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new! GanttChart 1.3 for ClearQuest (english audio).


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The module is made in the form of Plug-in for IBM Rational ClearQuest 7.0 and upper. This module is intended for every person who uses IBM Rational ClearQuest and is short of project management capabilities. The module does not substitute for existing project management tools but adds the operational sections into IBM Rational. For the most experienced users the functions of this module will be absolutely enough for ad hoc planning and operational management of their projects. The module has no analogues in the world!
CM-Consult GanttChart is featured in the IBM Global Solutions Directory ID 41151

...In absolute terms, without using GanttChart, usually manager spends
12-16 minutes for rescheduling an average group of connected tasks.
Using GanttChart for ClearQuest, the same operation takes 10-15 seconds...
CEO, CM-Consult, IBM Rational ClearQuest certify specialist

...It allows executing almost every PMs task within IBM Rational
ClearQuest in a new and agile way...
Former Rational sales specialist, IBM (2005-2007)

...I recommend this tool as a rapid-planning extension
to all teams, which use ClearQuest...
Lead analyst, SCM Specialist, TatNeft (Oil company)

...This is a usefull and successful solution allowing to simplify a
life to ClearQuest users who got used to work with Gantt charts...
Rational Technical Specialist, IBM EE/A, SWG Department

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