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Sight and sound magazine


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Sight and sound magazine

  1. 1. Sight and sound Magazine
  2. 2. Sight and Sound  Sight and sound is a British magazine which is published by the British Film Institute.  The magazine was first published in 1932  This magazine focuses on independent films rather than mainstream films  This magazine features - cast and crews, reviews and critics etc.  The target audience for this magazine would be age 15-44 who are interested in independent films and aimed at male more than female. 
  3. 3. Analysis of Magazine cover
  4. 4. The masthead on the magazine has a orange background with black and white front. The background makes the masthead stand out to the audience. The tagline at the bottom of the magazine says “The international Film Magazine” This indicates that this magazine features film from all over the world. The masthead is Bleeding with image this shows that this is a well known magazine. The main Image in the magazine is of Robert Pattinson Wearing sunglasses seated at the back of the car. The image has been placed in the centre this shows the importance that he has in the film. The costume of this character looks formal and smart, this shows that this film could be about business. The lighting on the image shows one side of the face dark and the other light. This emphasises that this character has a mysterious side of him. The Title of the film is bold and big this shows that this magazine will be based on this film. At the top of title it features the main character of the film and the director who made the film. This will attract the fans who like the actor and the director. b
  5. 5. The magazine references other films this shows that this magazine is trying to attract a wider audience. The magazine also references films that are similar to the main film. implies that the magazine is trying to target people who like this type of genre. The magazine follows the same colour scheme. This indicates that they want to keep the magazine in the same style of the genre. In the magazine it displays the barcode and the publisher which is BFI. It has the same colour scheme as the masthead. The price of the magazine is £3.95, this shows that this magazine is targeted to a higher class. The magazine uses buzz world like Plus, this captures the audience attention and make them want to buy the magazine. Also they feature other content in the magazine so the audience buy the magazine.
  6. 6. Website Contexts Of the Website • Articles on films • Twitter feeds • Magazine option • Reviews • Surveys • Competitions • Stories/News • Etc.