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The Story of Happy Brussels


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By 2050 the world’s urban population is expected to grow by 72%. This steep growth creates an unprecedented urge for understanding cities to enable planning for the future societal, economical and environmental well being of their citizens. The increasing deployments of Internet of Thing (IoT) technologies and the rise of so-called “Sensored Cities” are opening up new opportunities towards forming a profound understanding of the relationship of the citizens with their cities. Dr. Fahim Kawsar, the Director of the Internet of Things research at Bell Labs thinks that while silicon sensing helps us to know our cities quantitatively, it is also important to understand the city qualitatively by capturing the subjective metrics such as citizen well being, perception of safety, trust, cleanliness, friendliness, happiness, etc. In his talk he will explain how Bell labs’ research is addressing this aspect of urban landscape.

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The Story of Happy Brussels

  1. 1. Fahim Kawsar Bell Labs @raswak The Story of Happy Brussels
  2. 2. 72% The expected growth of World’s Urban Population by 2050 Source : UN Department of Economics and Social Fare
  3. 3. The Era of Quantified City
  4. 4. But I am just another citizen!
  5. 5. Air Quality Noise 9 G - Few citizens actually care - Limited spatio-temporal coverage - Limited awareness
 Existing Services have limited appeal to Ordinary Citizens
  6. 6. Can we measure the happiness of Brussels ?
  7. 7. Friendliness Maps Friendliness Maps Safety and Trust Maps Happy and Smelly Maps See Quercia’s Work
  8. 8. 2Propositions
  9. 9. 1Proposition
  10. 10. What if Mobile Workforce can be used as Human Sensors to gather subjective Quality of Experience of Citizens using Human Perception, Intuition and Experience
  11. 11. 15,000 Bpost workers travel over 700,000 KM across Belgium on a daily basis Leverage mobile work forces as Human Sensors to gather subjective data
  12. 12. Leverage Mobile Work Forces as Human Sensors for Gathering Cleanliness of the City 15,000 Bpost workers travel over 700,000 KM across Belgium on a daily basis Entrance to New Market 10M Market
  13. 13. 2Proposition
  14. 14. Leverage Public Infrastructure as City Displays for Awareness Feedback
  15. 15. Thank You Fahim Kawsar @raswak eMail: