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Kids Care Rehab Center (Therapy Center for Children) & Physio Care,Chennai,India


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We are committed to serve children and women and "Our mission is to bring hopes in life".
Kids Care Rehab Center & Women Physio Care is committed to serve children and women in efficient manner through their qualified and experienced therapists.
Kids Care Rehab Center & Women Physio Care is committed to serve children and women in efficient manner through their qualified and experienced therapists.
We specialize in Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Brain Fitness exercises, Brain Gym, Psychological Counseling, Parenting Training, Handwriting Therapy and Special Education for Children and Women Physio Care.
Children: Every child is special and unique to us. Our treatment is in line with the learning and Development of the child to enable him/her achieves his/her maximum potential to function independently with confidence.
Women: They are the pillars of a developing Society. We take utmost care in treating women, so that they are able to multitask without facing any difficulties. We, at Kids Care Rehab Center engage ourselves as a patient team, render individual care, provide hands on therapeutic treatment and ensure the child learns qualitatively and quantitatively.

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Kids Care Rehab Center (Therapy Center for Children) & Physio Care,Chennai,India

  2. 2. About Us • We, at Kids Care Rehab Center (KCRC), are committed to serve the children and women and our mission is to “bring hopes in life”. We started the Therapy center at March 2009. • We engage ourselves as a patient/Clients team, render individual care in the areas of:
  3. 3. CONDITIONSCONDITIONS Kids Care Rehab Center provides therapies include the rehabilitation diagnosis and treatment of: • Handwriting Difficulties • Dyslexia • Lazy Child • Stubborn Child • Sensitive Child • Autism • ADHD/ADD/Hyperactive • Specific Learning Difficulties • Global Developmental Delay • Pre-Term Baby • Speech Delay • Boost Memory/Concentration/Attention • Childhood Behaviour problems • Slow Learner
  4. 4. Services • Parenting Techniques for Childhood Behavior Problems, Stubborn, Sensitive ,Lazy Child, Bullying ,School refusal, Childhood Stress & Tension & Home Programs for ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities and other Neuro, Psycho and Ortho Conditions. • Brain Fitness Exercises ( Malaysian based Techniques) to improve Memory ,Concentration, Attention, Eye-Hand Coordination ,Handwriting and getting excellent grades in Exams, Exam Stress & Tension, Dyslexia, ADHD and many more • Handwriting Therapy for Complains of Pain in wriitng,improper Pencil Grip, less or more pressure in writing, Copying difficulties ,Lazy to write, good in Oral but week in write, Poor Visual Motor Coordination, Perceptual Motor Integration disorder, Improper Sitting while writing, Fine motor difficulties, Bilateral Integration and etc. • Comprehensive Child and Adolescents Screening is to assess the age appropriate Global development(Physical, Cognitive, Language & Speech, Social, Emotional & Moral) of Children and Adolescents
  5. 5. SERVICES • A team of Trained Physiotherapists & Sensory Integration Therapist for Children and Adults. • Experienced Speech Therapist on appointment basis. • Counseling for Children, Parents and Adults. Counseling session is very highly confidential. • Teaching ergonomics at the end of treatment plans to prevent reoccurrence of problem as ‘prevention is better than cure’. • Childhood Obesity Program & Children fitness Program
  6. 6. Activities • KCRC conducts and organizes medical camp and also of physiotherapy Camp. Physiotherapy Treatment and Assessment will be taken for both adults and kids. This physical assessment helps to rule out upcoming major physical issues like osteoarthritis, peri- arthritis shoulder, low back ache, Cervical Spondylosis etc. • KCRC is organizing preschool assessment to rule out hyperactive kids, behavioral issues, autism, and balance problem. This preschool assessment helps in detecting psychological issues, Speech Delay social problems and physical development problems too. It consists of gross motor skill, fine motor skill and self care skills of different age group kids. • Ergonomics is the applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. We conducts ergonomics workshop to create awareness about occupational related health problems and its remedies for well being of individual.
