companies cando with their customerswelcometo co-creation worldbased oncustomer observationnad customer participation, fmcg companies develop co-created products that are improved byearly adopters withsample tests• early adopters as a pivots to larger market using online channels• specializing customer behaviour on:• consumptionpatterns• socialpatterns• individuallifestyle patterns• higher newproductsuccessrate with lower budget
  16. 16. COMMUNITY THINGyour have heard aboutthe crowd*** , right?crowdfunding, coworking, co-creation...if saving is the new spending, thenselling is the new saving• the most essentialresource in this modelis intelligence of the communitywww.trendwatching.comthink:patientslikemegrouponsoundcloudpaywithatweet
  17. 17. COMMUNITY FUNDEDyour have heard aboutthe crowd*** , right?crowdfunding, coworking, co-creation...actual pilotprojectof URBAN
  18. 18. infojust a few words aboutmeso, if we all nod our heads... we can continue...• Ratko Mutavdzic is founder of PROJEKTURA, consulting companythat workwith new and emerging technologies and introduce them to the corporate andenterprise environments. Prior to this one, he spent15 years Microsoft, startingin a consulting practice and then leading severaldifferentsales and technologyteams.• He is the author of number of published papers ondifferentaspects of thetechnology, successfulblogs onnew technologies and projectmanagement,and active contributor in a number of socialnetworks exploring the use andadvance of new ways to connect and share innovationand invention.• He frequently speaks onconferences, meetings, workshops, coffee shopsandgenerallyat everyplace where people like to explore, challenge, investigate,think and innovate.• Keywords: change, project, program, portfolio,innovation, startupnote: more contact info on a last slide
  19. 19. more info ...if you feellike you want to know more or just for funratko.mutavdzic@projektura.orgdont bite, dont yell at you at all, so please, add me to your ... think network. tnx.• WWW• FBOOK• TWEET• EMAIL• but if it is really, really, really urgent and you really need to connect to people atprojektura ...• SKYPE projektura