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The Heartbeat of TYPO3


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For some time it's been clear that TYPO3 is a difficult thing to communicate about.

Community strength, outbound marketing, developer motivation and internal communication all need to be bound together.

The brand book project aims to produce a briefing document for everyone communicating about TYPO3 - to describe how we'd like to look and think - and how it should be felt like to interact with TYPO3 on any level.

In essense the brand book is about talking with one voice - and hopefully also making it a lot easier to write texts, choose images and explain what we're all about.

The presentation will present the process of making the Brand book and look into the results.

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The Heartbeat of TYPO3

  1. 1. The heartbeat of
  2. 2. about our brand...
  3. 3. 2005
  4. 4. yawn...
  5. 5. One year later and beyond. The mark we connect with.
  6. 6. Now, things will change ...a bit
  7. 7. But first, let’s step even further back
  8. 8. visionInspiring people to sharemissionto jointly innovate excellent freesoftware enabling people tocommunicate
  9. 9. themissingpiece
  10. 10. applicationsvisual identity strategyvision & mission product
  11. 11. applica tionsvisual identity strategyvision & mission product
  12. 12. applications visual identityThe missing piece strategyvision & mission product
  13. 13. applicationsvisual identity brand book strategyvision & mission product
  14. 14. Where wasmy frigginbrandsword?
  15. 15. TheOracle
  16. 16. Archetypalbranding
  17. 17. Creator Caregiver Ruler Jester Regular guy Lover Hero Outlaw Magician Innocent Explorer Sage
  18. 18. Somethingis missing
  19. 19. Becomingstable
  20. 20. Recognising archetypes
  21. 21. Recognising archetypes
  22. 22. Creator Swatch Craft something new Caregiver Amnesty Care for others Ruler Microsoft Exert control Jester Fanta Have a good timeRegular guy IKEA Be OK as you are Lover Häägen-Dazs Find and give love Hero Nike Act courageously Outlaw Harley-Davidson Break the rules Magician Smirnoff Affect transformation Innocent Ivory Retain or renew faith Explorer Bounty Maintain independence Sage CNN Understand their world
  23. 23. Findingourtype
  24. 24. Brand soulSurvey resultsBrand substanceThe physical contemporary truth of the brandCompetitive leverageAnalysis of archetypal activities within competitionKnowing our customersDiscovering the yearnings of our customers
  25. 25. BePr in Co Fle mm xib ou g un ilit ity y d
  26. 26. Functional or value-expressive?Clearly functionalHigh-involvement or low?High for decisionmakers, low for end usersEpisodic or routine?BothExclusively, dominant or portfolio?As dominant brandLevel of attachment?High for decision-makers, low for end usersTrying to hold on - attract users - or expand users overall?Attract users who favour other brands
  27. 27. Building a CMS is about givingothers the power to thrive.
  28. 28. Think about this for2 seconds more...
  29. 29. Building a CMS is about givingothers the power to thrive.
  30. 30. The caregiver archetypeDesire Protect people from harmGoal To help othersFear Selfishness, ingratitudeStrategy Do things for othersTrap Martyrdom of self, entrapment of othersGift Compassion, generousity
  31. 31. Facetsof thecaregiver
  32. 32. Mind SoulBody
  33. 33. BePr in Co Fle mm xib ou g un ilit ity y d
  34. 34. Flexibility › Structure Community › SharingBeing Proud › Excellence
  35. 35. TYPO3 CAREGIVERMind StructureSoul SharingBody Excellence
  36. 36. Mind: Bring structure to the worldThe intellectual reason for the brand to exist. How we differentiate the brand in themind of the person experiencing TYPO3. Providing structure to the world, making toolsfor communicating, building blocks for creating something powerful.Soul: Sharing & caringThe emotions we put into our products and the emotions we like to evoke within thepeople experiencing TYPO3. Long-standing values embedded into the organization,sharing, caring, generousity, empathy, kindness. We are not kings that instill comfortthrough control or jesters looking to evoke fun, yet a caregiver with idealistic hopesand lots of ambition on behalf of everyone we interact with.Body: Pursuit of excellenceHow we materialize our thinking. Our products and the experiences people have withthem. Connects with our mission statement, to jointly innovate excellent free softwareenabling people to communicate. It is our constant strive for our excellence,the ambition of the caregiver, nurturing excellent performance.
  37. 37. Structured Mind“I can build something powerfulwith these bricks”
  38. 38. Sharing Soul“I’m smiling whenthey are thriving”
  39. 39. Excellent Body“I can see that this outperforms myother choices - it’s excellent!”
  40. 40. Thescript
  41. 41. Rational Need Experiencereason? inspiration? excellence?
  42. 42. Okay,but...
  43. 43. Archetype: CaregiverStructured Mind, Sharing Soul, Excellent Body+Storyline forthe caregiver to play around
  44. 44. Tellingthestory
  45. 45. Enter...
  46. 46. The Story of Obi-Wan KenobiWe know there is evilWe look for the chosen oneThey find us / we find themWe advise to take on the call of fighting evilThey seize the sword (that we made!)We help them battle evilWe smile when they receive the medal
  47. 47. Storybook ofthe year
  48. 48. What
  49. 49. 1. Let’s discuss!2. Brand book pages on typo3.org3. Work on the TYPO3 Story Book of the Year 2012
  50. 50. Thank you