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Tacademy techclinic-2012-07-11


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Tacademy techclinic-2012-07-11

  1. 1. 8라영호( Windows Embedded MVPhttp://www.embeddedce.com
  2. 2. 세션 개요 Cloud Integration Services App UI Model Model Software Architecture Hardware Foundation
  3. 3. Windows Phone Multitasking Enhanced Phone Framework XNA Silverlight Integration Integrating with the phone Performance Database Access Complete the push notification and Tile experience Marketplace Services Sockets
  4. 4. HardwareFoundation
  5. 5. 하드웨어-7 Capacitive touch 4 or more contact points Sensors A-GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Light, Proximity, Gyro Camera 5 mega pixels or more Multimedia Common detailed specs, Codec acceleration Memory 256MB RAM or more, 8GB Flash or more GPU DirectX 9 acceleration CPU Qualcomm MSM7x30, MSM8x55 800Mhz or higher Hardware buttons | Back, Start, Search
  6. 6. 소프트웨어아키텍쳐
  7. 7. 소프트웨어 아키텍쳐Applications Your App UI and logic Frameworks Silverlight and XNA HTML5/JavaScript User data Structured data CLRApp Model UI Model Cloud Integration App management Shell frame Xbox LIVE Licensing Session manager Bing Chamber isolation Direct3D Location Software updates Compositor Push notifications Data sharing Windows Live IDKernel Security Hardware BSP Networking Storage A-GPS Accelerometer Gyro Compass Light Proximity Media Wi-Fi Radio Graphics Hardware Foundation
  8. 8. 프레임 웍 Windows Phone Frameworks Device Launchers & Windows Phone Camera Choosers StructuredMultiTasking Integration Controls Data PhoneApplicationFrame PhoneApplicationPage PushNotification WebBrowserControl Sensors Silverlight Presentation and Media XNA Frameworks for GamesSilverlight Controls Drawing IsolatedStorage Drawing GamerServices Silverlight 4.0 Integration Shapes Markup Media Navigation Media Input Graphics Audio Content Application Object Common Base Class Library Runtime Resources Globalization Reflection Location Text IO Net Diagnostics Sockets Security Threading Collections ComponentModel Configuration ServiceModel Linq
  9. 9. AppModel
  10. 10. App Hosting and Runtime App Domain Silverlight Application XNA Game Object Object Frameworks AGENT Silverlight XNA HTML5/JavaScript CLR System provides host process for app code App Model Host App Model UI Model Cloud Integration Xbox LIVE App management Shell frame Bing Licensing Session manager Location Chamber isolation Direct3D Push notifications Software updates Compositor Windows Live ID Sandbox enforced for host process Kernel Security Networking A-GPS Accelerometer Gyro Compass Light Hardware BSP Proximity based on declared capabilities Storage Media Wi-Fi Radio Graphics Hardware FoundationEach app executes inside an isolated, least-privileged host processAll app code is transparent and CLS-verifiable, mitigating impact of common attacksFrameworks enable app code to interact with app model, UI model, phone functionality
  11. 11. UI1
  12. 12. 메트로(Metro)
  13. 13. Apps, Content and Isolation
  14. 14. Content Sharing for Apps
  15. 15. UI모델
  16. 16. Rethinking Multitasking Keep the UX great  Get more out  Don’t keep users waiting of the phone
  17. 17. UI and State Management: Concepts Potentially discarded while the session is paused Page UI Describes the visual appearance of a page Page and Application State Contains data thatdescribes an instance of a page and application Navigation stack and state is retained in shell frame to support resuming paused sessions
  18. 18. UI 구성1
  19. 19. Graphics Composition Shell frame composes all UI into a single screen Central page management enables cross app UI transitions and other effects System wide Z order enforcement emphasizes core phone functionality
  20. 20. Silverlight And XNA Integration Inside One Page
  21. 21. Cloud Integration Services
  22. 22. Services and Frameworks System.Device.Location Microsoft.Phone.Notification Microsoft.XNA.Framework.GamerServices Location client service Push client service Game foundation service Windows Phone Bing location services XBox Live services Notification services
  23. 23. WIN8 개발 전략2
  24. 24. WINDOWS PHONE 8
  25. 25. Q/A2
  26. 26. 윈8 앱과 윈폰8 앱과의 차이점에 대해 알고 싶습니다.Windows Phone 7.x 버전에서 개발된 어플을 Windows Phone 8로 컨버팅이 얼마나 가능한지?Window Phone에 대한 기술적인 장/단점을 알고 싶습니다.왜 win phone 7은 미완으로 끝나고 8로 가는지 궁금해요.Windows Phone 7 앱이 Windows Phone 8 위에서 돌아가려면 추가적인 준비를 해야 하는지 궁금합니다. 또, HTML5로의 WP8개발이 궁금하네요.window phone 개발시 UI부분의 특징을 알고싶습니다현실적으로 윈도우8 태블릿에서는 가능성이 있지만 스마트폰에서는 과연 가능성이 있을까.윈도우즈폰 7 과의 차이점이 궁금합니다.Windows8 앱 개발에 대한 준비와 전체적인 구성 흐름 그리고 디자인적인 부분에 대해서 자세하게 설명해주세요!Windows Phone 8을 공부하기 위한 레퍼런스를 구했으면 합니다. ^^윈도우폰7용 앱을 여러개 만들었는데 윈도우폰8에 어찌 대응해야 할지 궁굼하네요새로운 비동기 프로그래밍 패턴(TAP)의 동작 원리와 올바른 사용 방법에 대해 알려주셨으면 합니다.
  27. 27. 끝