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IoT 2010 Talk on System Infrastructure for the Internet of Things.


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Supporting Article:
Fahim Kawsar, Gerd Kortuem and Bashar Altakrouri "Supporting Interaction with the Internet of Things across Objects, Time and Space "; Internet of Things 2010 Conference (IoT-2010), Nov 29 - Dec 1, Tokyo, Japan.

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IoT 2010 Talk on System Infrastructure for the Internet of Things.

  1. 1. Supporting Interaction with the Internet of Things across Objects, Time and Space Fahim Kawsar Gerd Kortuem and Bashar AltakrouriBell Labs and Lancaster University Lancaster University
  2. 2. “A   computa.onally   instrumented   tangible   object   with   an   established   purpose   that   augments   human   percep.on   and   is     aware   of   its   opera.onal   situa.ons   and   capable   of   providing   supplementary  services   without   compromising   its   original  appearance   and   interac.on  metaphor   significantly.”  -­‐  (Kawsar,  2007) Supplementary  Services Smart Device  Centric   Objects Situa.onal  Awareness[Beigl 2001] [Ishii, 1997] [Ambient Device] Connec.vity Perceptual  Augmenta.on[Kawsar, 2005] [Tokuda, 2004] [Intelligent Spoon, MIT] Smart Objects
  3. 3. Implications
  4. 4. Internet of Things
  5. 5. Things + Web Internet of Things
  6. 6. Things + Web + People Internet of Things
  7. 7. Interactions
  8. 8. Object CentricSpatially FixedTemporally Constrained Current IoT Interactions
  9. 9. Activity CentricSpatially DistributedTemporally Dispersed People’s Interactions
  10. 10. Supporting Activity Driven IoT Interactions distributedacross Objects, Time and Space. Research Goal
  11. 11. - Supporting Spatially Distributed Tasks - Supporting Dynamic Work Environment - Interface Consistency - Situated Task Guidance - State Persistency - Better Support for Exception Management - Seamless Interaction - Seamless Interaction - Better User Experience - Better User Experience Implications
  12. 12. - Declarative Modelling Technique to model Activity.- Software Infrastructure to Support Task Distribution and Intra- Object Communication.- User Interface to enable Seamless Interaction.Requirements
  13. 13. Situated Flow“A situated flow is a sequential model that consists of a set of actions, stitchedtogether by a plan that specifies how the actions should be performed to achievea goal under certain constrains. In other words, a flow formalizes and maps ouractivities to certain tasks to achieve a goal. It is situated and context-aware.”Activity Model
  14. 14. o Micro Activity: This type of activity is not decomposable, so a flow cannot be refined on this activity. o Macro Activity: This type of activity is decomposable and contains a link to another flow. During flow association (static refinement) or execution (dynamic refinement), this activity is replaced with the linked flow’s activity or sequence of activitiesFlow Representation and Distribution
  15. 15. Blood  Pressure  Monitor  Flow Glucose  Meter  Flow (  Procedures) (  Procedures) Situated  DiscoveryStep  1 Flow  Discovery Flow  Associa.on Situated    Adapta.on Step  2 Step  3 Flow  Refinement Step  4 Flow  Execu.on Situated  Interac.on Flow Driven Interaction
  16. 16. Pro]oy:  Kawsar  et  al.,  Mobiquitous  ’05,  EUC  ’05 Persona:  Kawsar  et  al.,  MUM  ’07,    ACM  MM  ’09 Requirement Specific, Simple and Robust to address a single objective. FedNet:  Kawsar  et  al.,  Mobiquitous  ’08,    UbiComp  ’08 Why Another Architecture
  17. 17. RESTful Software Architecture
  18. 18. Flow Adaptation
  19. 19. Flow Adaptation
  20. 20. Bob Bob Record   Record   Result ResultAlice Alice Check   Move  to  next  ac.vity Check   Blood   Blood   Pressure Receive  New  UI Sugar Intra-Object Communication
  21. 21. User Interface
  22. 22. Mobile Graphical UI
  23. 23. Mobile Augmented Reality UI
  24. 24. 90Spatial UI with Mobile Projector
  25. 25. 90Spatial UI with Wearable Projector
  26. 26. ➡  Interac.on  Framework  for  IoT ➡  Situated  Flow  for  Dynamic  Ac.vity  Modelling.   ➡  Flow  Driven  RESTful  Architecture.Situated   Flow   for   Ac.vity   Modelling   and   a   corresponding   RESTful   Soaware   Architecture  enabling   Dynamic   Discovery,   Adapta.on   and   Push   Interface   can   support   Distributed  Interac.ons  with  physical  objects  dispersed  across  Time  and  Space. Summary
  27. 27. Fahim  Kawsar eMail:        web:  h]p://www.fahim-­‐ Gerd  Kortuem eMail:        web:  h]p://www.kortuem.comThank  You