The strangers film poster


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The strangers film poster

  1. 1. When Researching for „The strangers‟ Film poster I found this two poster promoting the film to the audience.
  2. 2. Poster Trailer The poster of „The strangers‟ has synergy with the trailer, such as they have used the scene from trailer and applied it to the poster. However the poster has been adjusted, in terms of the colours and the positions of the characters. In addition the poster has included the Dialogue from the trailer “Because you were home” The colours that have been used in the poster are very dark, this suggest to the audience a sense of danger and fear. The use of dark colours are a key convention in horror genre as it conveys the genre to the audience. There is a juxtaposition between the house and the text. For instance, the house looks warm and welcoming but the text connotes danger. This creates a sinister feeling towards the audience. The Antagonists are looking down towards the protagonist. This shows that the protagonist are vulnerable and have no authority. This is a binary opposition such as Good vs. Bad. This will make the audience go and watch the film to see who wins. Furthermore, the antagonist are wearing mask and the protagonist are shown from their behind. This creates enigma codes as the audience wants to know who the characters are and what they look like, this constructs mystery towards the audience.
  3. 3. This is the second poster of „The strangers‟ This poster also has synergy with the trailer, such as the scene from the trailer has been used in the trailer. The poster image also has been adjusted in terms of colour and Mise en scene. The intertitles have been used in the poster this include “Inspired by true events” “We always tell our selves” “Nothing to fear”. This shows the synergy between the trailer and poster. In the poster low – key lighting has been used this helps the audience to focus on the main part of the poster which is the protagonist in standing in the side of the room with the antagonist behind her. The use of low – key lighting conveys the genre to the audience and makes the poster look mysterious. The title has a glowing effect this makes it stand out to the audience and attracts them.