HIGHLIGHTS               Those who works are used to work          GanttChart for ClearQuest – is the
Color highlights allow The fundamental capabilities of              GanttChart for ClearQuest allows
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GanttChart for Clear-     Main capabilities                         Solution type:
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"This solution was developed as a result of an effort of both our specialists and our clients. The idea to
create such sol...
GanttChart for ClearQuest. Ad hoc planning and operational management
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GanttChart for ClearQuest. Ad hoc planning and operational management


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The module is made in the form of Plug-in for IBM Rational ClearQuest 7.0 and upper. This module is intended for every person who uses IBM Rational ClearQuest and is short of project management capabilities. The module does not substitute for existing project management tools but adds the operational sections into IBM Rational. For the most experienced users the functions of this module will be absolutely enough for ad hoc planning and operational management of their projects. The module has no analogues in the world!
CM-Consult GanttChart is featured in the IBM Global Solutions Directory ID 41151

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GanttChart for ClearQuest. Ad hoc planning and operational management

  1. 1. HIGHLIGHTS Those who works are used to work GanttChart for ClearQuest – is the with IBM Rational ClearQuest obvi- new generation module that is in- Saves a lot of time while ously have a sense of a small limita- tended for concerted operations preparing plans of tion of its capabilities in the area of with IBM Rational ClearQuest work/tasks and exercis- clear activities planning for change Eclipse. All project management ing operational control requests (tasks, bug reports etc.). functions of the module are avail- over the project That is they can set up the requests able immediately after its installation Real time synchroniza- to show task chain, dates, workload in the standard menu of IBM Clear- tion of Gantt diagram etc but all this will be shown as usual Quest. and ClearQuest re- list of tasks. And to change anything quests. in several tasks they should enter GanttChart for ClearQuest - is the every task separately and fulfill the very flexible solution which allows Visualization of the ratio for planned terms number of monotonous actions. This setting up any change requests with and fact terms. problem related to the work with any relations and any nesting level, complex hierarchical tasks and plans granting meanwhile the fine tuning Decomposition of the can be easily settled with the module of additional fields. Gantt diagram for com- plex Requests. GanttChart for ClearQuest. Opening the change re- GanttChart for quest forms from the ClearQuest can Gantt diagram directly. be applied inter- Allows managers to esting for every- save a lot of time while one who uses preparing plans of IBM Rational work/tasks and exercis- ClearQuest and ing operational control is in shortage of over the project. the project man- Support ALM Schema. agement capa- bilities. Our Support for multiple module doesn’t platforms. substitute for ex- Easy to install. isting project management Easy to use. tools but adds the operational sections into IBM Ra- tional tools instead (perhaps in next versions we’ll cope to transfer the most of MS Project functions into ClearQuest). The module considerably simplifies the management of the complex hi- erarchical tasks. This allows freeing project managers of routine opera- tions and focusing on the main task.
  2. 2. Color highlights allow The fundamental capabilities of GanttChart for ClearQuest allows decomposing the tasks GanttChart for ClearQuest: to the project managers and ad- by their status: e.g. green - done, yellow – in ministrators: progress, red – is behind 1. Multiplatform. Our module is time, blue - planned being incorporated into the Eclipse * Analyzing the project status in client of IBM Rational ClearQuest real time scale. Tasks hierarchy visuali- and works on different platforms of * Agile correcting the project plan. zation and plan decom- Widows and Unix. * Saving project manager’s time position at high-level tasks: 2. There is no necessity of addi- for the replanning of request groups tional software. Everything works in (change requests and extension re- requests and bugs re- one tool - IBM Rational ClearQuest. quests). Especially within service ori- ports grouped by tasks The exceptions are the functions of ented approach when a great and activities budgeting, resource distribution and number of requests every day require portfolio management. a special attention. GanttChart for 3. The only one data source and * Effectively distributing the re- ClearQuest is the synchronization in real time. The sources. added to the IBM module allows showing the real state * Transferring requests from