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Pacific County Rural Health Project, University of WA Coursework, Summer 2010

  1. To understand key, high - level county background information  To identify and prioritize county health issues  To identify additional questions for community leaders and stakeholder  To explore strategies for one ( key county health improvement issue
  2. Located in SE portion of Washington State, population 20,900 (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2010)  Four incorporated cities › Raymond, South Bend, Long Beach, Ilwaco › Populations from 945 to 2,985 (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2010)  One primary route of three connecting highways › Rural winding roads, majority of county remote to healthcare access
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  4. Economic Indicator Pacific WA State County 2009 unemployment rates 10.2 – 14.3% 8.9% (U.S. Department of Labor, 2010) Children living in poverty 23% 15% (County Health Rankings, 2010) Families living below the poverty level 9% 7% (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2000) Median household income $31,209 $45,776 (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2000) Population with Medicaid coverage 22.9% 33.1% (WA State Department of Social & Health Services, 2010)
  5. Classifications: › RUCA code: Small Town and Isolated Rural (Department of Health, 2001) › Medically Underserved Area (U.S. Department of Human and Health Services, 2010) › Health Professional Shortage Area  Primary Care  Mental Health (U.S. Department of Human and Health Services, 2010)
  6. Willapa Harbor Hospital, South Bend › Level 5 Trauma Designation › Critical Access  Ocean Beach Hospital, Ilwaco › No trauma designation › Critical Access  Neither hospital offer obstetric service, closest obstetric services in adjacent Lewis and Aberdeen counties  50% of county more than 30 minutes from acute care facility
  7. (WA State Dept. of Health, 2006)
  8. Community Health Clinics (Community Health Service, 2010) › Cowlitz Family Health Center, Ocean Park (Medical/Dental) › Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe, Tokeland (Medical/Dental)  Rural Health Clinics (WA State Dept of Health, 2009) › Ocean Beach Medical Center, Ilwaco › Naselle Clinic, Naselle › Riverview Health Center, Raymond › Pacific Family Health Center, South Bend
  9. Shoalwater Bay Riverview Indian Health Center Tribe,(Medical/De (Medical) ntal) Pacific Family Health Center (Medical) Cowlitz Family Health Center (Medical/Dental) Naselle Clinic (Medical) Ocean Beach Medical Center (Medical)
  10. Willapa Behavioral Health (WA State Department of Social and Health Services, 2010)  Two locations: › North county: Raymond › South County: Long Beach
  11. University of Washington Telehealth Services: › Ocean Beach Hospital, Ilwaco › Willapa Harbor Hospital, South Bend, › Shoalwater Bay Tribe, Tokeland  Rural telehealth services included: › Surgical telementoring › Medicine and cardiology grand rounds and nursing video teleconferences (University of Washington, 2005)
  12. Health Indicator Pacific County WA State Reported Chlamydia infectionsᵃ 1385/100,000 2277/100,000 Adult binge drinkingᵃ 15% 16% Violent crime rateͨ 179/100,000 342/100,000 Access to healthy foodsͨ 50% 47% Food service safetyᵃ 100% 93% Reported child immunizationsᵃ 47% 42% Children with health insuranceᵃ 96% 95% Note: ᵃ Washington State Department of Health (2009) ᵃ Washington State Department of Health (2006) ͨCounty Health Rankings (2010) ᵃU.S. Department of Health & Human Services (2009) * Peer County Range
  13. Health Indicator Pacific County WA State Adult physical activityᵃ 27% 51% Teen physical activityᵃ 42% 42% Adult overweight/obeseᵃ 63% 61% Teen overweightᵃ 33% 25% Obesityᵃ 37.8% 24.2% Adult cigarette smokingᵃ 27% 16% Teen cigarette smokingᵃ 21% 15% Teen alcohol useᵃ 40% 33% Adult poor mental healthᵃ 16% 10% Suicideᵃ 34.3 13.9-34.5*
  14. Health Indicator Pacific County WA State Motor vehicle crash death rateͨ 27/100,000 12/100,000 Child unintentional injury hospitalizationsᵃ 326/100,000 205/100,000 Mortality from unintentional injuryᵃ 54.1 30.2-58.1* Influenza Vaccination (65 yrs or older)ᵃ 71% 72% Infant mortalityᵃ 6.5% 3.3-9.5* Post-neonatal infant mortalityᵃ 3.0% 0.0-5.0%* Adults with unmet medical needᵃ 16% 14% Adults with personal healthcare providerᵃ 76% 79% Adult dental careᵃ 63% 74% Adult with health insuranceᵃ 72% 84%
  15. Adult and teen obesity Adult and teen physical activity Adult access to dental care
  16. Obesity/Physical Activities › What types of outdoor activities are available? › What programs exist to encourage physical activity? › What healthy food education or programs are available or of interest to the community? › What types of resources are desired by the community to promote physical activity and health foods? › What existing resources can be strengthened or advanced? › What resources are need to build on existing strengths, address barriers, or develop new programs?
  17. Adult Dental Access › What are the local resources for adult dental care? › What are your non-dental and emergency care providers observing in adult dental issues? › What are the known barriers to adult dental care access? › What resources are needed to increase adult dental care access? › If additional dental providers were available, how could services be offered to increase access?
  18. “Fit and Fun” model (Rural Healthy People 2010 Project, Southwest Rural Health Research Center, 2010)  School and community-based fitness and nutrition strategy  Initially implemented in Gowanda, New York in 1999  Community collaboration with state rural health network organization and five community partners.
  19. Program Components › Healthy Snack Taste Testing › Healthy Choices Sticker Program › Fitness Bucks › Fit & Fun Relay Night › Family Fit & Fun Night  Recommended staffing: › Part-time paid program coordinator, public relations coordinator, finance staff person and clerical support (part-time). › Volunteer program support
  20. Funding required › Initial five-year foundation or other grant funding recommended  Program effectiveness › Student selection of new foods, amount and frequency of student daily physical activity, and number of students and adults receiving information/education and participating in activities.
  21. Work with community to identify additional environmental infrastructure to support and encourage physical activity such as: › Walking paths, bicycling paths, beach routes  Identify and obtain foundation/grant funding for completion of paved trails in north and south county regions (Pacific County Economic Development Council, 2009)
  22.  Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health (PACE-EH)  Four major components with 13 subtasks › Assess the community › Define the Problem › Take action › Evaluation (National Association of County and City Health Officials)
  23.  Pacific County is a rural county with majority of health indicators performing worse than WA State comparison  Selected Priority health issue: Adult and teen obesity  Recommended intervention: “Fit and Fun” model (Southwest Rural Health Research Center)
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