  7. 7. Facilities • Referrals may be made from any source including Physicians, Educators and Parents. • Complete assessment for pediatric groups such as primitive reflexes, motor assessment, and psychological assessment to measure prognosis before and after treatment. • Assessment also includes checklist of Cognitive, Emotional, Social, Motor, Psychosocial development of child, Gross motor examination, Fine motor examination and developmental assessment. • We provide Combination of Neuro Developmental Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Handwriting Therapy, Perceptual Motor Therapy, Cognitive Traning(Memory, Attention ,Coordination),Crawling Therapy, Social Skills Traning Vojta Therapy, Brain Fitness Training, Play Therapy and Counselling for Special Children.
  8. 8. Facilities
  9. 9. Facilities The Specialized Therapy treatment is given by using various equipments like,  Bolster  Therapy Ball & Sensory Ball  Wedges  Balance board  Woddler Board  Standing Frame  Walker  Ladder  Imported & Developmental Toys & Equipments – Eye Hand Coordination, Attention & Concentration  Special education Equipment  Electrotherapy Equipments
  10. 10. Facilities • KCRC facilities are well equipped and are an enabler in the learning Process for patients. • Therapy Session is One Therapist to One Child • The facility is well spaced and this ensures a peaceful atmosphere for both Children and Women as any Rehabilitation requires extreme care. • Centralized air conditioned center. • Separate waiting hall for Parents and Visitors. • Latest Electrotherapy Equipments for adults. – 1) IFT (interferential therapy) – 2) IPT(intermittent pelvic traction) – 3) ICT(intermittent cervical traction) – 4) SWD(short wave diathermy) – 5) US(ultrasound therapy) – 6) ES (electrical stimulation) – 7) Shoulder Pulley and Wheel – 8) Paraffin Wax – 9) Therabands – 10) Physioball – 11) Sensory balls – 12)Peanut Balls
  11. 11. Pediatric Conditions KCRC provide Therapy include the rehabilitation diagnosis and treatment of: • Cerebral palsy • Global Developmental Delay • Erb’s Palsy • Balance disorder • Scoliosis • Muscular Dystrophy • Down’s syndrome • Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Dysfunction • Orthopedic disorders like Club foot • Speech Delay • Learning difficulties
  12. 12. Services in Pediatric Physiotherapy • Developmental Skills Evaluation • Neuro developmental Therapy • Gait Training • Balance Training • Strengthening and Range of Motion Exercises • Evaluation for adaptive equipment and training • Sensory Integration Therapy • Gross Motor Development Therapy • Postural and Movement Control • Brain Gym for Dyslexia and ADHD • Counseling for Parents and Children
  13. 13. Pediatric Physiotherapy • Pediatric Physical Therapy focuses on helping children reach their maximum potential for functional independence through examination, evaluation and implementation of treatments using a wide variety of intervention and support. • The main goal is to enhance the child's developmental skills, processing and overall learning. • Physiotherapy is designed to promote strong gross motor and balance skills. • The stages include Crawling, Sitting, Standing, Walking, Jumping, Running etc during the growth phase. • Their main emphasis is on impairments of movement that leads to functional limitations • Therapists specialized in pediatric therapy work very closely with family members in assisting their children achieve the various stages of development. Physiotherapists provide evaluation, treatment and consultation in the following areas: • Gross motor development • Muscle tone and strength • Posture/postural control • Pre-gait and gait training • Neuromuscular function • Endurance • Body alignment • Environmental adaptations/seating and positioning • Wheelchair positioning and mobility • Splinting/bracing/orthotics
  14. 14. Neuro Developmental Therapy & Sensory Integration Therapy  NDT is a problem solving assessment and treatment approach for children with neurological impairments or a delay in their motor skills.  Low or high muscle tone, as well as poor strength may cause dysfunction in postural control and movement. This leads to limitations in function and/or delay in motor skills.  Physiotherapists are trained in NDT therapeutic handling, assessment, observation and movement analysis. With this information, a treatment program can be developed.  Children with cerebral palsy, brain injury or developmental delay may benefit from this form of treatment. • Sensory Integration Theory was formed by A. J. Ayers • Sensory Integration as the neurological process that organizes sensation from one's own body and from the environment and makes it possible to use the body effectively within the environment • The SI therapy is being done mainly in a special gym that includes equipment (swings, ladders, tunnels, therapy balls and many more). The equipment allows us to give a variety of stimulation to all the sensory systems.