one Global Solutions of projecting activities basing on the state to another on-the-fly. Directory with the last changes in IBM Rational Clear- * Shifting the groups of tasks and ID# 41151 Quest. There is no necessity to requests (change planned dates) in make additional synchronization or drag-and-drop mode. data duplication for it. All visualiza- tion functions are real time. 4. All functions of IBM Rational GanttChart for ClearQuest allows ClearQuest are still accessible. Be- to the project members: cause of module embedding into IBM Rational ClearQuest the user * To see their own workload on the has an access to the planning capa- whole pool of requests at once bilities by Gantt diagram and to all (tasks, defects, requests etc). the functions of IBM Rational Clear- * To work with task plan comfort- Quest (building requests, reports, able and as usual. graphs etc) at the same time. .
  3. 3. GanttChart for Clear- Main capabilities Solution type: Quest on Linux. Tasks hierarchy visuali- * Support for multiple platforms. Plug-in for IBM Rational ClearQuest zation * Real time synchronization of Eclipse. Gantt diagram and ClearQuest re- quests. Prerequisites: * Visualization of the request’s hi- erarchy and their relations as Gantt Requires IBM Rational ClearQuest diagram. installed in the system. * Tasks visualization basing on the completed queries. Allows showing Delivery type: the realization plan of any concrete ClearQuest request on basis of ex- Multiplatform package. isting report. * Visualization of the task fulfill- Compatibility: ment percentage. * Visualization of the ratio for Compatible with ClearQuest 7.0 and planned terms and fact terms. upper. * Visualization the change re- quests with the different color Multilanguage support: Yes (MUI) schemes depending on their fulfill- *English, German, Russian ment stage and realization on time. * Decomposition of the Gantt dia- gram for complex Requests. * Changing and saving the results of such changing of the planned terms for requests. * Opening the change request forms from the Gantt diagram di- rectly.
  4. 4. "This solution was developed as a result of an effort of both our specialists and our clients. The idea to create such solution has emerged as a result of close cooperation with our customers and deep under- standing of their business problems. In most companies we have cooperated with the planning horizon for tasks and works is measured in months and quarters, but not years. Project managers have often to modify work schedule, update it, establish priorities, and set responsible persons. ClearQuest is a pow- erful tool that simplifies this process, but it has its limits. In ClearQuest, planning and representation of tasks is performed in flat view, but all managers are used to using the Gantt chart for planning. Unfortu- nately, the standard ClearQuest package does not provide users with such opportunity. GanttChart for ClearQuest allows managers to save a lot of time while preparing plans of work/tasks and exercising op- erational control over the project. In absolute terms, a manager spends about 12-16 minutes on rescheduling the average group of connected tasks without using GanttChart. Using GanttChart for ClearQuest, the same operation takes 10-15 seconds. So, using GanttChart for ClearQuest results in in- creasing the manager’s efficiency and manageability of the whole project. We are greatly pleased to have gained recognition of our contribution from IBM Corporation", Alexander Novichkov, CEO, CM-Consult, IBM Rational ClearQuest certify specialist CM-Consult’s GanttChart is a product that was wanted by many project managers using IBM Rational ClearQuest. It allows executing almost every PM’s task within IBM Rational ClearQuest in a new and agile way. Vasily Razuvaykin, Former Rational sales specialist, IBM (2005-2007). With GanttChart module my team achieved possibility to plan tasks for change requests resolving right after acceptance, in the same tool, without any intermediate steps. I recommend this tool as a rapid-planning extension to all teams, which use ClearQuest. Rustam Zaydullin, Lead analyst, SCM Specialist, TatNeft (Oil company). This is a usefull and successful solution allowing to simplify a life to ClearQuest users who got used to work with Gantt charts. Visualisation of hierarchy and relationships of change requests of different types allows to accelerate the analysis of a current tasks' status and to make a decision faster. Dmitry Lapygine, Rational Technical Specialist, IBM EE/A, SWG Department. The major advantage of the GanttChart tool is the ability to graphically represent states of activities. When you have a large number of activities it is difficult to visually represent and estimate them using the grid view only. In such case, a chart is very useful. Another advantage is the possibility to modify dates of activities in graphic view (i.e. in a chart itself) that simplifies data updating in ClearQuest. Jesuino Jose de Freitas Neto, IT Executive Manager, Banco do Nordeste do Brasil, Federal Bank of Brasil.