World Class Service: Creating a Positive Customer Experience


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Customer service is at the core of success or failure of many brands. No business can stay afloat without customers. How you treat—or mistreat—customers can determine how long your doors stay open. Our Rasmussen College subject matter expert, Patty Sagert, shows you how to create a positive customer service culture.

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World Class Service: Creating a Positive Customer Experience

  1. 1. World Class Customer Service What’s Your Company’s Service DNA?
  2. 2. Small Group Activity What are the barriers to delivering world class customer service? CUSTOMER SERVICE BARRIERS
  3. 3. • Lack of consistency • Not a priority • No accountability in job description • Not enough training • Time • Technology challenges • Wrong people in customer service jobs • Money CUSTOMER SERVICE BARRIERS
  5. 5. In order for your company to deliver exceptional service experiences, excellence must be normalized. Excellent customer service must become your rule not your exception. It needs to be part of your company’s DNA. If you don’t take care of your customers, your competitors will. WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE
  6. 6. Share one example of a company that is known and respected for their world class customer service. WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE CULTURES
  7. 7. What customers expect How you WOW your customers C Corporate speak Concierge service U Unresponsive service Unique experiences L Like it or leave it Living up to your promises T Torture Transparency “walk the walk” U Unreliable help Unified Everyone is on the same page R Red tape–refer to supervisor Relationships E Emotional distress Empowered employees WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE CULTURES
  8. 8. Pick your drill: 1. Debbie Downer 2. Discount Delores 3. Fireman Freddy 4. Patty Pushover 5. Teflon Tom DRILL FOR SKILLS
  9. 9. • Debbie has worked for your company for 11 years as a receptionist. She is perfectly happy in this role as she has never wanted a job with more responsibility. Over the past few years, your business has had to make some difficult decisions and changes to workflow and processes that Debbie has never fully embraced. Recently you have seen her complain under her breath and sigh loudly in front of customers. Debbie doesn’t report directly to you. • What do you recommend? DEBBIE DOWNER
  10. 10. • Delores is your retail sales associate in one of your high-end men’s departments. Invariably, every month she has over $1,500 more in customer discounts than any other sales associate on your team. As you probe and investigate you become aware that she is overriding discounts to bring the cost down to the customer. Customers appreciate the savings and always give positive feedback when they complete service surveys. • What do you recommend? DISCOUNT DELORES
  11. 11. • Fireman Freddy has worked on your customer service team for the last nine months. It has taken him longer to learn his role and responsibilities. The training team has frustration over his willingness to taking coaching and constructive criticism. Within the last four weeks he as been taking calls on his own. As you listen to calls it becomes apparent that he overreacts when working with customers. Instead of calming them down, he aggravates them to the point of needing a fire hose to calm them down. • What do you recommend? FIREMAN FREDDY
  12. 12. • Patty works for a large manufacturer. She receives a call from an irate customer that has placed a $1,500 customized order for a conference. The items were not the right color that was ordered. She assures the customer that she will have the replacement to her within three days. Your production crew is working on one of your largest orders of the year for a loyal customer. The order is consuming every machine and staff member’s time to ensure it is delivered on time. Both jobs will not be completed on time. • What do you recommend? PATTY PUSHOVER
  13. 13. • Tom is a very charismatic and popular sales leader. His customers love him, his team loves him, and upper leadership loves him. Tom is known for placing blame for issues and problems on other departments. He goes as far as throwing other departments under the bus with customers. Tom is a great salesman, but struggles with personal organization which causes many of these problems. Other departments are becoming more upset with Tom. • What do you recommend? TEFLON TOM
  14. 14. • Golden Rule—Treat customers the way you would like to be treated. • Platinum Rule—Treat customers the way they would like to be treated. • Titanium Rule—Treat your employees the way you would like them to treat your customers. THE “METAL” RULES FOR DELIVERING WORLD CLASS SERVICE
  15. 15. • Golden Rule = Treat customers they way you would like to be treated. • Platinum Rule = Treat customers the way they would like to be treated. • Titanium Rule = Treat your employees the way that you would like them to treat your customers. THE RULES FOR DELIVERING WORLD CLASS SERVICE
  16. 16. • What tools are you using to get customer feedback? • Do you track your company’s presence on social media sites? DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS?
  17. 17. • Customer Service Scorecard • Audit your service monthly • Listen to your customers—where there is smoke, there is fire • Review customer feedback/surveys religiously • Call your customers to get feedback TOOLS FOR
  18. 18. To drive long-term customer satisfaction, your company must have a culture and DNA of customer service. CONCLUSION
  19. 19. QUESTIONS?