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Making Without A Choice (Ignite Madison)


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These are the slides from my Ignite Madison talk titled "Making Without A Choice".

You can see a video of the talk here:

Published in: Self Improvement
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Making Without A Choice (Ignite Madison)

  1. 1. Pete Prodoehl Making Without A Choice
  2. 2. What do I make?
  3. 3. I was a kid, and I made things
  4. 4. I went to college, and I made things there
  5. 5. I got a job and I made things there
  6. 6. Some things are not “real”
  7. 7. I needed something more
  8. 8. Making makes me happy
  9. 9. Sometimes you make a #FAIL
  10. 10. Failure is totally an option! (I recommend it)
  11. 11. Creativity is a blessing…
  12. 12. Creativity is a curse…
  13. 13. This is all a huge problem!
  14. 14. You can’t ignore your problem
  15. 15. Seek out professional help
  16. 16. Learn Share Inspire
  17. 17. Learn Share Inspire
  18. 18. This is not the end…
  19. 19. And that’s why I make… (I have no choice.)
  20. 20. Pete Prodoehl