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Free Objectivist Books for Students


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Free Objectivist Books is a website where you can sponsor books for students who have pledged to read them. Already over 100 donors have sponsored over 500 books. This info session was given during OCON 2012 to tell people about the impact we're having and how you can get involved.

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Free Objectivist Books for Students

  1. 1. Free Objectivist Books for Students Changing the world, one mind at a time
  2. 2. Do you have extra Ayn Rand books sitting on the shelf? Or in your basement, or in the attic, or...
  3. 3. Free Objectivist BooksStudents SponsorsGet any Ayn Rand novel or book Give the gift of Objectivism toabout Objectivism for free. You eager young minds—it only takesjust have to pledge to read it a few minutes and a few dollars
  4. 4. How it began
  5. 5. Launched January 2012
  6. 6. 500 students
  7. 7. Across the country...
  8. 8. ... and around the world41 countries from Australia to Zimbabwe
  9. 9. Representing top schoolsBrandeis University Northwestern UniversityColumbia University Princeton UniversityCornell University Stanford UniversityGeorge Mason University University of California at BerkeleyGeorgia Institute of Technology University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignJohns Hopkins University University of MichiganMcGill University University of Texas at AustinNew York University University of Virginia
  10. 10. 600 book requests 200 for Atlas Shrugged alone
  11. 11. 100 sponsors
  12. 12. 500 books donated
  13. 13. How it works
  14. 14. Eager MindsElizabeth Van Pelt wants to read Atlas ShruggedStudying law at Stanford UniversityI have wanted to read this book for some time now, ever sincethere was an extended debate about it on the law schoolslistserve. I would like to know more about Objectivism andthe Objectivist movement.
  15. 15. Eager MindsHassan Fadel wants to read The Virtue of SelfishnessStudying neuroscience at Michigan State UniversityAs an aspiring physician, I have always objected againstothers’ claim to a doctors work and life. I have alwaysbelieved that doctors, and people in general, have the right tobe “selfish” in defense and advancement of their lives. Iwould love to read The Virtue of Selfishness to further myunderstanding on how I should approach my life, my work,and my ultimate happiness.
  16. 16. Eager MindsAbir Mandal wants to read Capitalism: TheUnknown IdealStudying economics at Clemson UniversityI had the good fortune of attending the Moral Foundations ofCapitalism conference at Clemson this year and the lecturersreferred back to this book very often. This has got me eager toread the actual text.
  17. 17. Eager MindsDalante Castle wants to read Objectivism: ThePhilosophy of Ayn RandStudent at Amesbury High School in Amesbury, MAIt was recommended by a friend who is the head of the NewEngland Objectivist Society. He is trying to introduce me tothe ideas of Ayn Rand, and I figured Id give it a shot sinceIm always up for the expanding of knowledge.
  18. 18. How to Sponsor You browse student requests You choose whom to sponsor You send the books directly You get a personal response
  19. 19. Personal Thank-yous“Thank you so much for sending me Anthem. Im around 30pages in and I can barely put it down to accomplish any of myschool work!”Hannah Favre, studying psychology at Troy University, toSteve Henderson in Belleville, MI
  20. 20. Personal Thank-yous“Thank you so much for the chance to read this. Objectivismhas become integral to my beliefs, its ideals resonating andarticulating so much of what I already thought, but was tooafraid to express, afraid that I was alone. Rand has given mea sense of freedom and confidence, and I think that readingmore will only cause that to increase.”Robert Bailey, studying English literature at AberystwythUniversity, to Bruno Sementilli in Connecticut
  21. 21. Real Impact“A truly inspirational book, and more relevant than ever”Carlos Buitrago, student at George Mason University, onAtlas Shrugged“An incredible defense of capitalism”Jeff Cooper, studying Information Technology at SouthUniversity in Novi, Michigan, on Atlas Shrugged“A life-changing series of essays”Zack, studying Electrical Engineering at ITT in Cincinnati,on The Virtue of Selfishness
  22. 22. Real Impact“Atlas Shrugged is one of the most interesting and thoughtprovoking books I have ever read. The ideas in the bookcontinue to occupy my mind and I have been able to tiethem to discussions in my economics and English classes.”Andrew Behnke, studying mechanical engineering atNorthern Illinois University
  23. 23. Real Impact“One of the greatest books Ive ever read, it was always hardfor me to express myself, my convictions.... Now my thoughtsare clear, Im able to stand on my principles and defend themmore efficiently”Fayssal El Yachouti, Institut de Technologie Hotelierre etTouristique in Morocco, after reading Capitalism: TheUnknown Ideal
  24. 24. Real Impact“Atlas Shrugged is the most inspirational book I ever read.Rands philosophy of living life is practical and real, and is notto be found elsewhere.”Tom Sewe, studying medicine at University of Nairobi in Kenya
  25. 25. Real Impact“This book couldnt have been more insightful or morerelevant... if everyone in America could read and fullycomprehend this book Im convinced that our debt crisiswould disappear. Thank you for providing me the chanceto be introduced to such a work of genius.”Kristen Hansen, studying political science at BrighamYoung University, after reading Atlas Shrugged
  26. 26. Real Impact“I was close to highlighting the whole book. Highlyrecommended to everyone—no exceptions. Cant wait toread more of her work. Ayn may have the most rationalphilosophical basis of thought to ever grace mankind.”Alexandra Schafer, studying art education at ArcadiaUniversity, after reading The Romantic Manifesto
  27. 27. Real Impact“I just discovered how much we need the idea of ‘I’ to freethe world.”Arda Akcicek, studying political science at HacettepeUniversity in Turkey, after reading Objectivism: ThePhilosophy of Ayn Rand
  28. 28. Real Impact“Atlas Shrugged is one of a handful of novels that is not onlyan amazing read, but also forces you to question yourpersonal philosophy. I am proud to say that after completingAtlas Shrugged, I went on to read most of Rands work and Ican label myself as a true Objectivist.”Hassan Fadel, studying neuroscience at Michigan StateUniversity
  29. 29. Over 97%would recommend the book to others 82 out of 84 who responded, out of 105 total polled
  30. 30. Can’t these kids afford afew dollars for a book?
  31. 31. Can’t these kids afford afew dollars for a book? Will more studentsread Ayn Rand because of my sponsorship?
  32. 32. Why Sponsor Students are ripe for Objectivism Leverages Rand’s original works You choose the students You get a personal followup Convenient & affordable No overhead
  33. 33. What sponsors are saying“Its very enjoyable to pick from your websites list of requests—oftencreatively written, coming from around the world, showing an authenticinterest in greater exposure to Ayn Rand—ones favorites to send copies to.And very rewarding to receive signs of that greater exposure in the thank-you letters recipients regularly send.” Dr. Allan Gotthelf, Visiting Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh“What a great idea to get Ayn Rand’s ideas to young minds who might neverhave had the opportunity to read her writings.... you will be an inspirationfor more Objectivists to get involved in the spread of Objectivism.” Peter LePort, MD; Owner, LePort Schools; Board of Directors, Ayn Rand Institute and Americans for Free Choice in Medicine
  34. 34. Free Objectivist Books lets you giveAyn Rands words to eager young minds and get a direct, personal response
  35. 35.