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11 things about Mr Punch you may not know


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Puppet Mr Punch gets profiled.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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11 things about Mr Punch you may not know

  1. 1. 11 Things about Mr Punch you may not know 1 He has legs (so he can sit on the side of the stage and talk to the audience) 3 He is at least 350 years old (in English) Mr Punch derives from the masked stocK chAracter of punchinello in ItaLIAN COMMEDIA DELL' ARTE 2 and a hunchback (because the hump of a hunchback is filled with luck) Samuel Pepys Diary , May 9th 1662, "an Italian puppet play that is within the rayles there, which is very pretty, the best that ever I saw..." 5 9 4 6 Punch puppet characters are called Kasperle in Germany, Guignol in France, Jan Klaassen in the Netherlands, Karagoz in turkey and Karaghiozis in Greece. Punch is operated with the Right hand and other puppets in the show with the left. (Because Mr Punch is on stage most of the time and other characters come on, get slapsticked and go) But his character traits go back to ancient Trickster deities "Punch Line" is a term that comes from Mr Punch 7 Mr Punch carries a "Slapstick" ...a noisy stick he hits other puppets with. Punchinello carries one in Commedia dell arte. (Thus 'Slapstick 'Comedy...) 11 Traditionally, Punch's rasping voice is created with a Swazzle. 8 A joke was often called a "bite" or a "hit", In Italian it is still called a "battuta" (a "beating") 10 Punch puppeteers are called Professors (Because fancy titles impress people if you want their money ) Swazzle: small metal instrument with vibrating reeds kept in the mouth . Easily swallowed.