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  1. 1. B TECH - MECHATRONICSYou have played enough with toy models,Now its time to build some.
  2. 2. WHAT IS MECHATRONICSMechatronics a combination of Mechanical Electronic Computer Software Control Systems Design DESIGN, CONTROL & MANUFACTUREEg: Robots, Photocopier, Disk Drive
  3. 3. MECHATRONICS• Yasakawa Electric Japan, in 1969 coined the term MECHATRONICS• Initially Mechatronics was referred to system with only Mechanical systemand Electrical components, no Computation was involved.• Example including the Automatic Sliding door, Vending Machine, GarageDoor Opener
  4. 4. SIMPLE EXAMPLES OF MECHATRONICSPhotocopier machine Modern Sewing machine Disk DriverVending Machine Automatic Sliding Door Auto Garage Opener
  5. 5. BENEFITS OF MECHATRONICS Enhanced Feature & Functionality More User Friendly Accuracy Increases Efficiency Cost Effective Flexible Design (Reprogrammable) Safe
  6. 6. MECHATRONICS – INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH Interdisciplinary ApproachMechanical Systems: Electrical Systems:Fundamentals of mechanics Energy conversion(kinematics) (motors and actuators)Dynamics of mechanical systems Power electronicsMechanical design and CAD Sensors Interfacing
  7. 7. MECHATRONICS – INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH Interdisciplinary ApproachComputer Systems: Control Systems:Basic computer systems System modelling andBasic computer programming simulationReal-time computer systems Basic control systemsMicro-controllers Digital control systemsInterfacing Robotics and automationSoftware engineering Intelligent system
  8. 8. CAREER PATHS – B TECH MECHATRONICSOptions and OpportunitiesCandidates after completing B.Tech in Mechatronicscan get hi - profile jobs with good remuneration in allindustry sectors or other renowned private firms.They can get various job opportunities inGovernment sectors too.
  9. 9. CAREER PATHS – B TECH MECHATRONICSAutomobile Medical Material ProcessingRobotics Manufacturing Aerospace