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The New Tech Stack for Device Data


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An introduction into big data technologies and why they are useful

Published in: Technology
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The New Tech Stack for Device Data

  1. 1. Ryan Tabora Senior Data Engineer February 2014 The New Tech Stack for Devices and Their Apps
  2. 2. What is Device Data? Customers Home Base ETL System of Record Data Access Parser Parser Parser CONFIDENTIAL | !2
  3. 3. Reference Architecture CONFIDENTIAL | !3
  4. 4. Ingestion Technologies Log Aggregation Streaming Bulk Import/ETL Storm kinesis CONFIDENTIAL | !4
  5. 5. Data Stores Core Storage Classic NoSQL Search Oriented MPPs redshift dynamodb CONFIDENTIAL | !5
  6. 6. Data Transformation Technologies Batch Faster-than-batch Pig CONFIDENTIAL | !6
  7. 7. Come Say Hi!!! ! ! ! @ryantabora CONFIDENTIAL | !7