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Homwework5 6

  1. 1. HOMEWORK # 5-6Watch the video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZbD4-usGm0) and complete the charts Occupations chart Jobs and places Job/occupations What do they do? Where Who Police Officer They fight crime Hospital A doctor works here Teacher They teach students Postal Office A postal worker works there. Chef Cooks ina restaurant Police Station A police officer works Student They study at school here Truck Driver Drive trucks School A teacher works there. Dentist They take care of teeth Restaurant A chef works here Waiter Serve food in the restaurant Postal worker They bring letters What is your occupation? Firefighter Fight fires I am a teacher. Doctor They treat patients Nurse Looks after patients What do you do? Singer They sing songs I teach estudents Where do you work? I work at a school
  2. 2. Match the pictures with their names1. A 6. Underwear 11. a long sleeved 1. A pair of red 6. a small green scarf 11. a white pairyellow cap jacket shoes of gloves2. A tie 7. A red 12. Grey pants 2. a dotted bikini 7. a blue dress 12. a blue polyester bra shortpants3.A 8. A grey 13. a flowered 3. A pink long 8. a pair of gray 13.two colorfulleather dress swimsuit sleeved jacket underwear socksbelt4.Blue 9. A wool 14. A ablue shirt 4. a pair of brown 9. a yellow t-shirt 14. A pair ofpants green hat and a yellow tie shoes boots5.A cotton 10. A pair of 15. a short 5. A grey smoking 10. a solid red pair of 15. a tight vestscarf shoes sleeved shirt knickers with buttons
  3. 3. Try to find as many words as you can. 1c a s h 2g 3 r i m Down1. “Plastic money”. (credit 4s t o r e f card) The act of giving. AAcross n 5d i s c o u n t present. (gift)3. Circulating Any circulatingmoney in bills and e i medium ofcoins. (cash) exchange. (money) 4. A place y t 6l 6. Where you read info on where the product. merchandise is sold. (store) c a (label) 5. A 8. The reduction of a a b value or cost of price. (discount) a product. 7. A text 7r e c e i 8p t (price) proof of the sale. (receipt) d l r 9. The act of selling. (sale) i c s a l e
  4. 4. Read and complete the reading. Answer the questions too. Online Shopping (A) If you want to buy stuff on the internet there are a number of things you have to consider. If you need cheap products you have to explore many webpages. You can save time because there is no need for cashiers, carts, bills, coins or change at all. On the other hand, there are too many offers on the internet for a single product which can be confusing and it takes time to decide the best option judging only by onscreen images or videos. If you are a careful buyer you check the site reputation, make many questions before you pay, especially on the product’s features, terms of delivery and type of warranty. Words: warranty, save, delivery, buy, change, pay, check, features, time, need. Which of the ten words are nouns and which ones are verbs? Verbs: buy, need, save, check, pay, delivery. Nouns: Change, time, features, warranty. Do you like online shopping or do you prefer regular shopping? (why?) I prefer regular shopping because I like to look and compare the products in real time. What do you prefer to buy for a gift: food, clothes, tech gadgets, appliances… or something else? (why?) It depends on the specific celebration and the person who ill receive the gift.
  6. 6. Use this information and make sentences with the products or “commodities” and theplaces you can buy it. Commodities to buy Places to buy it Mineral A box of Dog food Office shop Pet shop Butcher’s water clips shop A shirt A steak A magazine Bakery Electronics Book store store A loaf of A pair of An iPod Drugstore Grocery Shoe store bread sandals store Potatoes A hammer Toothpaste Cafe Hardware Clothing store store You can buy mineral water at a café. You can buy a box of clips at book store. You can buy dog food at pet shop. You can buy a shirt at a clothing store. You can buy a steak at the butchers shop. You can buy a magazine at the book store. You can buy a leaf of bread at the bakery. You can buy a pair of sandals at the shoe store. You can buy an ipod at electronics store. You can eat potatoes at the grocery store. You can buy a hammer at the hardware store. You can buy toothpaste at the drugstore.
  7. 7. Match the images with the vocabulary below.1. Corn 2. 3. Candy 4. Bread 5. Egg 1. kiwi 2. banana 3. 4. milk 5. Strawberry hamburger popcorn6. 7. Fish 8. Water 9. Tomato 10. Coke 6. sandwich 7. 8. pizza 9. 10. pearMushroom pineapple watermelon11. Chicken 12. 13. Juice 14. 15. Potato 11. hot dog wine pumpkin pie chocolate Icecream Croissant
  8. 8. Tell us which of these food items you need to eat more and which you need to eat less, as well as which food items you like and which you don’t. Don’t forget to tell if its grain, vegetable, fruit, dairy, sweet or meat and fill the chart. Foods, likes and needs I like… I don’t like… I need to eat I need to eat more… less… Corn is a grain Milk is a drink I I need to drink food I like. don’t like. more water. candies Fish is meat I don’t I need to drink less Kiwi is a like. I need to coke. fruit I don’t drink more like. milk Tomato is a I need to eat more vegetable I like. chicken wine I need to eat fewer Chicken is I need to eggs. a meat I eat more like Candy is a sweet I I need to eat more like pear. Pear is a I need to fruit I like eat less bread.
  9. 9. Complete the sentences below. Use different kinds of pronouns. From ten to fifteencomplete the sentences. 1. This is the girl’s hairbrush. This is her hairbrush. 2. These are mine. These are my eyeglasses. 3. These are Sophie’s earrings. These are her earrings. 4. These are ours. These are our lipsticks. 5. This perfume is John’s. This is his perfume. 6. These are the team’s hangers. These are their hangers. 7. This handbag is yours. This is your handbag. 8. These sunglasses are mine. This are my sunglasses 9. This is the ceremony’s ring. This ring is yours. 10. This umbrella is yours. This is your umbrella. 11. This analogue watchis Julians. This is his analogue watch. 12. This purse is Jesicas. This is her purse 13. This mascara is yours. This is your mascara. 14. These are the dance team sandals.These are their sandals 15. This digital watch mine. This is my digital watch.
  10. 10. Write a tale using the information about the unit. Visit the following website in order to write a comic strip using favorite food, clothes, places, entertainment and activities.
  11. 11. You are going to open a new small restaurant and you have to make its menuaccording to your favorite food. You have to name the restaurant according to thekind of food you serve: traditional, junk, healthy, regular or sweets. You can onlyoffer two options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Choose: 2 dishes for breakfast, 2 forlunch and 2 for dinner and 3 drinks for your restaurant. Breakfast Lunch Dinner Baked potato and porkScrambled eggs and Sandwich or chop or smashedsausages or cereal. Hamburger with fries potatoes wit fried chicken Drinks Sodas, coffee and natural juices
  12. 12. Based on the menu, make a list of food supplies you need for your restaurant from this image: I need: Pork, chicken, eggs, oil, salt, pepper, cobagge, potatoes, onion, fruits, sugar, bread, coffee.