  15. 15. Pediatric Occupational Therapy • Pediatric Occupational Therapists are concerned with analyzing your child’s ability to perform in everyday contexts. • Pediatric Occupational Therapists provide a skilled service that identifies, through evaluation, the key components that impact the child's abilities. • Fine Motor Skills: Skills related to the small muscles of the body, particularly those of the hands. • Oral Motor and Feeding Skills: These skills refer to a baby or child's ability to drink and/or eat appropriately according to their age (i.e. bottle-feeding, finger-feeding, utensil-use, progression to table foods, etc.). • Sensory Integration: The baby or child's ability to use all of the senses (vision, smell, taste, touch, movement, body position in space) to learn. • Cognition and Problem Solving: Cognitive ability is required to learn skills in all performance areas including, self-care, play and school. • Psychosocial Skills: These skills refer to the baby or child’s ability to interact with others, to cope with new or difficult situations and to manage his or her behaviors in socially appropriate ways. • Visual Perception: The process responsible for the reception and cognition of visual stimuli. • Visual Motor Skills: These skills are the integration of visual perception and fine/gross motor skill. • Self-Help Skills: These skills refer the child's ability to feed, dress, groom, and bathe him/herself. • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person's mind, mood, cognitive function or health
  16. 16. Brain Gym • Brain Gym is a series of simple and enjoyable movements that are used to enhance the whole- brain learning experience. • There are 26 Movement exercises to Reduce Hyperactive, focusing, Improve Concentration and attention, • Brain Gym is effective for Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia
  17. 17. Vojta Therapy & Play Therapy • Vojta (“voy-ta”) therapy is popular in Europe as a rehabilitation treatment to stimulate and rehabilitate the deep muscle systems of the spine and extremities. Play therapy proven evaluation tools and evidence-based treatment techniques, our physical therapists work with children of all ages to help them develop and improve both functional and qualitative motor skills.
  18. 18. Speech Therapy • Experienced Speech Therapist on Appointment Basis • Speech therapy given for children with the following disorder: • 1. Childhood communication disorder. 2. Autism spectrum disorder 3. Cerebral palsy 4. Learning disability 5. Articulation and phonological disorder 6. Attention deficit disorder (ADD) attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) 7. Stammering/ stuttering in children 8. Speech Delay 9. Global Developmental Delay. • Speech and language therapy for adults with the following disorder • 1. Aphasiaright hemisphere damage • 2. Dysarthria • 3. Fluency disorder (Stammering/ stuttering) • Voice disorder • Swallowing disorder dysphagia
  19. 19. Special Education Special Education Training for following Conditions: Autism ADHD Learning Difficulties Mental Retardation Developmental Disorders
  20. 20. Prenatal and postnatal exercises for pregnant women • Prenatal exercises consist of 3 sessions: • 1st session:Consists of physiological explanation of pregnancy, simple back exercises, kegel’s exercises, diaphragmatic breathing exercises and advice about back care and preventive exercises. • 2nd session: Consists of explanation about labor pain, different postures during labor pain. • 3rd session: Consists of post natal health explanation. Postnatal exercises consist of measuring parameters such as BMI, flexibility, postures of safe back for baby feeding, maternal health fitness.
  21. 21. Free Medical Camps As part of the services to the under privileged, KCRC & Women Physio Care has been conducting free medical camps periodically. The camp brings the experienced and veteran health professionals that includes: » Pediatrician » Orthopedic » Gynecologist » Physiotherapist » Speech Therapist » Occupational Therapists We have witnessed around 250 people in and around Royapettah, Chennai, are being benefited from every camps
  22. 22. Success Stories A few of the several success stories are highlighted here: • A 21 month old boy kid: Had left erb’s palsy which was treated surgically. Post surgery the position of his left upper limb was shoulder- abducted, elbow flexed, pronated forearm & extended wrist. Therapy in the last 18 months has made him acquire extension of elbow & partial supination with functional assisted wrist movements. Now we are concentrating on his shoulder movement & supination with the help of electrical stimulation, play therapy, active & passive stretches. • A 16 yr old girl: Had complaint of toe walking with balance and co- ordination problem with scissoring gait & sensory disruption. Post treatment she is performing all ADL activities without deformities and contractures. Still continues physiotherapy for further improvement • A Autistic Child: We trained him on sensory integration techniques, brain gym activities & other play way activities. This has helped him 1) increase concentration 2) Better hand eye coordination and this was found after a review of around 6months. Parents are finding it useful & are continuing to do the same.
