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Postmortem CT (PMCT)


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Short discussion and illustration on postmortem CT findings (normal and traumatic pathologies), its usefulness as an adjunct to conventional autopsy.

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Postmortem CT (PMCT)

  1. 1. Postmortem CT in Trauma Rathachai Kaewlai, MD
  2. 2. BG Gil Brogdon, MD It is believed that forensic scientists in other disciplines would find radiologists in their area interested in cooperative efforts Sharing of interdisciplinary skills and knowledge would •  Improve the economy and effectiveness of investigative efforts •  Prevent some false starts and/or reinventions of well-worn wheels, and most important, •  Expand scientific horizons Gil Brogdon, MD Father of Forensic Radiology 1929-2014
  3. 3. Outline Postmortem imaging techniques Role of PMCT in trauma Normal PMCT findings Traumatic pathologies on PMCT Current status at Ramathibodi Q & A
  4. 4. Death Investigation Situation peaceful No injuries Medical history and ID cleared Liberation for funeral
  5. 5. Death Investigation Situation suspicious? Possible malpractice? Legal inspection for MOD,TOD and triage If cannot answer Autopsy (usually head, thorax, abdomen) Postmortem imaging Radiography CT CT angiography MRI MOD = mode of death,TOD = time of death
  6. 6. “Virtopsy” Virtual autopsy Began in Germany, now settled in Switzerland What it covers: PMCT, PMCTA, PMMR Biopsy Surface scanning Virtual reconstruction of trauma events
  7. 7. PM Imaging: Filling the Void of Traditional Autopsy Traditional autopsy = reference standard But Invasive Certain body parts difficult to dissect Require permission from relatives of trauma victims Religious issue
  8. 8. Focusing on Trauma and PMCT Very common Every 5s, a person in the world dies from trauma Major cause of death worldwide 2nd in Thailand 1st in age group of 1-45 years in developing countries Proven usefulness of PMCT New technology allows fast imaging in seconds 3D reconstruction for visualization
  9. 9. PMCT to Answer