  23. 23. Testimonials • Mrs. Shubashree G – My child who had an erb’s palsy underwent a surgery in March ‘09 & we have been visiting kids care since July 2009 for therapy post surgery. He has been undergoing electrical stimulation & physical activities since then. Both these have helped him increase his hand function .My experience here has been very valuable and the benefit till date has been appreciated by our surgeon also. • Mother of Aradhana Devi- My child has Erb’s Play. Initially our baby used to use her left hand more for almost all the activities. But after coming here, she tries to do all the activities with the right hand. • Mrs.Bavani - I am coming to kids care rehab center for my son to attend problem in his leg (taliped foot). He is getting physiotherapy from Mrs.Radha . My son is benefited and getting better because of personal care and attention. • Father of Chinmayee from Hyderabad - She underwent surgery for spina bifida. After surgery she had right lower limb weakness. We came one year back for physiotherapy exercises. From that time onwards we saw a lot of improvement
  24. 24. Testimonals
  25. 25. Testimonials • This is Shubashree G , mother of Prashanth G , affected with Erb’s Palsy. My son has been undergoing Electrical Stimulation and Physiotherapy under the guidance of Mrs.Radha for around 20 months now and we see a huge change in the child’s functional improvement. ““I as a mother believe in physiotherapy as it has developed a lot of self confidence in him and is giving him the power to be independent” …
  26. 26. About Director: Mrs. R. RADHA BALACHANDAR, M.P.T (PED),Mrs. R. RADHA BALACHANDAR, M.P.T (PED), PGDGC,M.Sc(PSYCHOLOGY), PGDP (Counseling Psychology) ,AcuPGDGC,M.Sc(PSYCHOLOGY), PGDP (Counseling Psychology) ,Acu • Director and Chief Physiotherapist of Kids Care Rehab Center since 2009 • Served as Pediatric Physiotherapist in Subang Jaya Medical Center in KL, Malaysia • She has also worked as brain gym trainer in a private educational therapy center in Kuala Lumpur • Education:  Graduated in 1999 at SRMC & RI with BPT, completed Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) in Pediatric Neurology at DR.M.G.R Medical University in 2002.  She has completed M.Sc (psychology) through Madras University.  She is currently pursing Ph.D in Learning Disabilities  She completed certificate course in Sensory Integration Therapy.  She did level one in Brain Gym Exercises in Kuala lumpur.  She has completed Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Care (PGDCA).  Holds a professional acupuncture course completion certificate.  She has Completed PGDP (Counseling Psychology). Professional Membership Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA), Malaysia Health Professional Council (HPC), UK Indian Physiotherapy Association, India ISCP, Ireland
  27. 27. Profile Continues …..  Mrs. Radha has extensive experience working in a variety of settings with children from birth through adolescence with a variety of childhood conditions including neurological impairments, development Delay, Cerebral Palsy, Scoliosis, Club Foot, Muscular Dystrophy, Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD and other pediatric Conditions.  She served as Pediatric Physiotherapist in well known hospital in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Brian Gym trainer for a private clinic in Malaysia.  She featured in live health program on SUN NEWS,KALAIGNAR TV,WIN TV, RAJ TV, RAJ NEWS and MAKKAL TV to create awareness about Physiotherapy and Early Intervention.  She presented paper on “Outlines of Pediatric Physiotherapy” at State level of physiotherapy Conference conducted by Active Physio Federation and Exnora India .  She addressed parents and teachers about preventive care at various schools in Chennai, India.
  28. 28. Her first venture was in 2009 when she started kid’s care rehab center in Royapettah, Chennai,India. She is associated with Active Physio Federation and actively participated in free scoliosis medical camp in schools to rule out scoliosis in school children. She addressed Ayurvedic Doctors and Ayurvedic Students at Sri jayendra Saraswathi Ayurveda College, Nazarathpet about “Latest Development in Child Physiotherapy”. She has been addressing parents and teachers about Early Intervention, Preventive care and parenting to Various Preschool and Schools. Free Scoliosis Screening in School: She is associated with Active Physio Federation and actively participated in free scoliosis medical camp in schools to rule out scoliosis in school children. Profile Continues…..
  29. 29. Thank You …… Visit us